Are You a Real Dead Head? Prove it: 1967 VW Vanagon

You Barn Finders were very kind when I wrote up my last VW camper. And very expert, as when someone pointed out that the tip-out roof was very likely not original. So when I saw this 1967 Bus/Vanagon, I… more»

1948 GMC Silversides Greyhound Bus PDG 3751

Just a few weeks back, I ended up down a YouTube rabbit hole watching a 1989 documentary called Ridin’ the Dog, about a Greyhound bus journey from Seattle to Chicago. It was filled with charming vignettes of a time… more»

RV Conversion Candidate? 1951 International 25′ School Bus

I’ve recently become a local school bus driver so I couldn’t pass this one up, especially since its number, 267, is close to my bus number of 277. The seller doesn’t give any background or what this survivor school… more»

Bookmobile Project! 1975 Hendrickson FC305

Founded in 1913, Hendrickson International today focuses on producing suspensions for the heavy-duty truck market. But prior to 1985, they were in the truck manufacturing business, which is where we believe the roots of this 1975 FC305 lie. Developed… more»

1967 Volkswagen Bus 21-window Conversion

This 1967 Volkswagen Bus is a little bit of a mystery. The seller says it was born in Germany as a 13-window bus, but as you can see, there have been eight more windows added on the roof making… more»

Motorhome Conversion: 1949 Flxible Clipper Bus

At one time, The Flxible Company was one of the largest transit-bus manufacturers in the U.S. And one of their mainstay products was the Clipper intercity coach, which was built between 1937-50 (with a brief hiatus during World War… more»

Parlor Coach: 1956 GM Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus

Leave The Driving To Us.  It’s a slogan that most Baby Boomers are familiar with, and the Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus has become iconic with long-distance traveling in the good old days of yore.  General Motors Truck And Coach Division… more»

Get Shorty! 1938 Ford Superior School Bus

Marty Robbins started his 1960 #1 western ballad hit with the words, “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso.” Well, here’s another potential hit that was found at a West Texas Ranch in El Paso where it… more»

RV Conversion: 1945 Ford Transit Bus

This Ford Transit Bus originally began life as a people mover when it was manufactured in 1945, with its duties including being a transportation vehicle for a fire department.  Several years later, it was the lucky recipient of a… more»

Original 1958 Volkswagen 23-Window Samba Bus

I would bet most people wouldn’t look twice at this rusty heap of a VW bus, but those of you that are regular Barn Find readers see something different. This is a real 23-window VW bus produced in Germany… more»

Running Late: 1951 GM “Old-Look” Bus

Hey, does the number 11 still stop here? Noooo, not any longer, the old 11 has seen better days and its time as a hauler are long over. Looking for its next trick? That appears to be the case… more»

Fishbowl Coach: 1975 GMC “New Look” Bus

It’s funny – in the vintage BMW world, there are all sorts of translations for the different styling eras that emerged in the late 1960s into the 70s. That makes sense, as collectors tend to break their favorite model… more»

One of a Kind? 1949 GMC/Spartan Motorhome

Here’s an interesting conversion project that the seller says runs and drives but is not yet ready for the road. It combines a 1949 GMC front end and truck chassis with a top-of-line Spartan camper trailer grafted on the… more»

Rat Rod Shorty: 1952 International Harvester School Bus

When it comes to vintage buses, it’s often the case that well-intentioned owners get to it too late. The bus, once retired, falls into private hands that simply need a lot of space and a lot of seats, which… more»

Save Them from the Crusher! Stash of Vintage Cars & Trucks

Located in the woods near Loudon, New Hampshire is a salvage yard that contains at least fifty old cars and trucks. There are more than that out there, but those are just the ones we could identify from some… more»

Warehouse Find: 1977 GMC Motorhome

As they say, “timing is everything,” and General Motors’ decision to get into the motorhome business was poorly timed. The GMC Motorhome was born in 1973, the same year that the OPEC oil embargo caused gasoline prices to spike…. more»