Vintage Snowmobiles

1972 Rupp Ruppster Baja 230 Mini-DuneBuggy

“Fun Machines For Fun People” was one of Rupp’s mottos in the early-1970s and they sure made a wide variety of fun machines. I’m partial to two-wheelers and their mini-bikes were and still are great, but something like this… more»

All-Season Vehicles: ASV Track Truck 2500

The seller has this ASV (All-Season Vehicles) Track Truck 2500 listed as a 1979 model, but from all of the info on the ol’ interstreams, even on the ASV website, it says that the company was founded in 1983… more»

Fully Restored: 1976 Mercury Trail-Twister 340 T/T

Carl Kiekhaefer had incredible success with marine engines and saw growth in the burgeoning winter market for snowmobiles in the 1960s. The company’s first snowmobile came out in the late-1960s and by 1974 they were at the top of… more»

Twin-Track Rear-Engine 1973 Raider 34TT

With 100% of our grass visible here in the upper Midwest, it’s the weirdest winter that I ever remember. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in vintage snowmobiles despite our green yard and zero snow anywhere. Hopefully a few… more»

Last Used 44 Years Ago? 1973 John Deere 500

Those of us who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s remember the glorious golden era of snowmobiles – the smell of gas and oil, getting stuck constantly, carrying a handful of extra spark plugs, most of which were… more»

Rare 1970 Arova-Porsche 212 Skibob

Remember the mid-2000s? Vehicle prices have always been high for some of us but it seemed like a person could buy more for their money a couple of decades ago, as in a real Porsche with an engine. That… more»

Bought New For Mom: 1970 Ariens Arrow 400L

Even though there’s no snow on the ground where I am now – at least at the moment – having grown up in the upper Midwest in the 1960s and 70s, snowmobiles were something most people either had or… more»

Prepare For The Snow: 1975 Raider Double Eagle

While snow is a months-ago memory for most of us, we can be ready for the next bout with this 1975 Raider Double Eagle, a rare snowmobile offered here on facebook Marketplace for $1700. This Raider is a project,… more»

Vintage Snowmobile: 1965 Arctic Cat 100D

Arctic Cat is a brand of snowmobile (and other off-terrain products) that has been around since 1960. The company was started by one of the founders of Polaris, which would become one of its main competitors. The 100 was… more»

Ranger-Owned: 1957 Tucker Sno-Kitten

The Sno-Kitten, technically the Sno-Cat Model 222, was a product of Tucker Sno-Cat Corp. It was designed to be a compact way of traversing soft and deep snow in areas like the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Only 105… more»

Continuing A Legacy? 1975 Oldsmobile 442

Oh, what a year was 1975! If you were a domestic auto enthusiast, it was a lousy one! No more Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Challenger, Camaro Z28, Pontiac GTO or SD-455 anything, AMC Javelin, or Buick GS – what a… more»

Rare Snowmobile: 1967 Bolens Diablo Rouge 500

The seller has this unusual snowmobile listed as a 1968 model, but I believe that it may be a 1967 Bolens Diablo Rouge 500, as in 1968 they had a white stripe on the top of the hood/cowl and… more»

Purrfect for Snow: 1959 Tucker Sno-Cat Model 222 “Kitten”

“No snow too deep, no hill too steep” is the motto of Tucker Sno-Cat, a manufacturer of elite snow equipment in Medford, Oregon. Tucker has been around since 1941 when its founder, E. M. Tucker, decided it would be… more»

Amazing Air-Cooled Sled: 1960 Trail-A-Sled

A lot of us who grew up in northern climates, those brave souls who have lived with snow for several months out of every year, have different names for vehicles that travel over snow. One that most of us… more»

Gear Up for Winter: 1925 Ford Model T Snowmobile

When snow is in your future, thoughts turn to dressing the daily driver in its traction devices. But there’s another solution. Here on craigslist is a 1925 Ford Model T Snowmobile for sale, with an asking price of $18,000…. more»

Jack of All Trades: Alsport Tracker

Sometimes a vehicle just makes me wonder, “why?” But everything has its fanbase, and so it is with the Alsport Tracker, made from 1970 through 1972. The Tracker was billed as an amphibious vehicle that would ferry two passengers… more»

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