High Output Fun: 1968 Pontiac GTO

1968 Pontiac GTO HO Survivor

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In 1967, if you were ordering a new GTO, but felt like the 350 horses offered by the base 400 just wasn’t enough power you could option it with the HO engine. The High Output option brought horsepower up to 360 and torque up to a ground stomping 455 pounds! Whoever optioned this one felt the extra power was worth the extra money, so they check the HO and automatic boxes. While I’m not as thrilled by the automatic, this thing would still be a blast to drive! It needs work, but it’s an original black plate GTO. If you’d like to experience the 400 HO, you can find this Poncho here on eBay in Lakeport, California with a current bid of $6,100.

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  1. A.J.

    I liked everything about this car right up until I saw the column auto.

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  2. JW

    Wow for a California car it has some bad rust issues hiding under the surface IMO !!!

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  3. Jimbosidecar


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  4. sparkster

    You could order a 68′ GTO in 1967

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    • JW

      YES, new cars came out in September of the previous year such as 68’s came out in September of 67 back in the 60’s.

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  5. sparkster

    really not optioned with much other than the engine. No a/c , column shift , seriously who orders a GTO with a column shift.

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    • A.J.

      It must be a special order, four speed/ console auto delete.

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    • DAN

      2 words
      charger superbirds

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    • john schiefelbein

      People who got the column shift didn’ have the money to buy the extra cost buckets seats and if you wanted a console that cost extra also. This guy probably spent his limit when he ordered the HO Engine package. Vinyl tops and buckets seats didn’t help you win races and every dollar counted back then. That’s why Roadrunners were so popular.

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  6. 68 custom

    I will take all the column shift muscle cars you guys do not want! I bet that one will fetch a lot more money! looks like it has disc brakes.

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  7. DENIS

    I agree it would be nice with a 4 gear but they were plenty quick w/turbo 400. NEWSFLASH: YOU CAN NO LONGER CUSTOM-ORDER 1968 GTOs. I’ll gladly take it….please do NOT bid, it will cost me less to buy….

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  8. Lucy Spencer

    4 words
    Charger daytona plymouth superbird

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  9. Jim

    I’ve never seen a column shift automatic GTO, I didn’t know you could order one, I thought only Chevy and Buick let you. I’m sure you’ll be the only one at cruise night with a 68 GTO HO column shift. It looks like it’s very complete, it would be a great car to restore, personally I can’t stomach the color, I’d go with black or metallic gold, find the trim pieces and go with a black vinyl top, but that’s just me and it’s only paint not body modifications that can’t be corrected. I hope the new owner enjoys it, it’ll be a big project.

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    • Marty Parker

      Didn’t have to order the three speed transmission with column shift, it was standard equipment. Any other transmission was optional equipment.

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      • 68 custom

        no the 3 speed manual was the base tranmission, also known as a three on the tree. the heavy duty 3 speed manuals found in GTO, SS/396 Chevelles, Buicks and Olds was actually a Ford top loader 3 speed. note I said Heavy Duty.

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  10. Bobby

    Back in highschool a buddy of mine had a 68 GTO auto on the column, hideaway headlights, all power options. Loaded his was maroon w/ black bench seat.

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  11. TomMember

    Don’t forget, back then, you checked the box for what you wanted, the way you wanted it. I had a 67 442 Factory Order by the original owner who ordered the car in 1967 at the age of 55 with the 442 package, heavy duty radiator, factory front and rear sway bars, factory traction bars for the posi rear end, power windows, steering and brakes with a bench seat with on-the-column automatic, steel wheels with the Oldsmobile dinner plate hub caps. Total old man car and a total sleeper !!

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  12. moosie Craig

    For 1/4 mile work a column shifter works just fine.

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  13. stillrunners

    Like my four speeds on the floor with a bench seat and a pretty girl right beside me. Or a bench seat with an auto on the column….with that much torque…surly the hand would slip off her knee…..weeeeeee.

    oh no I’m going to get banned…..

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  14. John P

    I always laugh at people who comment on “rust” and moreso in regard to the comment above about the “rust” on a California car.. NEWSFLASH–All metal rusts–only at different rates and with certain reasons.. Dirt and dust gets trapped inside the cavities of cars–condensation then settles into said dirt and slowly attacks the unpainted metal–rusting from the inside of the panels outward.. Many other ways as well but I’ll not go there. This GTO looks like a great car and that tiny bit of rust in the quarters is nothing to fret over whatsoever..

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  15. Chebby

    I’m not a huge patina fan, but add wide black steelies with beefy tires, and this looks perfect.

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