Ranger-Owned: 1957 Tucker Sno-Kitten

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The Sno-Kitten, technically the Sno-Cat Model 222, was a product of Tucker Sno-Cat Corp. It was designed to be a compact way of traversing soft and deep snow in areas like the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Only 105 to 110 of these are said to have been built and the number of survivors is so small that they usually only trade between collectors. This rare example looks to be in great condition and has received some recent mechanical attention to whip it into top condition. Located in Meredith, New Hampshire, brisk bidding activity here on eBay has raised the ante to $48,200 without triggering the seller’s reserve.

E.M. Tucker Sr. was the founder of the company that built these interesting machines, with the first prototype emerging during the World War II era. Work had evolved by 1948 such that one of these vehicles accomplished a 600-mile trip through snow country. The Model 222, aka Sno-Kitten, was assembled from 1957 to 1962, averaging fewer than 20 copies each year. The Sno-Kitten borrowed its dual-pontoon design from its bigger brother the Sno-Cat and was powered by Ford’s Anglia inline-4 engine, rated at 32 hp. The snow climber relied on three forward gears and one reverse gear to navigate the slopes. Most were shipped to Russia, so rare is the sight of one of these today in North America.

This Sno-Kitten was given the name of Mr. Ranger as it was purchased new by the U.S. Forestry Service. The ranger in charge of the vehicle would take it from location to location when he got transferred and bought it for himself when he retired years later. Eventually, it landed in a private collection and spent time there before being acquired by the seller. We’re told the engine is numbers matching and the seller has rebuilt the clutch, had the flywheel resurfaced, flushed out the fuel system, rebuilt the carburetor, and replaced the generator and voltage regulator.

The vehicle is original and not restored and the sheet metal is really clean for being 66 years old. The seat has been redone and Mr. Ranger appears to need nothing more than a new owner, “a caretaker that will treat it just as well.” Given the direction the bidding has taken, it’s not likely that someone would buy this rarity to use it as a daily driver or workhorse. Do you have a place for it in your collection?

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  1. BlondeUXBMember

    This is fabulous.
    “Bring a mountain” (of cash)…

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  2. Maggy

    I wouldn’t have a use for it where I live but I think it’s really cool.Like to drive or take cruise in it just too see what it’s all about while moving.

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  3. Troy

    What a fun toy to have, don’t get enough snow here in the valley to use it but the hills above me got a good dose of snow last nigh

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  4. Jerry Rodriguez

    I have a great spot in the Green Mountains of Vermont, just have to decide if the dollar amount makes sense…

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  5. KurtMember

    We could really use a fleet of these right now here in the So Cal mountains as thousands of people are completely snowed in and without food, meds, power.

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    • Rick

      That Sno-Kitten would really be the cat’s meow in your situation. Hope everyone gets the help and supplies they need ASAP.

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  6. Howie

    Very cool, but not $48,600 cool for me. Reserve still not met.

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  7. John H.

    Ima guessing that Jeremy Renner would have preferred to have had this buggy run him over a few months ago. Oops, too soon?

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  8. steve smith

    I remember a friend came home with a Sno Cat from the Otis Ridge Ski Area, he rebuilt it and sold it but not before I took it for a test ride in the back yard, shure did pack down those pesky saplings and small trees.

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    • Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

      I seem to remember a red Sno Cat in the lot back when I had a house on Garfield. Glad to see somebody did something with it.

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  9. FordfixerMember

    The Colo Game And Fish had one that my dad ( game warden )used one writer ( about 1958. ) to rebuild Vaughn lake spillway on top of Ripple Creek Pass. Narrow enough that the passenger ( high school me ) had to ride with one cheek in, one out over the moving track. It drug aspen trees well on the snow. It fit in his double horse trailer ( Croft ). Vapor lock every afternoon when the sun was out.
    Wish it were mine !!!

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  10. douglas hunt

    these are just so cool ….

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  11. PeterfromOz

    Looks like right-hand-drive (levers) with left hand accelerator pedal.

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  12. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    A benefit of Barn Finds, we get to see write-ups on unique and cool vehicles like this.

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    • Gary

      These are cool but like early Broncos, waaayyy overpriced. Buy a long track sled for 1/3 the cash and it will do all you need and a whole lot more.

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  13. Robert Levins

    Rare and cool! But I wonder why this would be a collector? Are new similar vehicles more expensive? Hard to find? Got me stumped. Of course I’m just north of Los Angeles and NEVER “had to” shovel anything other than the dog run. We have to drive to the snow let alone live in it. I applaud you fine folks who live in snowy conditions. We got a little taste of snow the past few weeks with the Hollywood sign getting all “ frosty “, but no need for a snow kitty. So – just what is the story on this? I’m definitely curious. Good luck to everyone.

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  14. Howie

    Sold $49,050.

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  15. Ron

    Neat !!!!

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  16. Chevychase71

    Woooow!!! $49k!! And no “242” or “138” in the vin!!!!

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  17. losgatos_dale

    Perfect for the day trader who spends 2 weeks a year at Aspen.

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    did you ever sale the sno kitten yet

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  19. JPH

    Just saw one in person displayed at a gas station in Steamboat Springs, Co. Super cool and so small. Written on the door: SkiHaus Deep Powder Deliveries since 1969. Wish I could post the pics I took.

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