Three Owners! 1966 Volkswagen Kombi

This VW bus has stories to tell. Its first owner was a funeral home. Painted green to match the rest of the funereal livery, its chores were limited to hauling flowers. So they say. Next, it was discovered in… more»

1 of 16: 1974 Dodge DayStar St Tropez

DayStar Motor Homes was a short-lived name in the RV business, building as few as 16 lavish custom rolling homesteads in the 1970s. They used a Dodge commercial chassis for their platform and were powered by 440 cubic-inch V8s… more»

Field Find: 1973 Volkswagen Bus

During the height of the Volkswagen van craze in the late 2010s, it wasn’t uncommon to see some nice examples bring six figures at auction. Prices have dropped off since then, but their popularity hasn’t waned. This one is… more»

Restomod Camper? 1947 Diamond T Bus

Diamond T Company was an American truck manufacturer that also had a brief run in the automobile business. There isn’t much info out there about them being in the bus business, too, with the seller suggesting this example may… more»

BF Auction: 1961 Volkswagen Samba Deluxe 23-Window

Finding yourself with too many projects and selling one with the finish line in sight can be difficult. However, that is the decision the owner of this 1961 Volkswagen Samba Deluxe 23-Window Bus faced. With the panels and paint… more»

Last Year Split Windshield: 1967 Volkswagen Bus

Growing up near a Volkswagen dealership in the seventies, we saw our fair share of these on the lot and running around the neighborhoods when I was a kid.  But how times have changed, and it’s been years since… more»

Continuing A Legacy? 1975 Oldsmobile 442

Oh, what a year was 1975! If you were a domestic auto enthusiast, it was a lousy one! No more Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Challenger, Camaro Z28, Pontiac GTO or SD-455 anything, AMC Javelin, or Buick GS – what a… more»

Your Inner Child Wants This: 1951 GMC Short School Bus

Short buses are often referred to in inappropriate jokes.  Despite this checkered connection, short buses are very versatile and can be converted into pretty neat campers.  If you formerly were a passenger on a bus of any sort, then… more»

Recently Restored 1960 23-Window VW Bus

Designed to tour the Swiss Alps. That’s what they say about VW bus models like this 23-window cutie. You can understand that the view out all those windows would be spectacular. This one is  currently residing in George, Utah,… more»

Chicken Bus: 1965 Volkswagen Type 2

The iconic VW bus, known officially as the Type 2, began production in 1950. And is still going strong today in its sixth generation. Back when this 1965 edition was new, it was recruited to be a delivery vehicle… more»

An Iconic Shape In Many Forms: 1947 Flxible Bus

There are a few vehicles that earn icon status just on their shape alone.  For example, Cord 810/812s, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertibles, and 1964-1965 Ford Mustangs are vehicle images that are imprinted into the American experience.  Postwar Flxible… more»

A Diamond In The Rough: 1970 GMC Buffalo Bus

The seller of this 1970 GMC Buffalo Bus refers to his people mover as A Diamond In The Rough, and by all accounts, it does look like a nicely preserved and ready-to-roll example, especially to now be over 50… more»

Un Autobus Loco! 1973 Flxible El Chico Party Bus

You could probably make the argument that there are more Mexican restaurants in the United States than there are in Mexico.  Americans are madly and deeply in love with this cuisine.  Who doesn’t like Mexican food?  If you are… more»

Your Next Home? 1961 GM New Look ‘Fishbowl’ Bus

Nothing really truly defines the early 1960s and beyond in terms of public transport than the GM New Look bus. Its been featured as the background player in hundreds of films, TV series, magazines, and album covers. There are… more»

1964 VW 21-Window Bus: Keep Looking Out

Let’s do the math here. This rusty pile, or future collectible, depending on your point of view, is out from a slumber of 38 years. That means it went to sleep in 1984. And it was already in this… more»

John Wayne Slept Here? 1975 Blue Bird Wanderlodge

Load ’em up, Pilgrim… in my best cheesy lounge act voice attempting to do a John Wayne impression. Celebrity ownership isn’t exactly the case here as this 1975 Blue Bird Wanderlodge FC-35 wasn’t directly owned by John Wayne, but… more»