Grandson Sold Grandpa’s 1970 Chevelle Malibu

It isn’t too difficult to spot what’s hiding behind those boxes in this garage! This 1970 Chevelle Malibu belonged to the original owner’s family until the current seller bought it from their Grandson. It was parked in 1997 with 67k miles on the odometer and that’s where it stayed until it was sold. The seller got it running again and claims that it drives great, but they admit they wouldn’t drive it long distances without going through it first. You can find this Malibu here on eBay in Bettendorf, Iowa with a current bid of $6,600.

Stories like this always make me a bit sad. The car’s original owner left it to their Grandson, but chances are he didn’t have any interest in fixing up a broken down old car. Hopefully that wasn’t the case and it was more a situation of them realizing they didn’t have the means or skills to give it the attention it needs. It really doesn’t look to be in too bad of condition, although there are some rust spots and a few dents. Personally, if my Grandfather left me a car like this, even if I didn’t have the means to give it a proper restoration, I would at least clean it up and get it safe to drive.

While I’m sure the seller is flipping this Chevelle, I’m glad to see it’s out of the garage, running again and hopefully on its way to a good home where it will be restored. It might not be a big block SS, but it’s a well optioned car with the 250 horsepower 350 cui V8, air conditioning, bucket seats and center console.

The interior looks like it just needs a good cleaning to be usable, but if you want to looking it will need some work. Overall, a good cleaning and a full tune up would make this a driveable car that doesn’t look too bad. Of course, if you want it driving and looking its best, a complete restoration would be in order.


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  1. al8apex

    coming soon to a major auction as a rare, numbers matching, low mileage, LS-6 Super Sport

    • Steve R

      Because of the AC an LS5 would be a better option, that way you wouldn’t need to modify the firewall.

      Steve R

  2. Joe M

    Nice to see cars in this original condition still out there. Nice suprise on the interior. This would be nice keeping it as original as possible, instead of converting it to an SS. Should definatlly have it shipped, too risky to drive it as is after sitting that long. wouldn’t want to create extra work.

  3. On and On On and On Member

    My sisters first car looked like this one, same color combo but hers was a little known option called “HEAVY CHEVY”. The name had nothing to do with speed, power or coolness. Hers had a 307 2bbl/ with 2speed “slushbox” We still laugh about it.

  4. Superdessucke

    Too bad it’s not a dark green 1970 base Barracuda!


      Something tells me this will be reborn as an SS. So many people don’t realize what they have and just “get rid if it.” The 350 is a big +.

  5. TJ

    Its a true time capsule, better yet it was his GRANDMOTHER that left to him. She bought it new and drove it until she couldn’t drive it anymore. It was put away as a running driving car.

  6. Jim

    No vinyl tops, thankyou.

  7. Rush Meade

    Worst grandson award goes to……this guy

    Like 1
    • Moosefeather

      Maybe, maybe not. I’d rather have him sell it if he knows it’s beyond his skills and pocket book then let it sit for another 15 years and let it rot away and ask some astronomical amount then (can you say green cuda).

      • Mike

        The grand parents should have just sold it themselves then, rather than leave it to some stupid Gen-X’er. The fact he’s selling it means he doesn’t care about it anyways.

  8. Mattyou63

    I had one just like this but nicer.. in 1984.paid $800.wish I had it back..sold a 68 camaro for $1800..😣

  9. skibum2

    “ORIGINAL” miles.. yep, we are that stupid… Hahahahaha… way past 100K.

    • Mike

      It’s original I can assure you of that.

      Like 1
  10. Andre M. Judd

    My dad had a 1969 ss with the white top and the 396 ss badge. #Chevelle goals!

  11. Mark

    No way they could pry it from my hands grandpa is looking down shaking his head no kid that’s your retirement plan lol

  12. TR

    I don’t understand why sellers don’t take a few hours and give the inside, outside, and motor a bath. I’ve bought 3 cars that had been stored in garages and car ports etc and it’s amazing how little time it takes to dramatically improve what you have. Good for the buyer, lazy seller

  13. Troy S.

    It is nice to know that not all chevelles came with a 454 in 1970. As if off the line traction hadn’t been enough of a problem already.

  14. Pete

    OMG a for real Malibu. Malibus are going to be worth more than Chevelles before to long because they will be rare as could be. Like maybe 20 left after the rest have been converted to chevelles. A year from now this will be back on Ebay as a Chevelle Tribute going for almost stupid money. Sad really.

    • 68 custom

      I think you mean they have been converted to SS models?

  15. George Blackmore

    Sold Grandpa’s car… Why? Cover that baby in cosmoline, pickle that engine, tranny, and rear end, then sit on it 25 more years…

  16. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    Not a single mention of the Trans Am in the background in one of the pics of the Malibu in the garage.

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