Kit Cars

Mini-Bulldozer! 1967 Struck Crawler

Here’s something you don’t see every day on Barn Finds, the Struck Crawler which was a mini-bulldozer available to the public in kit form. If you ordered one from midwestern-based Struck Corporation, they would send you a collection of… more»

Rare Victress S4 Found!

When I first saw the pictures of what is labeled as a LaDawri Victress in the ad, I knew it wasn’t like any LaDawri Daytona or Conquest I had seen. After a quick consultation with Geoff Hacker, the world’s… more»

Ocelot For Not A Lot (Of Money)

The recipe was so brilliantly simple that it bordered on genius. Take a basic VW Beetle platform that could be bought for peanuts in the late 1960s. Then bolt a funky fiberglass body onto it. Apply a paint job… more»

First One On BarnFinds! 1972 Blakely Bearcat

In the realm of kit cars from the ’70s, Blakely is one of the lesser-known names, and there’s a good chance that not many were made nor survive to this day. In this case, it’s the first Bearcat that… more»

Rare Roadster: La Dawri Project Car

In the history of the Automobile, many nameplates have come and gone, some with more notoriety than others. The name La Dawri is rather unknown to many, but we present to you today a rough example of one, and… more»

No Reserve: 1982 Blakely Bernardi

For potential buyers, kit cars have always been a hit-or-miss proposition. Build and finish quality can range anywhere on the scale between the pretty stunning and the pretty awful. The Blakely Bernardi ranks at the upper end of the… more»

Collection of Cars in California

Most collectors lean toward one brand of car, style or vintage. In this case, the seller offers a little bit of several things. Two are AMC products, two are kits car and one is a VW Beetle, the nicest… more»

Grilled Cobra! Toasted 1966 MidStates Prototype

“Tastes like chicken!” might describe grilled snake meat, but this 1966 Cobra replica in Heath, Ohio probably tastes nothing like chicken. A garage fire claimed the life of this once wicked snake. Hopefully it was insured! If you’ve got… more»

Boxes And Boxes: 1950s Jaguar D-Type Project

For heaven’s sake don’t let the children look over your shoulder at this car’s post for fear they’ll have night sweats about aliens! Well, hopefully, this big-boy car kit in YOUR garage doesn’t give YOU night sweats of a… more»

Driven In Baywatch? Pair Of Thunder Ranch Riots

The Riot was a fiberglass kit car built on a VW chassis by a company called Thunder Ranch. There is little information about the company today and we can find no record of how many were actually built. The… more»

1 of 6: 1982 Blakely Baron Emmons Prototype

Blakely Auto Works built low-volume sports cars in the 1970s and 1980s. Some were actual automobiles, while others were kits. They were usually built off the platforms and mechanics of existing cars. While the Bantam, Bearcat and Bernardi models… more»

Artificially Aged: 1964 Bugatti 35B Replica

If someone offers you a Bugatti Type 35B for the princely sum of $10,600, there are a couple of possibilities. The first is that what they are selling is a replica. The other possibility is that they’ve made a… more»

Yours To Complete: 1967 AC Autos Cobra Kit

I’m pretty sure there have been more Cobra “replica” kits built than there were ever original Cobras, and you can probably throw in all the AC Aces ever built as well. Some kits end up finished to a much… more»

Alfa Carabo Concept Wannabe: 1981 Aztec 7

Some people like to stand out in a crowd and some people just like to stand out! Located in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, this 1981 Aztec 7 Kit Car is the last thing that you would expect… more»

Rare Fiberglass Time-Capsule: 1960 La Dawri

This is a fantastic and almost unique offering. When did you last see a La Dawri Conquest, let alone one in largely time-capsule condition (albeit with a seized engine)? This one can be found here on eBay in Alvaton,… more»

Weekend Fun! 1962 Volkswagen Glitterbug

Remember the dune buggy craze of the 1960s? If you do, you’re bound to also remember the Meyers Manx. They were complete fiberglass dune buggies based on a shortened VW Beetle frame. The Glitterbug was similar in nature but… more»