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Great Hoard But No Sales


Barn Finds reader Joe L. writes: Here’s a few pics of a hoard we discovered a short walk from our home. Mostly cars from 20’s – 50’s. Rat Rod heaven. Lots of Fords, Kaiser, Henry J, some British & containers, dilapidated garages & tarps covering who knows what! Spoke with owner but nothing for sale. East Coast New York area.  Thanks for sending us these great pictures, Joe! Hope you go back soon and can take some more–I’d love to see pictures of the British cars, and you always wonder what was good enough that it justified being put into a container. I just wish they’d be allowed to be rescued before they are all too far gone! More pictures below–can you identify them all?

Can anyone identify all the cars in the pictures? I’d like to see who can get the most! List your guesses by picture number in the comments.


  1. Mike D

    I will give you the ” interesting” but, doubt any can be saved

  2. Dave Wright

    This reminds me of a guy I knew in Utah, he was a good guy but afraid of the government. Everybody from the IRS to the county tax people were after him to tax the value of his cars. He built a 10 foot fence and became nearly a recluse. At first, he was sure I had been sent bu some agencies to get information but as the years went on he softened and eventually I bought a WW2 military power wagon from him… course with cash and no paperwork. We moved it at night…….he had paid scrap prices or less for everything and they wanted to value all of it as collector cars. Off course, it didn’t help that his yard was across the street from the entrance to the regional IRS compound.

    • Hector

      Great story except there is no Federal property tax on cars. I doubt the IRS would be interested unless they were seizing everything for unpaid income taxes.

      • Dave Wright

        You are obviously not in business for your self. On your schedule C it accounts for increase or decrease in value of your inventory. If you value your old cars as scrap, they might have been worth 30.00 a ton at that time. If the government says they are parts cars the value could easily been 500.00 each so, if you had 200 cars the value increase could be a value increase of 94,000 dollars as taxable income in a year.

      • Alan Brase

        It’s been a few years, but it seems to me the value of one’s inventory is the BASIS. in other words, what I bought it for. But perhaps I had been listing these as investments, rather like stock which is shown on Schedule E. So a long term gain would be subject to 70% exclusion. But paying tax on 30% at regular income tax rates is not so bad.

  3. randy

    Just a thought, but the east coast back in those days had some pretty shady characters, there might be some cars in there of interest to the authorities. Anyone spot any bullet holes?

  4. Blindmarc

    Just a shame that these have to rot into the ground.

  5. Fred

    Car at bottom right of picture 2 is a Henry J. Picture 3 is a 52 -53 Kaiser.

  6. TriPowerVette

    I will accept the challenge (all are referenced Bottom to top, left to right)
    Picture 1
    1934 Money Pit
    1939 What the hell was I thinkin’
    1937 Armageddon Here’s where I’m sleepin’
    Upper-left is an old 1950’s cruiser used in James Bond’s “Mo’ Nookie”
    Picture 2
    Left Fender off a car I was restoring years ago and gave up, because I couldn’t find a left lender
    1941 Illusion (that it is actually restorable)
    1965 International (driven here in 1984 asking for directions, and couldn’t get out)
    1930 Shooting Brake / Ambulance / S.W.A.T. multi-use utility vehicle
    1964 Early George Barris attempt at a Batmobile
    1945 Old, rusty hulk transporter (which is itself an old, rusty hulk)

    Picture 3
    1954 Didn’t Want it Then – Why Would I Want it Now –
    On the roof – Frame for an automotive version of the bed The Monkees pushed across the intersection – uncompleted
    1956 Packard Clipper – Drove in looking for his friend in the 1965 International. Couldn’t get out, either.
    1927 Blythe Propane Transporter
    1973 Citroen 2sm Hearse
    1940 Experimental Airstream Trailer in canvas (before the abundance of post-war al-you-min-e-yum).

    • brucrcolbert

      Good writing…….good laugh

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Love it!

  7. randy

    I’d love to see what’s in the trunks!!

  8. Ed P

    This is truly a junk yard. There are a few farms near here with similar collections. The owners will not sell because the cars will be worth a fortune someday. Only if the value of iron oxide goes up.

  9. guggie

    To bad its basically all junk , maybe some parts !

  10. Mark 'cuda man

    Hey TriPowerVette….I laughed my $#?? off! You definitely have some talent there. And Randy, probably have skulls and bones in the trunks that the owner has hid for the mob……..

    • Ed P

      Maybe Jimmie Hoffa is there.

      • randy

        I was thinking Amelia Earhart. Without the plane, of course.

  11. randy

    Now you’re talkin’! Need to do some late night investigatin’!! I bet some of the cars here at “Barnfinds” could sure tell some stories.

  12. Forrest

    Looks like a place near me. as an Example, 1956 Crown Victoria Ford. The only thing usable was the crown. And yet he still puts rust buckets up for sale at outrageous prices.

    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      There is a guy out west [Texas if I remember], who has a very poor condition Tatra T-87, the streamlined sedan with the rear V8. He has run a photo ad for the car in Hemmings every month for a couple of years, and wants $1,000,000.00 for it. It’s worth at most $75k, assuming it’s complete & solid. I’ve talked with him on the phone. Even discounting his grandiose idea of the Tatra’s value, his grasp on reality is questionable at best!

  13. Jose


    Great writing. Heck, I may borrow your style for my next novel. (smile)

    • TriPowerVette

      You flatter me in the most sincere form.

      Some potential titles for your book: “Alchemy: Convincing the Weak-Minded that Iron-Oxide is Gold (and Silver)”; or, “Adventures in Tetanus”; or, “How to Turn $62,713.12 and 3106 man hours, into $16,400”; and finally, “The Car Restoration Hobby, a Divorce Attorney’s Perspective”.

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