Have it Your Way: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan Delivery

The Chevrolet Bel Air is an iconic vehicle. The Bel Air line was born in 1950 and named after an exclusive area of Los Angeles nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains. The car was known for its pillarless roof… more»

Rumpus Room On Wheels: 1998 Mauck Limo

Well, well, what do we have here? It’s a 1998 Mauck MSV limousine manufactured by Mauck Specialty Vehicles of Worthington, Ohio. The seller states that only 400 of these limo/recreational-style vehicles were assembled but other sources put the number… more»

Yamahauler Tribute: 1971 Dodge B100 Van

The early-1970s were what I consider the beginning of the adventure decade. Bicycles, especially ten-speed bikes, and downhill skiing were big sporting activities. Another one that really caught me by the neck would be motorcycles, especially offroad motorcycles. This… more»

1989 Ford E-350 Police Spy Van With 13k Miles!

Some people like surprises, others not so much.  But in the case of this Ford E-350 van, it’s hard not to at least appreciate the startle that an unsuspecting bystander may experience once the double doors open up.  And… more»

Corvan Camper! 1962 Chevrolet Corvair

The Chevy Corvair was perhaps the most diversified of the 1960s compacts, available in all sorts of body styles. Not only sedans and convertibles but also pickups and vans, like this 1962 Corvan with an optional camping package. With… more»

Too Far Gone? 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Van

You know when you look at a project and think….hmmm this is too far gone? Is there just a little bit too much rust? Maybe it’s got solid bones but you can’t see past the nests that local animals… more»

Same Owner 40 Years: 1950 Chevrolet 3100

The “3100” panel delivery was part of the Advance-Design Series of light and medium-duty trucks. The series was one of Chevrolet’s first major redesign after World War II. Replacing the AK Series, the trucks were in production from 1947… more»

Workhorse Restomod: 1970 GMC Value-Van

The GMC Value-Van and its Chevrolet counterpart, the Step-Van, were multi-stop trucks/vans made by General Motors between 1940 and 1999. In the case of this 1970 example, it looks like a square box on wheels, which would enable it… more»

We Have Shag! 1977 Chevrolet G10 Van

Every once in a while we get the pleasure of writing about a custom van from the seventies.  While we encounter a few from the sixties and an occasional eighties variation, vans from the seventies have a distinctive look… more»

With or Without Reefer: 1999 Dodge Ram Van

The Dodge B Series (aka Ram) was a range of full-size vans produced by Chrysler from 1970 to 2003.  In 1994, the front end was redesigned to resemble the all-new Dodge Ram pickups, with a refresh in 1998 that… more»

It’s A Shorty! 1979 Chevrolet Sportvan

Peace out man, it’s the ’70s and that means, among other things, it’s van time! All the rage in that now long ago decade, they’re still a fun and functional vehicle. Today’s review covers a 1979 Chevrolet G10 Sportvan… more»

Puts the Shag in Shaggin’: 1974 Ford Econoline 100

The 1970s were a time of mystery.  Who thought that Avocado Green was a good color for major appliances?  Why did CB radios become a huge fad?  Who the heck thought up disco and why weren’t they punished severely? … more»

Daily Runner: 1970 Ford E-100 Club Wagon Van

A lot of the vintage vans that cross our desks here at Barn Finds are those of the customized variety, and I certainly understand their appeal, especially examples that are tastefully done and well preserved.  It’s hard not to… more»

Tiny Mini-Van: 1958 Fiat 600 Multipla

In case you never heard of it, the Multipla was a 4-door MPV (not much different than an SUV or van today) based on the Fiat 600’s drivetrain and the 1100’s front suspension. It could sit up to six… more»

Squashed! 1976 Dodge Sportsman Van

It looks like a stepped-on frog! I guess I can see the reason to chop a top on certain vehicles, like a ’32 Ford, but a ’76 Dodge Sportsman van? Well, whatever works for you I guess – this… more»

California Camper: 1969 Chevrolet G20 Deluxe Sportvan 108

A lot of the vintage vans that cross our desks here at Barn Finds are of the customized and party-type variety, and when it comes to the cool factor, they really are pretty hard to beat.  Who doesn’t love… more»