Grandma’s Goat: 1964 Pontiac GTO

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When it comes to the (sadly) defunct Pontiac brand, the GTO is one of the most popular nameplates the company created. Thanks to reader Ikey Heyman, we’ve come across this one-owner, this first-generation example, which is available here on Craigslist in Fort Payne, Alabama. Originally, Pontiac offered the GTO as a package for its Tempest model. This seller claims their grandmother originally purchased the car from Boomershine Pontiac in Atlanta on April 4th, 1964. In fact, they also include the vehicle’s original title with its sale, as well as service records spanning from its purchase to the mid-‘80s.

The exterior of the vehicle shows some paint wear and surface rust, but none of it seems too serious. Impressively, this GTO has lived an accident-free life so far, while also benefitting from being garage kept for most of life, including the last 15 consecutive years.

Under the hood is a 389 cubic inch, 6.4-liter V8 engine, which supposedly pairs to a Powerglide transmission – a curious detail, because this GTO did not come from the factory with said transmission. The ad states that both the engine and transmission “function,” though it’s unsure what exactly that entails.

This GTO does seem like a good candidate for a restoration, but it is quite confusing why the advertisement has such a lack of details. In this case, the seller is looking for “serious buyers only,” and though the listing contains no asking price, “any offer is subject to denial.” This is an easy way for the person selling this Pontiac to open themselves up to a world of lowballers and time wasters, which is a shame because it looks like a gorgeous and original example. What do you think of this garage kept and grandma owned Goat?


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  1. ChebbyMember

    A Persian carpet in the garage is pretty classy for Alabama.

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    A few observations:

    Where’s the shift lever?

    Relatively crappy photos, the angles and views don’t show the spots a buyer would want to see.

    Grandma or grandpa towed a small boat or camper.

    Low option car.

    Great restoration candidate.

    Those aren’t grandma’s legs.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      I saw that too, it’s a console shift. Pretty lack luster GTO, but this car started it all.

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      • PatrickM

        Great restoration candidate. But, saw no pricing, bidding, etc. How about $250.00? I know that is a stupid low ball, but, what’s a guy to do? And it is still for sale. Hmmm…

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    • Ralph

      Actually this is a pretty well optioned car, power steering, brakes, automatic, console, tachometer were all extra, as were the spinner caps.

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  3. mainlymuscle

    Serious buyers only ????
    Yea right ,YOU FIRST !
    name your price pal

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    • Will Fox

      “All offers subject to denial”? This seller simply wants to make fools of anyone approaching with a serious offer. My guess is he’s after somewhere north of $25K ‘as is’, and that’s just wishful thinking. This will need $75K-$100K frame-off restoration at minimum. Until I see the console, I’m suspecting it’s not original to the car. It should’ve had a 3-speed hydramatic, not a Powerslush 2-speed.

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      • Will Fox

        “All offers subject to denial”? This seller simply wants to make fools of anyone approaching with a serious offer. My guess is he’s after somewhere north of $25K ‘as is’, and that’s just wishful thinking. This will need $75K-$100K frame-off restoration at minimum. Until I see the console, I’m suspecting it’s not original to the car.

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      • Marty Parker

        GTO didn’t get the 3 speed Turbo 400 until 67.

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      • M

        Pretty sure that in1964 the GTO used a 2 speed auto. I can’t remember the transmission name but I think it was shared with other GM line intermediates. Anyway, it was not the best tranny choice.

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      • Dan B

        As mentioned by others, the 400 th did not come until 1967, prior to that they used Buick’s Super Turbine 300, two speed auto. This trans was used by Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile, but not Chevrolet, they had the Powerglide, used only by chevy.

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  4. Fred W

    For those who would like to see “Holy Grail” musclecars (like this would be with proper storage), I encourage you to visit Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN (Gatlinburg area). Went there last week and was blown away- over 100 cars, a few 40’s-50’s, mostly 60’s, with the vast majority being unrestored and in as new condition, purchased in the 80’s and 90’s with typical mileage of 6000 to 50,000 miles.

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  5. Ralph

    The automatic in these was a 2 speed, but it was not a “Powerglide”. People just seed a 2 speed auto and assume thats what it its, but these had an ST300 Hydramatic, totally different from a Powerglide.

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    • lc

      Gotta love that Super Turbine 300. My 68 Supreme had this super solid Jetaway tranny…. Love it!

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    • Ken

      Beat me to it. I’ve rebuilt ST300s and Powerglides. Almost nothing interchanges.

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  6. JP

    This Goat would be a great buy only if the price is right!

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  7. A-body Fan

    I have a feeling this was grandma’s and grandpa’s car, I doubt grandma would have went through the trouble of ordering those J.C. Whitney tailpipe tips. I bet grandma and grandpa were cool people and I love that vintage picture. Nice happy face and a proud driver.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      That vintage photo was added after I looked at the CL ad. Nice.

