Mopars and Fords: Field of Cars and Trucks

In a field or yard in Sonoma, California, there’s an assortment of cars and trucks to be looked over. They’re mostly made by Chrysler, but not entirely. 12 vehicles are identified as for sale, but only one or two… more»

4×4 Shop Truck: 1967 Chevrolet K10

Old shop trucks will never not be cool, and baked-in patina and faded, painted-on business names can help an otherwise average truck garner more interest than it would otherwise. That’s certainly the case with examples like this, a 1967… more»

No Reserve! 1998 USA Corporation Europa Motorhome

Bidding seems absurdly cheap for this minty RV, a model I can’t recall ever seeing before but absolutely recognize courtesy of the headlights lifted directly from a mid-90s F150. The world of RVs and motorhomes is vast and deep,… more»

496 EFI Big Block! 1975 Chevrolet Suburban C20

General Motors has produced a vehicle named “Suburban” in the format we describe today as an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) since 1935. In 1975, shoppers comparing four-door, fully-enclosed, full-sized trucks had few options, and even fewer a year later… more»

No Reserve Eddie Bauer: 1990 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco has been a hot item for a while, undoubtedly getting a bump recently with the modern reincarnation of the classic 4×4. The square body design hasn’t changed much over the years, which is likely why the… more»

Rarity Found In Texas: 1932 Chevy Panel Delivery

On July 8, 1932, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at its lowest point during the Great Depression: 41.22, down from the high just three years earlier of 381.17.  The automobile industry, like most other American businesses at the… more»

One Owner: 1953 GMC Short Bed Project

Times were good in the early 1950’s and the US automakers were producing some memorable automobiles after the culmination of World War II that would influence the next generation of automobile and truck owners. This GMC Short Bed pick… more»

426 V8 Power! 1965 Dodge A100

Fans of the wheel-standing Little Red Wagon or any super-crazy in-your-face classic will appreciate this similarly-engineered and equally insane pickup. The 1965 Dodge A100 pickup in Valparaiso, Indiana is ready to blast out of the cornfield and into your… more»

44k Mile 1972 Ford F250 Barn Find

Located in Denver, Colorado, this 1972 Ford F250 is said to be a 44k mile original truck! Purchased from the original owner’s daughter-in-law, the truck has been parked for a few years, but it said to run and drive…. more»

Ultra-Rare SUV: 1972 Dodge D100 Carryall

UPDATE 1/12/2021 – We featured this rare Dodge last April when it was listed on Facebook. The seller has since listed it here on eBay, but with a much lower asking price. The seller was originally asking close to… more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: Back to the Georgia Collection!

As some of you may recall, I’ve been helping a friend with a massive stash of vintage cars and trucks in the north Georgia mountains unload some of his inventory. Because of the restrictions around air travel and having… more»

Success Story: 1955 Chevy Pickup Restored!

One of the more gratifying aspects of helping to sell vintage cars and trucks is hearing from the owners a few months or years later as to how that project turned out. As some of you may recall, I’ve… more»

454 Project! 1961 Chevrolet Apache Crew Cab

Offering a potential cross-section of two custom trends, this 1961 Chevrolet Apache Crew Cab outside San Bernadino, California offers the potential to build a custom C10 that is also a crew cab. The first-generation Chevrolet C10 has become a… more»

Used Not Abused: 1976 Ford F-250 Y-Code

Ford’s F-Series of trucks have been around since the late 1940s and have dominated sales since the late 1970s. The F-250 is the bigger brother to the F-150 and has a higher gross vehicle weight rating. This edition of… more»

Lifted Survivor: 1997 Geo Tracker

When it comes to classic 90s SUVs, it doesn’t get much more period-correct than a Geo Tracker or its Suzuki Sidekick twin. What’s ironic is when they were new, the hardcore truck guys likely laughed at these light-duty SUVs,… more»

Best Looking Pickup? 1948 Diamond T Model 201

C. A. Tilt was the gentleman who founded the Chicago company, Diamond T, which made some of the most beautiful trucks maybe of all time. He reportedly said many times, “A truck doesn’t have to be homely.” That’s certainly… more»