Good Times: Low-Mileage 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass GT

The G-body is one of GMs greatest successes of the 1980s. These cars were available across three brands and in various levels of performance. Various trim packages were available, but the jury still seems to be out on whether or not the Cutlass GT was a factory or dealer option. According to documentation that the seller has, this car is one of a limited production run of 257. Regardless, the GT is certainly more scarce that their 442 counterparts and this one only has 24,000 actual miles on it! With no reserve, this car is sure to sell to an Oldsmobile enthusiast. Find it here on eBay in Ohio with bidding at $12,800. 

The engine is and Oldsmobile 307 cubic inch V8. Though the engine and engine bay have been cleaned up, it is clear that this car has not seen heavy use or abuse. The car is said to run, drive, and cruise perfectly. The seller states that it drives like a new car, and looking at the overall condition this is not a hard statement to believe! There is no mention of what work has been done to this car to get it or keep it running, but because it is 30 years old and hasn’t even covered 1,000 miles a year, some maintenance may be required.

The interior is a nice wine red color that complements the exterior black perfectly. Just a little darker than the traditional red velour of the 1980s, this interior is classy but subtle and sets the car off. Although this car has covered 24,000 miles, the seats look like they’ve only been sat in a handful of times! This Oldsmobile has a tilt steering column, power windows, and cruise control! Though once pedestrian, the interior is now a marked reminder of an era passed by. This car is so nice that I would be afraid to drive it!

The original black paint on this car is super slick and clean! Originally sold in North Carolina, this car has absolutely no rust. The seller has the original sales contract and a partial window sticker, both with the GT package listed as an option. The seller also has a letter from the dealership 5 years after this car’s sale stating the rarity of the vehicle. Though the GT package appears to be cosmetic only, a car like this is truly a time machine and aside from being low-production it is also an uncommon example of a clean 1980s Cutlass! This car deserves to be treated well, and with bidding as high as it is it probably will be.


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  1. Michael

    Love this car!

  2. Billy Bob

    Winning bid:US $13,851.00. Don’t recall a “GT” option.

    • Superdessucke

      That’s because there wasn’t one.

      • Nick G.

        They exist because I’ve seen them before and they can be easily found on the web. However, even forums dedicated to these Olds aren’t in full agreement as to rather it was a factory package or dealer installed. Most think dealer but it’s a pretty decent package if the case.

      • Superdessucke

        I used to follow American iron pretty closely back in this era, and would often build them out of the paperback Edmund’s guides haha :-)

        I do not remember this car, and the option would be redundant with the 4-4-2 package available I’d think. I can see it being a specialty conversion by a small company, I suppose, but, again, why? It’s not that distinct from the 4-4-2 so why go through the bother? But then again, looking at some of the cars that “specialty” companies created during this era, I guess I shouldn’t be so cynical!

    • Jay

      That got more for it than it sold for new. Very nice ride.

  3. edh

    These never had the go and the show is just stale after these many years.

    • glen

      Sorry , but I don’t see anything “stale” about this.

  4. ccrvtt

    bring back the downvote…

  5. Kincer Dave Member

    This a sharp looking car, You either like these or you don’t, I’d love to have this.

  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    I had a 84 Supreme Brougham, wonderful car to drive. From the looks of this one, I’m betting it drives as well as that one.

  7. Graham

    I own the 1988 version of this model. I have the complete history on the car, from the selling dealer to it’s present owner, me. It’s #14 of 280 modified by Tops and Trends in North Carolina in 1988 for Southern Oldsmobile dealers. Yeh, it’s an out-dated/underpowered model, but it like the one above it’s a piece of automotive history that while not a HEMI Cuda or the like, it does stand out from the crowd and they are few and far between.
    It has it’s original drive train, interior and even the original spare tire that’s never been installed. Paint is about 75% factory (with Patina) and currently has 139000 miles on it.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Very cool Graham! Thanks for sharing.

    • carsofchaos

      I think you’ve gotten the most up votes I’ve ever seen. Very nice ride….I’ve had an 85 and an 84 H/O. Yep they are under powered but always have liked the style.

  8. Curt

    Im a long time ford man, ive owned all makes and models of all car companies and i always love my blue oval best,but i have to admit this car is beautiful and i would love to own this.

