Kit Cars

Space Age Special: 1986 Pulse Autocycle

If Luke Skywalker were to find his way to Planet Earth, what do you think the chances are that he would choose a vehicle like this 1986 Pulse Autocycle as his personal transport? This is a quirky vehicle that… more»

Rebodied 1967 Austin Healey: Fiberfab Jamaican!

Enthusiasts familiar with the lovely Austin Healey 3000 may do a double-take on the listing here on eBay advertising this car as a “1967 Austin Healey 3000 GT.” At first my brain was spinning; how could adding a roof… more»

Quality Kit Car Project: 1957 La Dawri Conquest

Kit cars can tend to occupy an uncomfortable area in the automotive world. They can lack the desirability of some classics, while their build quality can be sadly lacking. This 1957 La Dawri Conquest could be an exception to… more»

UPDATE: 1990 Herb Adams V.S.E. JackRabbit Speedster!

UPDATE – We featured this 1990s Herb dams VSE Jackrabbit back in May of 2017, and it has appeared back on the market. It appears that little has changed with this classic over the past four years. It isn’t… more»

Beach Buggy Barn Find! 1968 Meyers Manx

Body kits are wildly common in the car modification world. The Pontiac Fiero is a popular base for custom kits because of its relatively cheap price, removable plastic body panels, and ease of maintenance. What blows the Fiero out… more»

1-Of-12: 1966 Fiberfab Banshee

Kit cars will always be a lucky dip when it comes to the vexing question of build quality. Sometimes the finished product can be stunning, while at other times, they can be pretty gruesome. This 1966 Fiberfab Banshee fits… more»

Koenig-Ferrari Inspired: 1988 Pontiac Fiero

The world of American fiberglass customs and kit cars is a special place, where creative vision and perseverance can produce results ranging from the sublime to the sub-par. The one thing all of these creations share is passion, and… more»

Beast Of Turin: 1913 Fiat S76 Record Replica

The need for speed is deeply ingrained in us as humans. We have consistently beaten our own predecessors at their own game–our own game–by building better, faster machines that bend the laws of physics to their will. Going faster… more»

Field of Dreams: Huge Montana Collection For Sale!

If you find yourself out roaming around anywhere near Great Falls, Montana, there’s a treasure trove of old cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, boats, toys and other assorted stuff to be found. It’s all for sale, including both restored and… more»

1 Of 2? 1963 Behrens Roadster

Kit cars were all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s. Several prominent names often come to mind, like the Meyers Manx, Blakely Bantam, Bradley GT and McBurnie Ferrari 250 GTO. But the Behrens is not a name I… more»

Mini-Bulldozer! 1967 Struck Crawler

Here’s something you don’t see every day on Barn Finds, the Struck Crawler which was a mini-bulldozer available to the public in kit form. If you ordered one from midwestern-based Struck Corporation, they would send you a collection of… more»

Rare Victress S4 Found!

When I first saw the pictures of what is labeled as a LaDawri Victress in the ad, I knew it wasn’t like any LaDawri Daytona or Conquest I had seen. After a quick consultation with Geoff Hacker, the world’s… more»

Ocelot For Not A Lot (Of Money)

The recipe was so brilliantly simple that it bordered on genius. Take a basic VW Beetle platform that could be bought for peanuts in the late 1960s. Then bolt a funky fiberglass body onto it. Apply a paint job… more»

First One On BarnFinds! 1972 Blakely Bearcat

In the realm of kit cars from the ’70s, Blakely is one of the lesser-known names, and there’s a good chance that not many were made nor survive to this day. In this case, it’s the first Bearcat that… more»

Rare Roadster: La Dawri Project Car

In the history of the Automobile, many nameplates have come and gone, some with more notoriety than others. The name La Dawri is rather unknown to many, but we present to you today a rough example of one, and… more»

No Reserve: 1982 Blakely Bernardi

For potential buyers, kit cars have always been a hit-or-miss proposition. Build and finish quality can range anywhere on the scale between the pretty stunning and the pretty awful. The Blakely Bernardi ranks at the upper end of the… more»