      But the current photo shot through the passenger door…. Yea, still think that those are not grandma’s legs! (LOL)

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    • OhU8one2

      I had a 64 Goat with a factory 2 speed automatic. But Pontiac did not call it a “Powerglide”. Not my favorite transmission, but alot of drag racers liked them. The only I had on my car,was a remote mirror,halfway to the front end of drivers side fender. I guess Pontiac was trying to look European.

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  8. Barzini

    I love the dated picture of the owner sitting in the passenger’s seat. It nicely captures another era.

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    • James Martin

      Did they offer a 2 speed auto in 64? I thought all 64s had 4 speeds. They had only 4 speeds in the 442 in 64

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      • Ed Forman

        2 speed automatic, 3 speed and 4 speed. I’ve owned four 64’s over time and had all three versions.

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  9. Zephis Stoltz

    Love the first iteration of the GTO. Seems it would take research and a through inspection to deem it’s provenance of lack thereof. Saw a great mini documentary on Pontiac and what happened to it.

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    Tough deal if you really want this beautiful Goat. I guess you would throw an offer and see if it sticks, This guy is running his own auction. Takes all kinds. Good luck to the new owner.


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  11. Dave

    Not a bad car, but since any offer can be declined I’ll save you the time…

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  12. Robs66GT

    I’m confused about those of you busting on the seller about no listed price. Why the hate? Have you reached out to sellers? Three names and a phone number are in the ad. You’re obviously not serious buyers.

    Cool car and story, none the less.

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  13. Chris

    Nice original car. But I wonder how insane the pricing will be as it’s by appointment only.

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    • Tom

      Appointment to offer???

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  14. Troy s

    Like the vintage photo in the ad, weren’t exactly old folks back then.
    Sporty ride then and now, the street machine that sparked a new trend in automotive pleasure. There’s no arguing the importance of the ’64 GTO.

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  15. moosie moosie

    Looks like Granny might be not with us any longer so they’re taking care of her things, , sell Granny & Grampas GTO , put her ugly (not) carpet out of the house & count the cash. I hope I’m wrong about the heirs.

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  16. Steve Phillips

    May have had a fender bender, passenger door does not look to fit well with the front fender

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  17. rb

    I have been looking for a 4 or 5 GTO however I will not play that game bring your offer, all offers subject to denial etc. Post your price.

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  18. Walt

    Possible sellers are just inexperienced,should have had more info and pictures. Seems like a nice car but would have to inspect thoroughly as windshield and hood rust but lack of rust on lower sides of car makes me think of poor storage. If all checked out would make nice survivor/driver car. Just fix the obvious and enjoy! People complaining about not mentioning price are most likely not serious buyers, just lowball artists. Sellers looking for someone who actually appreciates the car for what it is and wants it for their own, not someone looking to make a fast buck at someone else’s expense. This is not saying anything against flippers, but I do not think this seller is looking for that type of buyer.

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  19. Gaspumpchas

    walt, good points. My beef is that by not knowing where this guy is on price, you don’t know if you are in the ballpark of affordability. Flippers do bring some cool stuff to market. Maybe the guy is just fishing. I already shot my mouth off about Guys “testing the waters” so I’ll save that. My recommendation would be to flip on fleabay, but that’s not a sure thing with all the scammers out there. One could only hope it finds a good home, possibly install a 4 or 5 speed. Good luck to the new owner!


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  20. sinned96

    I don’t know why they keep saying the GTO was an option on the Tempest that’s untrue. You had to order a LeMans and then order the GTO option. You’ll never see a 64 GTO with a Tempest Vin. It will have a LeMans Vin starting with 824. The base Tempest had a 804 Vin The Tempest custom had a 814 vin

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  21. CaCarDude

    One of my best cars ever owned was a ’64 LeMans 2 dr post with a factory 4 spd and was dark green on gold bucket seat interior. Had a beefed up 326 and would turn low 13’s on grudge race (Wed) nights. So much fun back in 1970, out of the Army and home from the land of the little people,.. car cost a big $750 then but worth every penny. Got married then 3 years later a divorce, lost a wife and sold the car, dang I sure miss that car. Hope this listed GTO finds a new home, it will be a worthy car to do a full on restoration.

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  22. Joey

    The 1964 Pontiac GTO Brochure lists a 2 speed automatic as being available, the 3 speed hydro came out later in the model year. See copy of the brochure spec page

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  23. Marty Parker

    I see nothing in this illustration about a 3-speed automatic transmission. Available transmissions were 3-speed standard, 4-speed standard and 2-speed automatic until 67 when the turbo 400 became available.

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  24. A-body Fan

    Wow very enlightening, it’s always welcoming to have knowledgeable people on board.

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