Green Gran Coupe: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

There’s a lot of rust to fix on this Mopar, but this Gran Coupe is currently equipped with a 383 V8 and would be one sweet ride once restored. Getting it there will be a massive undertaking and the seller’s $15k asking price certainly doesn’t help. That being said, it’s getting harder and harder to find Cuda projects with reasonable asking prices. The seller seems hopeful that they will find a buyer in Europe, but it will be interesting to see if they find a buyer anywhere willing to pay their current asking. You can have a look at it for yourself here on eBay in Sandown, New Hampshire.

The Gran Coupe trim level means this car came with quite a few options standard. It’s equipped with AC, power steering, a center console and leather interior. Engine options were the standard fair of Mopar V8s. This one was optioned with the base 318 and received a 383 at a later date. Sadly, the seller wasn’t able to get the engine to turn by hand. Hopefully it isn’t seized, but go into it expecting the worst.

You can see, this car has copious amounts of rust, I’m assuming that’s why the seller never did anything with it. You can get most, if not all the sheet metal needed to fix it. While I could see someone making it into a long term project, I’m really struggling to see $15k here. Top condition cars can fetch $40k to $50k, but it will cost that much just to fix all the rust and paint it. I think the seller is dreaming, but maybe there is something here I’m not seeing?

I’ve always been curious about the idea that European collectors are willing to overpay for rusty projects. I would think they would be willing to pay a little more for cars that aren’t readily available in their domestic market, but are they really willing to overpay for a rough project like this? Don’t get me wrong, I think this car has the potential to be a worthwhile project, but only if the seller is willing to lower their asking substantially.


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    Looks like its been sitting in a field for 30 years.

    • Jerry Brentnell

      my thoughts here could this be a flood car? with the amount of rust thats on the engine and other places its something to consider!

      Like 1
  2. Max Wedge

    Weird it has a Dodge Steering wheel.

    • Dewey Barker

      I’m supposing that since it’s a dodge/Chrysler product, so to speak, that some parts are interchangeable? Don’t quote me, though. You may be more knowlegable than I about it, Max!☺

  3. grant

    At the bottom of the eBay page, there’s a link to a black 70 grand sport, with a factory 440, in much better shape than this one for 18k and change. The seller is either high or delusional, or maybe both. First thing I would do would be to lose the obnoxious hood scoop. Not sure if it’s factory or not, and I don’t care! This car is wasted. There’s holes in the roof for Pete’s sake, and pretty much no floors. But it’s “solid where it counts!”

  4. Troy S.

    Had a 318 when new, now it has a 383 which doesn’t run, a tuff wheel out of a dodge, an after market hood scoop, three outta four matching rims option, and a whole bunch of rust, all that for ……15,000 DOLLARS.(?) That’s crazy.

    • Rush Meade

      Agreed 15k is highway robbery. Major pass on this, owner is out of their mind wth 15k….rather put 15k in my 72 f100 and 66 Coronet also a 87 K10. Not this!!!

  5. Trey

    AC was not standard on the Gran Coupe. The Gran Coupe had more luxurious appointments but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was loaded out of the box.

  6. Christopher Wenz

    This reminds me of the recent post about the Challenger in West Virginia. This Cuda is in better shape yet is equally questionable. Starry eyed owners cashing in and I don’t blame them for their efforts.

  7. erikj

    I bought a 70 440 cuda from the original owner around 1988 and it had the same steering wheel, a rim blow and was original to the car. In 1990 I bought a 70 gran coupe with the same wheel. It also had a rally dash and the front bumper was the body colored rubber one. And had the above ceiling console. 318,auto. It was also a one family,unmolested barracuda. My point is ,just check the right box and you could get most options.

    • Troy S.

      Good point, but this tuff wheel has the word “dodge” on it twice in the center, which seems odd in a plymouth.

  8. Chris Kennedy

    Take this from a professional bodyman with a carrier of 40+ years… Yes, there is a lot of work here. These cars are styling icons and I have seen cars with much worse issues brought back from the dead. The question is, is this paticular car worth the effort? I would say that, 1..if it had the numbers engine, maybe? 2..If it we’re a big block car, probably and 3..if it were a big block, 5-speed car, most definitely!

    It all boils down to the motivation. If you love this paticular car, cost can take a back seat to value.

    • grant

      I don’t think these ever came with 5 speeds?

  9. irocrob

    I sent one a gran coupe to the junkyard in the mid 1980s with a better body after I took the grill and other parts off. The gran coupe model had a velvety headliner and over head console which was cool. Also this is the correct wood grain non ralley dash like the one I had. Also the chrome pedal dress up kit was part of the package.

  10. roger sottovia

    He bought that car some time last year for around 7 k it was listed on cars on line

  11. 68 custom

    A 318 powered rust bucket is not worth that kinda money, unless it comes with a hemi in the garage!

  12. Frank magaro

    Seller is crazy

  13. jerry meiergerd

    Looks like the car was sitting in water. I wonder?

  14. Randy W

    The cuda sure looks like it’s been under water for a time. Flood damage anyone.
    usually the engine bay doesn’t look this bad even setting outside for years.Don’t see any weeds or cobwebs hmmm.

  15. Fritz T.

    “These get 6 figures on Barrett- Jackson, so this is a bargain…”

    Whateva, cheese D

  16. gerry

    maybe just a dodge horn pad

  17. DonC

    Best part of this car is the rear seat. Seller needs to find a sucker. They’re out there.

  18. 1st Gear

    I take this as a “I really don’t want to sell it” price.

  19. Dt 1


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