  9. Rustytech Member

    I always liked the 80’s midsized GM’s. They haven’t gotten a lot of collector interest yet, but as time goes on I’m sure they will. I had an 84 Monte Carlo with the venerable SBC and yes it didn’t come with lots of go, but there were lots of go fast parts available so it didn’t take much time for me to make it a respectable performer. They weren’t the barn burners of the 60’s, but considering the cost and availability of those, the average Joe can’t afford them. These are a great alternative.

  10. JW

    I’m another true blue oval guy but this car is super nice and I have a empty stall in my garage, too bad it’s gone.

  11. Andy

    I think the G Bodies were available from FIVE brands (not just 3). Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Olds and even GMC (I think there was a GMC version of Chevy’s El Camino, but I’ve never seen one). I’m an 80s B Body guy, myself. My first car was an ’87 Caprice 2-door that I picked over a Cutlass. But I love this Cutlass!

    • Jason

      GMC Caballero. I have one. 85 with just 56k on it. Gust a glorified ElC

    • Fred

      re: GMC version of El Camino – – – I have just recently purchased a 1983 GMC Caballero SS previously a California car which has made its way to Canada complete with the speedo in MPH and Miles which is OK because I was forced into the “Metric Era” in mid life under protest but can navigate the daily used units of measurement conveniently.

    • Sy

      The GMC version of the El Camino was called the “Sprint/Caballero”. I’m not sure how many years they were produced, but they looked nearly exactly the same as an El Camino.

  12. Monroe

    My 442 I only want 4 for ut

  13. lawyer George

    I could have dug it had it not been sold 12 minutes before it showed up in my message box. Poop! Regarding EDH’s comment on go and show: Where the furthest distance between cars and nearly every highway on the east and west coast seaboards is 17 feet [were it any greater some yahoo would try to slip into it] go is not so terribly important. And that’s coming from a guy who has an LT-1 tucked under the hood of a 1936 Ford Coupe. I disagree that this car does not show. I have always thought that this design was one of the best of the 70’s group. I had opportunity to drive a Cutlass Supreme of this vintage for a period of time and while it was not the rocket my Dodge Charger was, it was a decent road car for those who did not need to have the smell of gasoline emanate from his socks. Although not wild about GM’s use of velour I would have parted with $13051 plus $1 dollar, $50 dollars or whatever the next increment happened to be for a car which I feel is worth between 9 & 10 K because it is so clean and @ 24K miles, virtually new.

    • lawyer George

      Ooopps, I meant 1980’s group– not 70’s

  14. ettev15z58

    G-bodies were available across three brands. Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. Three brands. Got it. Derp.

    • Jason

      & gmc

    • Dallas

      Buick, Chevrolet, Olds, Pontiac = 4….. plus the GMC as others have stated with the El Camino rebadge =5

  15. Joe Howell

    I like it. No go but looks great and stands out from the usual Fords and Chevrolets. It has lots of creature comforts and safety features that I find desirable these days. Seeing the interior made me smile, it’s about the same color as in the 89 Cutlass Supreme that my dad bought new, his last 2 door :(

  16. Graham

    Just to add to my comments about these Cutlass’s, from the paper work I chased down and got, these cars were to take the place of the 442 in 1988. I’m no expert, but from all the info I got GM did not manufacture the 442 in 1988. However, a consortium of Olds dealers in North Carolina thought there was still a market for a 442 look-alike, so they commissioned Tops and Trends to build them. The dealer cost for the mods was $595.00 and included the dummy hood scoop, a Magnaflow exhaust system, the wing, the decals and stripes and on the center console a small plate showing the production number of the car. The cars didn’t sell as predicted, so production stopped at 280.
    Mine is an unrestored survivor, and other than mechanical needs, there is NO plan for any restoration.
    These cars were well optioned, with air, ps/pb, am/fm/cassette radio, performance dash, power windows, power seats etc. A much more comforatable ride than my 1974 Challenger I previously owned. Also a survivor, that I sold a couple of years back with 39000 original miles.


    Weird, never saw a “GT” but its a cool story bro

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  18. Pat A

    For many years, even after these went out of production, the Cutlass in particular, and it’s GM brethren, topped the list of most stolen vehicles. They’re still pretty common in the San Gabriel Valley, mostly driven by young Latino males. You see a lot of clean examples.

