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Hi-Yo Silver Away! 1975 Porsche 911S Targa

I know, I know. Some readers will get the headline’s Lone Ranger tie in and some won’t. But the Porsche 911, like the Lone Ranger, has certainly earned iconic status. Introduced for the 1964 model year, the iconic Porsche 911 two-door, 2+2 sports car is celebrating 60 years of production. The Targa, with its removable full-width roof panel, was introduced in 1966 and is considered the first safety cabriolet with a fixed safety or roll bar. I’ve never driven one, but based on what I read online, it gives you an open-air driving experience that’s sort of like a convertible, but not quite. Porsche chose the name after the Targa Florio road race in Sicily where Porsche had enjoyed great success since the mid 1950s. The version of the 911S featured here was in production from 1974 until 1977 and this 49-year-old Targa appears to be clean and in very good condition with low mileage (44,061). Located in Sagaponack, New York, this ’75 911S Targa is for sale here on eBay where 19 bids have been submitted with the top bid at $30,100.

The seller uses a lot of adjectives and other cliche’s (The exterior is adorned in a sophisticated Silver Metallic paint, exuding a timeless elegance that complements the car’s iconic design.), but offers no history of this 911. The current silver paint, indeed, looks very presentable and I’m not seeing any rust or other red flags. The glass looks good as does the black rubber on the front and rear bumpers. Like all 1975 model cars, Porsche had to comply with the U.S. mandated Federal 5mph bumper standards which started in 1973. The new bumper design impacted the clean lines of the 911 (especially those large rear pontoon bumper guards), but the law was the law.

Inside, the 911’s black interior with patterned cloth seat inserts and door panels appears to be in very good condition. The front bucket seats aren’t showing noticeable wear and the so-called “rear seat” probably hasn’t ever been sat in. From what I see on the provided photos, the dash, instrument panel, steering wheel, and carpet all look to be in great shape.

The seller claims this 911S has been well maintained, but doesn’t say if there’s a paper trail to backs that up. The engine compartment, which houses the 2.7 liter, 175-horsepower flat-six cylinder engine, is clean and tidy with only 44,061 miles showing on an odometer close-up photo. It’s paired with a 5-speed floor-shifted manual transmission. The seller shares that “noteworthy” upgrades include 987 Boxster-Sourced front and rear brakes. Getting accurate production numbers can be difficult at times, but based on what I found online, only 1,517 Porsche 911S Targas were produced for the U.S. in 1975. This one seems to be a very clean, low-mileage example, that could be driven and enjoyed from day one.


    • Ron Denny Ron Denny Staff

      Thank you! I’m not sure what happened, but the link had been deleted by accident. I just fixed it…

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice car. If it’s rust free it’s probably one of the few as ’74s and ’75s didn’t have the galvanized bodys until they started rust proofing the pans in ’76 and then went to complete dipping in the ’78 SCs. Still a fun car to drive.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Here’s my question: What is wrong with the Porsche 911?

    If you go to Bring-a-Trailer on any given day, you will see that of the 600+ auctions, there will always be 60 or 70 911s for sale. That is the case on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Everyone seems to be getting rid of their 911s.
    So, what’s wrong with the car?

    Is it too small? Insurance too high? Not as fun to drive as the seller imagined? Too expensive to maintain? Just asking.

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    • Fox Owner

      Just guessing here, but I think the expense of repairs plus the fact that unless you live in California, it’s not a good daily driver. And who among us can afford a car that mostly sits. I can’t.

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  3. Dan

    I agree that the high bid seems low but it’s still early. For a NY car it looks solid and it presents well. Loads of fun but for a car that looks this well kept there should be lots of service records and other documentation.

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  4. JimC

    Regarding the apparently high turnover of ownership of these cars at auctions, some folks see themselves as custodians of a classic automobile, enjoying it for a while until it’s time to pass it along to another person. (Then there’s the “might trade for something interesting” crowd, who share similar sentiments on transient ownership.)

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  5. Aussie Dave Aussie Dave Member

    Not a fan of VW’s, I mean porshe, lol. But this one might tempt me

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  6. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Zero – rated EBayer who has been a member for 4 years. Kind of strange and probably someone you would want to speak to personally before making a bid.

    Car is beautiful and 30K seems light, but we’ll see what it ends up at. Remember when Targas were the red-headed step-child of the 911 world?

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Just jumped to 40K before my eyes.

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