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Grandpa’s 1957 Silver Hawk


We all have a car that we’ve dreamed of owning since childhood. For some it might be a Lamborghini from the poster we had hanging on the wall. For others it could be that Porsche we saw at the track. For Steven B. it was a certain Studebaker Silver Hawk and unlike many of us, his dream actually came true.


“My grandfather’s 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk had been sitting in a barn for 32 years. It had interior damage from mice and needed bodywork. My late father got it back in shape with new interior and paint. Then he put it back in the barn for another 8 years.” The Hawk seemed destined to spend its days in a barn, but Steven had hopes that someday it would be his.


“In 1961 my mom inherited the Hawk from my grandpa. Here I am pretend driving it when I was 12 years old.” Those memories never faded and only made Steven long for the car even more. It was filled with childhood memories that no other car could recreate.


“Fast-forward 51 years… My dream came true and it is still running well today!” Steven finally inherited the Studebaker from his mother and spent the next 3 years getting it road worthy and now thoroughly enjoys it. We want to thank him for sharing his tale with us and we wish the best of luck to him and his Grandpa’s Hawk!

If you have a story like Steven’s, be sure to send it in because the best one submitted this year is going to get published in Tom Cotter’s next book!


  1. Mbzgurl

    Absolutely fantastic! I want one…Studebaker is I think the only auto manufacturer that triple dips each body panel in anti-rust solutions before they assemble them. They never rust. My Uncle always had a Studebaker. He was the first person to get delivery of the Avante. I think he had ordered it 3 years in advance. He still has it.

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    • p

      Post pics of the Avanti

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  2. Rene

    wow! Great story!

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  3. rolymo

    Had a “Study ” HAWK V8 as my tow- car back in the sixties to travel from Birmingham to Brands-Hatch in Kent UK, It was great cruising down the motorway (M 1) before the days of speed limits & cameras, just myself and a couple of other cars

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  4. JP

    Always love a good classic car story. The old Silver Hawk is lookin’ good!

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  5. Wayne

    omg,three loved ones had to die before he got the car. josh you’re the writer of this story you made the guy out a monster !

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  6. paul

    Great story, great picture with the old barn, I think I liked it all white, but that’s me… Is that a Corvair shirt Steve B has on?

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    • Steven

      Hi Paul, Yes that’s right. It is Corvair T-shirt. Good eye! I am still owned 1967 and 1969 Corvair coupe at home. Thank for asking! Steven

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      • paul

        I have a 63 Spyder.

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  7. krash

    Excellent….always loved these cars…How often does a unique automobile stay with one family…without someone (along the way) totally abusing it, destroying it, or selling it for scrap….

    Love stories like these….(and there aren’t many left) Thanks Barn Finds

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  8. Dan Farrell

    That is a real barn find. Beautiful.

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  9. Bryan Cohn

    Nice story BUT: Why do people wait till they die and let their kids inherit a prized toy such as this? Why not give it while they are alive so they can witness their son’s/daughter’s joy, excitement and enrich both their lives?

    Think of the bonding experience Steve B could have had with his mom, taking her for a ride in Gramp’s Studebaker?

    In the end its just another case of hoarding that the son had to deal with. What else was stored in that barn?

    Maybe I’m jaded….

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  10. Chris A.

    For 1957 the Hawk is more restrained than some of the other chrome sleds of the day. Steve B. is a patient man, let’s hope he has a kid that likes old cars. My dad sold the family 1950 Riley RMA to the guy across the street. I’m still trying to track it down, I want to buy it back. The other comment about the one owner Avanti is of interest too. You either like the Avanti or can’t stand them.

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  11. tomwokc

    Great story on a very desirable car. Wish I had my grandfathers tri-power 64 GTO Coupe that he bought new.

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  12. Bernie H

    Bryan C., you’re absolutely right!, At age 70, I’ve run across MANY great cars that will never see daylight again, LAZY Ass HOARDERS!! “Ive got this here car and you dont”, “:I’M gonna fix her up when I re—tire”. Too bad he’ll be too old, too broke, too crippled to lift a wrench. Its the same old story, it lays behind the barn for years, the neighbor wouldnt give him 50 bucks for it, BUT if you stop by and show the slightest interest, its $12,500 FIRM!!!. I could write a book like Tom Cotter titled “The not-for-sale gems that rusted away”. Glad to see this Hawk get a second chance!!!!

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  13. mike

    Beautiful car,I love it

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  14. scot

    ~ congratulations, Steven. any friend of Studebaker is friend o’ mine.

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  15. Lori

    Great story and excellent car. The Hawks are so beautiful! Someday….

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  16. Richard L Gugenberger

    My Mom had an 1953 sartlite coupe, blue /white roof , always liked that car . This 57 hawk is a more refined version of moms 53 !! Nice ride enjoy it!

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  17. Roger C.

    I agree with Bryan Cohn. But Steven B. is still lucky in a way that his Dad or Mom never sold the car and kept it in a barn all these years…

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  18. jhowell

    Love them Studebakers, my grandfather had a 48. i went with him when he traded it on a new 55 Chevy. Guess the low slung new Studbusters were too sporty for Grandmother’s taste.

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  19. Rick

    Some people are really nutty about how they hoard car away in garages that could otherwise be driven and enjoyed. Poor guy had to wait until he was in his fifties. Think of all the good times he missed – wouldn’t it have been great if he had that Hawk to cruise in with his friends when he was in his 20s? But no, it just sits in a barn. Lucky he finally got it, but what a shame that it sat all those years where he couldn’t touch it until somebody died.

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