Grocery Getter: 1969 Chevrolet Nova

Originally purchased by a retired couple to run errands around Southern California, this black plate, V8 powered Nova survivor would make a great project for someone. Said to wear most of its factory Dover White paint and showing minimal rust, the body looks really solid. The current owner (bought from the retired couples son) seems to think the front clip has been repainted at some point. Having lived most of it’s life beneath a carport in SoCal has definitely helped to preserve it. Find this third generation Nova on a no reserve eBay auction in Simi Valley, California with bids today approaching $14K.

The 307 c.i V8 is no powerhouse, producing around 200 hp with a 2-barrel carb and backed by a two-speed Powerglide transmission. It’s also equipped with working A/C, power brakes (just re-done) and tinted glass. Showing just 42k miles, this combo is barely broken in.

The blue interior is really nice. Amazing it survived so well considering the exterior paint bake. Maybe thanks to the tinted glass? The bench seat appears to have some stains and two small tears though the door cards, dash, steering wheel and carpet are all looking great. Original working radio too!

With original wheels and hubcaps it’s looking pretty pedestrian. It also seems like the rear bumper may have been kissed in a Von’s parking lot at some point while stalwartly doing it’s duties. While I prefer the lines of the ’67 model better, I wouldn’t turn this down for the right price. A friend of mine back in high school bought a black six cylinder Nova and slowly rebuilt it doing all the work himself. He added a 4-speed, 12 bolt rear end and a 350 LT-1 with some black steel five-spoke Z28 wheels. It was a mean looking performer for not a lot of money with the “murdered out” look long before that was a thing. Easy to work on and lots of available parts, these lend themselves for some mild to wild customization.

Are these still a cool alternative to a pricey Chevelle or Camaro? What would you do here? Leave the stock mill, crate ZZ6 or LS? Cragars, Z28, Rally or maybe some Centerline wheels? Swap out the 307 badges for some 502 ones… Sleeper big block? While some may say “meh, bottom of the chip bag Nova”, I think blank canvas. Lets hear some ideas!


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Hard to find novas in this condition: I like it.

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  2. Frank Sumatra

    I would not touch a thing on it and proudly drive it as is.

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  3. XMA0891

    The painted rims and dog-dishes are neat.
    For my money, a three-on-the-tree and rubber floors would make this one perfect.
    Nice find!

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  4. ccrvtt

    I finally figured out what I don’t like about the design and it’s really simple. The top corners of the windshield are rounded. That doesn’t fit with the creased edges of the rest of the car. If they brought the front edge of the top down an inch and squared off the upper corners (see ’63 Buick Riviera) this car would look much better.

    Those corners are the only major round lines on the entire car. By themselves they’re not unattractive, but they just disrupt everything else.

    Whew! I feel so much better.

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    • Ike Onick

      ccrvtt- I’m 66.5 years old and never noticed that. You certainly have an eye for detail.

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  5. Chillywind

    Looks just like they did in the late 80s. Always had some kid who just got his license roll the old stock 307 PG nova or chevelle and hang around with the Big boy cars in town.
    Brings back memories

    Oh yeah That was me…….


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  6. TRPIV

    502 under the hood. Slightly tub the rear. Leave the exterior alone. Go scare people.

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    • bone

      NO ! there are plenty of hacked up Novas around for that purpose ,and so few of these are unmolested

  7. Gaspumpchas

    I’m with Arthell and Frank- leave it alone!! Hard to find in this lovely unmolested state. 4 speed maybe and leave the outside alone until you decide if you want to paint it!! Obviously many gearheads think alike, 25 bids and 14 large!! Good luck to the new owner!!!

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  8. John M.

    Certainly a good candidate as a sleeper with keeping the body as is.

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  9. Steven Ligac

    Really? 200 ponies and a PGlide?! Put some muscle in this clean baby and prowl…

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  10. Chris M.

    Great find, simply add an LS and appropriate upgrades and enjoy!

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I’ve owned a 69 Nova and I now own a 64 Riviera and I never made that observation about the windshield. Very good eye for detail sir, I applaud you. I would just drive this baby as is. A/C is a nice option. You could cruise around in this all day long. Leave the drag racing to others.
    God bless America

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  12. Benjy58

    Throw in a 327 340 hp a 4 spd and a 355 rear. Leave the rest alone and have fun.

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    • PatrickM

      Yup!! Don’t need a 502.

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      • TRPIV

        Needs have nothing to do with it when you’re building a sleeper ;)

  13. Don H

    Nothing rong with a307 for cursing around in .

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    • PatrickM

      Cursing around??? Or cruising around? LOL.

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      • Superdessucke

        If it’s anything like the 307s I remember, cursing is the correct word, particularly when trying to merge onto the highway.

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      • Don H

        That’s what I meant ,COULD do both😁

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  14. TimS Member

    I love to see blue and other non-black interiors in cars, because you can’t get most of them in modern vehicles anymore.

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  15. JoeNYWF64

    The arm rest PADS are usually the 1st thing to crack on these & other GM cars that use the same ones. The one on the passenger door & the color of the carpet doesn’t seem to match the rest of the interior. Could be the lighting, tho. Or fading?
    Ez on the brake pedal when u got 4 wheel power drums!
    Too bad you could not get a temp gage on the dash with column shift.
    There’s space there for an optional clock to the right of the speedo, but i’d rather they put a temp gage there – mechanical clock not good for the battery if the car sits a lot.

  16. BigBlocksRock

    Owned 4 Novas since H/S.(long time ago)
    Have a black on white 69 right now with an injected 396, auto matic. Love these cars, had this one 30 yrs. don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

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  17. Lance Platt

    Personally I would leave it in as original condition as possible. Novas were designed well..not too big, not too small with a pleasing shape. I would spend my money adding power steering if it didn’t have it and having a mechanic fix any minor problems to keep it running.

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  18. Troy s

    Keep the white on blue, cragar super tricks …pizza cutters up front meats in the back. Full on 355 inch small block, full manual valve body in the automatic high stall speed converter and 4.56 gears with slicks. Four link rear to get that damn thing to “squat” and launch absolutely screaming through open full length headers…sorry guys, but white Nova’s remind me of two that used to blast down Carlsbad raceway back in the early nineties. Very quick bracket racers. Just watching them heat up the slicks was inspiring…so much that one evening, thinking about it I threw my 5.0 Mustang in reverse and gunned it a bit ..right into the side of our neighbors mini van! Duh!!

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  19. 68custom

    Keep the 07 but underhood a 5.3 or 6.0 LS backed by a L80E 4speed auto. shine it up like it sits and clear coat it. and don’t forget the twelve bolt rear and Disc brakes in front at a minimum! leave the interior as is.Love it!

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  20. Mark

    Back in the day I had a 68 in the same color combo with the dog dishes that looked exactly like this (minus the rust). Only mine had a 6. Paid $300 (in installments mind you) to a girl I worked with at Krogers.
    $14k. Time flies.

  21. TRPIV

    I’m just going to leave this here…

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  22. Del

    Drop a 400 small block in with a new automatic and repaint it.

    Then some era buckets and you got a rocket

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  23. treg forsyth

    White Nova…heaven proof.

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