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Hawaiian Barn Find: 1970 Porsche 914-6

There was a time when the 914 was considered by most Porsche purists as nothing more then the 911’s younger red-headed step-brother. But with the ever rising prices of 911s and 912s, the 914 is quickly being an affordable alternative. It offers fantastic handling and tons of fun at a much more reasonable price. There is one exception, and that’s the 914-6, which is quickly becoming as sought after as the 911. Sure it has a 911 engine in it, but is it really worth as much as a 911? Whether you think it is or not, the market says it is. This 1970 914-6 has been pulled from a barn in Hawaii, where it has been parked for the past 30 years. If your in the market for a real 914-6 project you can find the craigslist ad here.

The 914 was originally intended to be a joint venture between Porsche and Volkswagen. With the 6 cylinder powered 914 being branded as a Porsche and 4 cylinder as a Volkswagen, but Porsche feared the effects this would have on American sales, so they decided the car needed to be sold only as a Porsche. The 914-6 2.0l boxer six engine was pulled from the 911 parts bin, as were many other drivetrain components. This made the car too pricey for the market segment it was competing in, which meant that Porsche only built 3,332 in total. The seller didn’t state what condition the engine is in, but it looks to be complete. Seeing as the engine came from the 911, parts are going to be pricey. So lets just hope the engine and transmission are usable.

Like the rest of the car, the interior is in need of attention, but it looks to be surprisingly intact and all the major components should be salvageable. The 914 was a definite departure from Porsche’s typical design style both inside and out. This likely had to do with the planned partnership between Porsche and Volkswagen. The design was such a departure, in fact, that many have speculated whether it was really designed by Dutch furniture designer Hans Gugelot. However, Porsche has always denied these claims and no evidence has ever been found to prove otherwise. It’s more likely that some Porsche owners wanted to disown the 914 by connecting it to an outside design firm.

It might not be the most practical car, unless you live in Hawaii. But the value of these cars has skyrocketed in the last few years, so it might be worth having it shipped back to the main land. The seller didn’t list an asking price, but they are taking offers and are willing to do trades, so someone might be able to make a deal on it. If anyone is on the island of Oahu and can check it out, please inform us all of how it looks in person. Hopefully that salty ocean breeze hasn’t gotten the better of this little Porsche.


  1. wally

    If that is a real 914/6, it’s a totally worthwhile project. 914 parts are not hard to find and a 914/6 is only going to go up in value.

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  2. E55

    The Craigslist link is dead.

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  3. fwhunt\

    The original 914-6 had Fuchs wheels. This may be a conversion, I suspect

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  4. J. Pickett

    Having owned a 914 for six years, I bought a 72 in 76 and sold it in 82. I can assure you It should be considered a Porsche as much as any 356. Body by Karman. Rusted like a Porsche, parts cost like “real” Porsches. Handled fabulously. Balanced, Porsche Transaxle. I had first attempted to by a 4 year old 911 in 1971, but my employer demoted me without telling me, so when I later had a chance to get the 914 I did. By then the midseventies inflation of the Mark vs Dollar, had hit. I thoroughly enjoyed it till the tinworm got it. If it had survived, and my second child not arrived, some stainless heater boxes I would have it still. To bad they didn’t galvanise them. This one looks a little bubbly. One reason, the 914-6 didn’t sell originally was the 914 cost in 1970 about the same as a 240Z, or TR6 or Fiat 124, the 914-6 was within less than a thousand of a 911T. With a bigger engine a “real” Porsche.

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  5. Horse Radish

    The ad came up for me….10:50 pm PDST
    these are rare alright, but better than a ‘regular’ 914 which were known in Germany as VW-Porsches.
    The poor man’s Porsche , before the 924 came along.

    I always was fascinated by the low design and unusual looks.

    On this one they’re taking offers on a restoration project.
    We my never know what it sold for.
    But if anybody finds out, please, post it here .

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  6. Michael

    can’t be a real 914/6, doesn’t have the 5 lug wheels.

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  7. Restoreporsche

    I bought it. It will soon be on http://www.restoreporsche.com. It is a real 914/6. rare and hard to find. Will be restored to its original beauty!

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  8. Barn Finds

    Please keep us updated! We would love to do a followup feature. Thanks for letting us know.

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  9. paul

    amazing…to listen to the shit people will spout…”doesnt have 5 lug wheels”?…..please….do tell…how can you this this…with the wheel covers still on?..my 1970?…still has the FACTORY steels it came with…There ya go , Fuchs boy!

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  10. Restoreporsche

    Just got the Coa from Porsche. The engine is a matching number. Original color was 23 tangerine. Restoration will begin soon. Not to much rust. Needs new inner and outer rockers.

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  11. David Reeves

    Did they make a convertible? There is a royal blue car that looks just like this in the back of a used car lot a couple miles from my house. It looks like this, except its a convertible with a black top.

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