  19. Maestro1 Member

    These were simply terrific in any configuration. But I’m prejudiced; I’ve had several Cutlasses with varying grunt and they were all good. If it’s not sold, jump on it.

  20. BigKahuna13

    So basically it’s like an 83 Hurst Olds without the Lightning Rods…

    • Oldcarsarecool

      And without the high-output 307 CID V8. The Hurst and 442 from ’83 – ’87 came with the VIN code “9” engine. To add further confusion, the ’86 and ’87 “9” engines are different from the others. My ’85 442 was rated at 180 hp whereas the VIN code “Y” engine only had 140 hp.

  21. craig m bryda

    ” No set aside ” ?

  22. sluggo

    There WAS a market for these things in the 1980s,, still kinda is for certain people,,I know a few people who had similar cars and recently worked with an older woman who still drives a MonteCarlo SS,, Some of the senior NCOS in the military when I was in, would lavish lots of time, polishing and wax on such a car and I rode in a few. This one while much rarer made me smile.
    I can totally understand why the dealers ordered these upgraded models. That interior also is just classic. I was more of a raw hot rodder type, but i can totally dig this thing. One of my super visors overseas had something he stylized very similar to this.. He liked to be called “Pontiac JD” instead of his rank and last name. This car totally reminds me of him and some of those other guys.

  23. ACZ

    Does this use the standard 307 or the higher output version (different VIN engine code)?
    Also, on the GT subject, look at the SPID label in the trunk and see if there is an RPO code that could reflect it. If not, it’s a dealer option.

    • Oldcarsarecool

      According to the Ebay listing, this car has the 140 hp VIN code “Y” engine, as opposed to the 180 hp VIN code “9” engine.

  24. Ck

    I had an 86 442 ,black with a red gut like this one.These were nice cars ,the 307 ended up with a rod knock so i swaped out a 350 rocket out of a 75 cutlass supreme. Pretty much everything from the 86 motor ,pulleys ,brackets,etc bolted onto the 75.I sold the car to my buddy’s kid and I still have the 307 taking up room in my barn .I never heard of a GT but I like it

  25. Adam

    You Will never go wrong with a Oldsmobile. I owned a 77 98. 78 88. A 84 olds 98. And last but not least my 87 custom Cruiser. Great cars No complains! About any of them.

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  26. W9BAG

    I can’t understand why Olds would call this a GT. It has the same instrument panel as a base Cutlass. All show, no go. Nice looking, but not worthy of the GT badge.

    • Graham

      The GT Package WAS NOT a GM option. I may stand to be corrected on this. To the best of my research and the documentation I have, Tops & Trends in Kernersville N.C. was the only company that converted a Cutlass Supreme to the “Cutlass GT”. These were done between November 1987 and March 1988 and only on the 1988 model year. Highland Oldsmobile in Winston-Salem was the driving force behind this modification. All vehicles were ordered with the U21 gauge package, the LV2 code Y (307″) engine, F41 suspension and a variety of other options specified by Joe Johnston owner of Tops and Trends.
      It would be interesting to get more information on the 1987 GT listed above. I would also like to see additional photos of the car.
      de VE7ABC

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      • Graham

        I just went and had a serious look at the ad. I thought that once the car was sold, the photos would have been deleted. Was I wrong!
        It is indeed a rare car as it is one of the first few done, and judging by the letter the salesman sent, it was one of the 2 or 3 prototypes that lead to the ’88 models.
        What I find strange is in the paperwork I’ve got from Tops and Trends, there is no mention of doing the GT package to any 1987 cars.
        Nice score and would look in my garage next to my ’88.

  27. SLC

    This body style was designed and debuted as a 1978 model if memory serves so while the majority of the sales run was the 1980’s, these are effectively 1970’s design and launched. Having driven many I can only recall that the brakes suffered from severe premature lock up and I always felt they were dangerous because of this. This model, if it didn’t have the factory FE3 suspension would be useless outside of the cosmetics. The lack of the performance gauge package is also a glaring omission from a model with a GT designation. Meh.

    • Miguel

      This body style first sold as a 1981 model. The ’78 to ’80 model was a bit different.

  28. dan

    Note to the writer, the G-Body was available in 4, not 3 brands.
    Chevy Monte Carlo
    Olds Cutlass
    Pontiac Grand Prix
    Buick Regal

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