Gold Nugget? 1972 Cadillac Sedan deVille


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Cadillac celebrated its 70th anniversary in 1972 with a big year of sales, setting a new record with annual production of 267,827 cars built (breaking the 1970 record by almost 30,000 units!). Calais was the entry level model, with Coupe and Sedan deVilles in the middle and Fleetwoods at the top of the line.


With 99,531 built, the Sedan deVille was the biggest selling model in Cadillac’s record setting sales year. Calais and deVille models shared a wheelbase of 130 inches and a total length of 227.4 inches (almost 19 feet long!). All 1972 Cadillacs were powered by the massive 472 cid V-8 making 345 gross horsepower but 220 SAE hp), producing enough power for most drivers.


While cars built in this model year did suffer a bit mechanically from the presence of early emissions controls hardware and bumpers that grew to meet increasingly stiff safety regulations. Now more than 40 years later, this Cadillac looks pretty good to me. The four door hardtop Sedan deVille is very attractive, comfortable for driver and passengers alike, and makes a fine summer cruiser. Parts are plentiful enough and that big Cadillac engine is a reliable runner for the most part.


And these cars seem to be quite reasonably priced with average values hovering around $9,000 for a good example.


So this example in gold with black vinyl top, available for sale here on craigslist on Stamford, Connecticut with an asking price of only $5,000 looks like a very good deal. This car is said to be a low mileage original, with only 36,000 miles claimed.


The ad has no descriptive copy whatsoever and the seller asks those interested to call, not email or text.


I don’t think you can tell for sure from the pictures provided whether the mileage is accurate, but the steering wheel looks a little worn to me, and the doors not quite lining up would make me look more closely if I was considering this car.


But whether the miles are right or not, if the car checks out mechanically and there is not any significant rust lurking unseen, this looks like it could be a really good deal. What do you guys think of this big boy?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. p


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  2. hhaleblian

    Ahoy matey!

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  3. Charles

    Beautiful Caddy, at least from the pictures.

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    8 mpg then man the lifeboats!

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    • Gerry

      If you have to worry about the price of gas , one should probably not be in the market for a classic car or yacht!

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      • mat

        No kidding. I don’t think anyone’s looking at it for a commuter vehicle LOL.

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  5. Charles H.

    The Eldorado’s had the 500 cubic inchers, while the rest of the models had the 472…..501 to be exact!

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    • Dale

      Actually 500 CID. 501 was the inventory code for the engine, which has confused a lot of people over the years.

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  6. cyclemikey

    “must be professionally removed”? What does that mean? I’d have to assume it doesn’t run, no?

    Even so, at 5 grand, unless the bottom’s rusted out of it, it may still be a deal.

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  7. Alan (Michigan)

    Zip ties holding the rubber strips onto the bumperettes, LOL, And there is that little scrape/dent back hear the left rear corner.

    What would help convince non-believers is a side photo with the windows down. Nothing like a 4-door hardtop (with no B-Pillar), a classic look. Reference the green car under “Related Finds” at the bottom of this page.

    This one is not quite as nice, but could be with some elbow grease and $. Then again, the Hemmings listed car went for nearly three times the price?

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  8. 72CaddyLover

    Federally mandated bumpers didn’t appear until 1973.

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  9. George

    55 mph feels the same as 90 mph on the highway. “Boy the traffic is really slow today.” 8 mpg city, 11 highway in my old ’73.

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  10. Mike

    Every time I see one of these BOATS, I think of the song “Give me 40 acres and I will turn this rig around!!!” I took my High School Sweetheart to our Junior Prom and borrowed her Parents 73 Caddy, and I parking it I backed into another car, I think that is why I have never liked Caddy’s ever since.

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  11. Chebby

    This will clean up nice and these 472s can really haul.


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  12. Charlie Safari

    I love mine, its a fantastic car, terrible on gas but it once made it from NYC to LA in 39:45 flat. 472ci are great on the highway.

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  13. Keith

    When I was 16 in 1982 I bought a 72 Sedan DeVille from a man who lived in my area. He drank a lot so I decided to pal around with him to try to get the price down (He was asking for $400) After a month (And a Budweiser beer expense of about 30 bucks) I got him down to $100 (Yippie!) I finally took the car off his hands (He was driving a 73 Impala coupe at the time) But the car was far from perfect. It was rusted on both lower quarter panels, the exhaust was shot,the rear shocks were shot too and it needed a battery. After getting a battery from my friend who worked at the local gas station I got the car started thew somebody’s plates on it and me and a friend of mine were ready to jump in and ride. Evidently I was so excited I didn’t close that huge hood down correctly and as I was driving down the street at about 40 miles an hour the hood flew up and I shockingly hit the brakes. I wasn’t going fast enough for the hood to smash the front glass and face serious bodily injury. Afterwards I literally slammed the hood properly but unfortunately I damaged both sides of the hood on the upper corners leaving them sticking upwards Ugh! The car was missing a skirt on the passenger side mainly because it was rusted so bad you couldn’t put a skirt on anyway. The car bounced up and down when I drove down uneven roads because of the bad shocks and the car had no heat and no radio also included in this sale were 4 bald tires. I drove it for about a month before smashing it into a parked car when applying the brakes and the car slid down the street during a snowstorm due the bald tires giving me very little traction on the road. The car was totaled, I drove and got away before the person who owned the car came out of his/her house until the car stalled about a half a block down the street. My friend who had a 75 Cadillac DeViile pulled me home with a rope and I parked it in a lot until the car was eventually towed away for expired tags and unregistered plates. Iv’e had several more Caddy’s as I got older but my 72 DeVille was a disastrous memorable experience that I will never forget. Ha!

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  14. Keith

    If anyone ever thought about buying the DeVille Calais model at that time they would’ve been better off buying a loaded Buick Electra 225 or an Oldsmobile Ninety Eight. The Calais was definitely a perfect example of a “base” model. The Calais had NOTHING! as far as options were concerned. Waste of money in my opinion unless you didn’t care and just wanted to drive a Caddy to impress the neighbors.

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