Grandma’s Convertible: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

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Even though convertibles were available during the 1968 to 1972 General Motors A body style, they were nowhere near as popular as hardtops. In fact, this would be the last generation of GM mid-size convertibles ever offered. There were only 10,080 Chevelle convertibles produced in 1968, and we need to remember some of those were SS 396 models. Here is a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Convertible for sale here on Craigslist in Westside-South Bay area of Los Angeles, California, not too far from Malibu. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for finding this car and letting us know of its availability.

The car was originally purchased new by the seller’s grandmother. But let’s not forget, 51 years ago that grandmother was a young lady. Unfortunately, the seller’s grandmother has passed on and now it’s time to pass on her convertible, rather than allowing it to just sit in the garage. The seller believes that this Malibu deserves to stay in California and cruise the hills of Malibu, just as grandma did. Maybe that’s why we don’t see it on eBay instead. But don’t let that stop you if you’re interested in this car, maybe he/she will sell it to someone out of state.

The interior is in good condition, but there is a rip on the driver’s seat bottom. A cover protects the dash from cracks. The power convertible top works fine. In this car, we find manual windows but we do find power steering and power brakes.

This convertible has not been modified in any way. It is finished with a white body, white top, and blue vinyl interior. The previous generation Chevelle was on a 115-inch wheelbase, but beginning with this one, the two-door coupes, hardtops, and convertibles rode a shorter 112-inch wheelbase while 4 door models and station wagons rode on a 116-inch wheelbase. This car has the optional rally wheels.

The engine is a 307 cubic inch V-8 producing 200 horsepower mated to a 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. Even though grandma was a young lady when the car was new, she didn’t drive it much. It was her daily driver too. The car has only accumulated 52,954 miles since new, averaging only slightly over 1,000 miles per year. The seller says the car is priced to sell fast to clear out the garage. The car is being offered at $23,500. That sounds like a lot but consider you are getting an all original convertible with very low mileage. Are you ready to let the top down on this one?


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  1. TimS

    I’m not much on Chevelles, but the white over blue is nice here. Who cares if it’s not a big block? This thing was built to cruise and needs to be driven. Price is a tad high but since you won’t have to sink another ten grand into it to make it driveable, probably not a bad deal.

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  2. Chris In Australia

    Crate motor & clone it into an SS. Kidding! Disc conversion, faster steering, and some minor tidy ups.

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  3. James

    Priced way too high. The trunk isn’t aligned well, not sure what that’s all about. Pass.

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  4. local_sheriff

    This should be the little ol’ lady’s car many of us have been waiting for.OK, it’s a non-SS, low performance version and it’s not my favorite year,but c’mon it’s a droptop A-body that most probably had a decent life in a warm climate and not exposed to hard launches!Though seller might has to adjust the price I think someone will drive off with a surprisingly sound driver! It states ‘no low ballers’ in the ad, they’re clearing the estate so someone might score a great deal here!

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  5. Beatnik Bedouin

    I wonder if this car is a California original, as the license plate would have been issued in 1973? The black plates were still being used in 1968.

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    • BOP_GUY BOP_GUYMember

      When they switched to the new style blue/yellow plates, they gave everyone the option to trade their old plates in for the new ones. They did that again later when they switched to the new white plates. A lot of people thought it’d be fun to get the new ones.

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      • Miguel

        BOP_GUY, where did you get the idea DMV offered the option to change the plates because the style had changed?

        There was no campaign for that, it was just always an option for whatever reason.

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      • BOP_GUY BOP_GUYMember

        I’ve lived here my whole life, for better and for worse. I’ve owned a lot of different cars over the years, and I remember the option well. I had my 69 Buick Riviera with original black and yellow plates when the new ones came out. We received a notice in the mail giving us the one time free option to switch. My Dad said to keep the original plates, but as a hard headed kid, I didn’t listen, and got the new ones. Always take Dad’s advice!

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  6. 70SuperSport


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    Wow, looks like a bargain to me. Most Chevelles are 30k and more. I think it’s reasonably priced, for a reliable, rust free, great looking car, that is fun to drive. The folks in the Midwest that see this car will be drooling over it.

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    • Steve R

      It’s a fair price if the car is as advertised, but everyone knows how rarely that’s the case anymore.

      Steve R

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  8. Jim in FL

    Fantastic time capsule in my opinion. Simple and honest. Not over-restored, just a well maintained low mileage used car. From a time when a working man or woman could enjoy a convertible in a realistic price range by checking the right options on the form. This type of car is almost extinct today with the exception of the most base mustang rental ragtops. Probably a little overpriced, but think about the weekends you won’t be spending restoring it. Glad it sold, hope it stays local. It’s exactly the kind of car I keep my eyes out for, except being a FL guy it would need air for me to daily drive it. And I would feel guilty bringing it out here to have it rust thoroughly in five years.

    I run a lot, and my route at work takes me through relatively nice older neighborhoods. Occasionally I’ll spy something like this through an open garage door. If the owner is ever out, I chat and hope it’s interesting. Met a 93 year old guy with a 66 Lincoln Convertible that hadn’t moved since he stopped driving in 2004. This was 2014 and I was sorry to see the car gone and the inevitable estate sale sign after waving to the guy for a couple years.

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  9. Randy Jones

    West coast car..prob more higher in price..307.does nothing for it..but it is s clean 68..good interior and white converts sale fast..good 23.5.r

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  10. lc

    This ’68 isn’t about power or handling or even how much will it be worth and when…it’s about an era that we’ll never see again, an experience of honest daily open air motoring. A car that’s easily serviced, attractive, and puts a smile on your face. Apparently someone made the deal and hopefully it will be used as originally intended – buckets of fun for those not so well heeled.

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  11. Del

    Mis-aligned trunk ?

    Rear end damage ?

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  12. Brian R

    I’d take it, but the listing has been removed.

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  13. Woody

    Nonetheless,someone got a classic drop-top here!

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  14. a

    I believe Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage purchased this car.

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  15. Miguel

    Richard Rawlings made reference to a 1968 Chevelle convertible he had just bought, but I didn’t know it was this car.

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