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Garaged Luxury: 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham


We have featured a number of rare Cadillacs over the past few years, but this 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham might be one of the more interesting and desirable ones we have ever featured. Reader Jim S came across this rare and desirable Caddy garage find here on eBay and we want to thank him for letting us know about it.


When Cadillac introduced the Eldorado Brougham in 1957, it was one of the most luxurious cars on the market. Each was hand built in their Detroit factory to customer specifications. Cadillac offered numerous options, including some very cutting edge ones for their time. Some of the more interesting features include power seats with automatic position memory, a stainless steel roof, forged aluminum wheels, and an air ride suspension.


To move all these luxury features down the road, Cadillac shoved their 365 cui V8 under the hood. This V8 was rated at 335 hp and put out 405 pound of torque. This Caddy isn’t the fastest machine on the road, but it will get you to your destination in style and comfort. The seller claims this one was parked in the same garage for the past 37 years and is original and unrestored. We would assume that means this is the original engine, but they don’t state whether it is or not, or if it even runs.


The Brougham is very luxurious inside and this one looks to be in nice shape. Cadillac offered every option imaginable and most came loaded with features, including over 40 interior and trim options. When new, the base Eldorado Brougham cost almost $14,000 to purchase, but actually cost Cadillac $25,000 to build. The seller didn’t list any of the options this one has in their listing, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out.


Early Eldorado Broughams are extremely sought after and clean examples can fetch as much as $150,000. I’m not sure what this one will end up going for, but without knowing more about its condition and history, it’s hard to tell what it’s really worth. If anyone is in the Billings, Montana area, stop by and check this one out. Be sure to look to see if the original air suspension is still there and working.


  1. Avatar photo ron bajorek

    great car, only cost you about $100k to bring it to its prior glory. I say just drive (after of course fixing the air suspension)

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  2. Avatar photo David Reeves

    I hope this doesn’t go to a hot rodder, that would be a crying shame

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  3. Avatar photo paul

    Nice fuzzy pictures, but if your spending all these $’s you will be hoping on the next plane, these are the cream of the classic car world & worth keeping at what ever the cost.

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  4. Avatar photo Rick

    Saw one last Summer in Bayfield Ontario. It was a real beauty, especially that brushed stainless roof.

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  5. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Just clean it up, fix the A/C and drive it. The price it’s currently at isn’t bad. I’d hesitate going much higher unless I was able to see it up close and personal.

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  6. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    As a kid I recall going on a long holiday in one of these, which my father borrowed from his best friend, the owner of the top garage in town where my father worked. My father had tuned it and done some other work on it for the owner, so using it on our trip was an extra reward for those efforts.

    Trouble is, we weren’t as wealthy as the garage owner, so the dual quad carbs on that Caddy engine were not my father’s preferred setup—and this was when gas was about 20 cents a gallon! My father’s strategy was that we would not travel more than 55 MPH, which would keep the engine running on one carb only, and prevent the second carb from kicking in. I guess we got about 14 MPG instead of 12 MPG had we gone 70 MPH.

    It was a very large car….outside. Inside, there wasn’t too much room for a family of five, especially in the back seat where we kids were. But it sure was luxurious, and I remember feeling proud, somehow, to be riding in it, even tho we didn’t own it. But who knew that as we went by?

    Bid to about $35K so far, and if it doesn’t shoot to the moon it should be a good car for someone who wants one of the most special Caddys ever made.

    The listing is odd because the car is said to have a tri-carb setup. It came from the factory with dual-quads. The air cleaner on the car is incorrect, but with 3 wing nuts on top there could be a tri-carb setup on there now. If so, it must have been hot-rodded with an Edelbrock manifold, which will definitely reduce the value of the car significantly, and may be the reason it’s on eBay instead of at one of the Arizona auction houses. This is definitely not a car for hot rodding. The original air cleaner was a work of art…..google ‘1957 Cadillac brougham photos’ and select ‘1957 CadillacEldorado Brougham # 123’ to find a great photo of the engine bay showing how it should look.

    Speaking of photos……unfortunate that there are so many cellphone pics in the eBay listing, but anyone wanting this car will probably want to go see it before bidding anyway, so probably not much harm done to the seller’s auction. Best wishes to the new owner. This is a very special Cadillac model.

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    • Avatar photo paul

      The ride height looks a bit high in the front & the wheels look a bit forward in the wheel wells in front as well as back, but not sure if this is how they were.

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  7. Avatar photo J. Pickett

    If it is a tri-carb set up might be off of a 59 Eldo. That was the standard on those cars.

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  8. Avatar photo G. Fabian

    No one mentioned the suicide doors. That is very rare too

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    • Avatar photo paul

      These only came in that configuration.

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  9. Avatar photo NOSLEEPATALL

    Very Cool but at this point our Classic Dealership has had many cars with options like this on the lot through the years.

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  10. Avatar photo David G

    These truly are the kewlest of the kewl re the mid-century Caddys. I’d take a ’57 or 8 Eldo Brougham over any other, ’59-60 Eldo Biarritz ragtops included. Matter-of-fact if i had the moolah, i’d take this one no matter its warts over a fully restored 59-60 era Cadillac, yup. After all, what other car came equipped complete with 4 heavy machined-SST shot glasses and flask strapped to the inside of the glovebox door? Now *that* really was motorama-ing at its best – seatbelts, WHAT seatbelts, woo-hoo!! At a mid-coast CA event i attended 3 years ago, we were treated to a *triplet* of these cars since three ’57s showed up for the event, wow! And all 3 griped about the cars’ troublesome air suspension system. If i were looking at this car, i’d use that as a bargaining chip since they all seem to need attention and since it’s basically a one-of system, resolutions don’t come cheap, ala make your own parts. But definitely worth it!!!
    I think the 57-8 Broughams were GM’s answer to the ’57-8 Continental Mark II which was also a negative-net-gain per unit for FoMoCo but worth it their view, to present a distinguished high-end flagship personal luxury automobile offering for those of superbly discriminating tastes (and lots of discretionary cash). The late-50s seemed to be the height of that sortof narcissism in the auto industry and this is imo the finest example of that thinking. (Hard for me to say since i’m a FoMoCo guy at heart…)
    Envy-envy-envy to whoever gets this one, you’ll really have something…

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    • Avatar photo David G

      Oops, i meant ’56-57 Mark II up there, sorry…

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  11. Avatar photo Mark H

    When I was a kid in high school I had a job parking cars at the Mai Kai restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. During the season, Jan-March, we had several of these car owners come for dinner. Most were auto industry executives from Detroit that sold parts to GM. The cars were fun to drive, had the crystal glasses and decanter in the glove box and one car was black with a brushed copper top. The car was beautiful and the owner was a big tipper!

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  12. Avatar photo FRED


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  13. Avatar photo mac

    These cars make my heart skip a beat every time I see one at a show. There’s an all original one that lives close to me. The owner brings it out to cruise nights and it gets more attention than anything else.

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    • Avatar photo Ron Schweitzer Member

      Where do you live? Maybe you’re talking about mine.

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  14. Avatar photo Hans

    Hello everybody ,

    This Brougham have defenitly the Factory Orginal Triple two barrels carburators .

    please note that the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham come from factory with a TRIPLE TWO BARRELS CARBURATORS .
    This was the only change between the 57 Brougham and the 58 Brougham , the 57 Brougham been equiped with 2 four barrels carburators .

    Please check the 57/58 Brougham’s specifications .

    The owner published NEW PICTURES AT THIS LINK ;


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