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Hot Rod Potential: 1930 Ford Model A

1930 Ford Model A Roadster

While surfing the web, I spotted this 1930 Ford Model A Roadster and instantly it caught my eye. Not because it’s in fantastic condition, quite the opposite actually. While I’m a fan of preserving cars as they are, I also enjoy a good hot rod too. While this roadster hasn’t been hot rodded yet, I think it would be the perfect candidate to be turned into a period style hot rod! It’s rusty, so much so that it will make it difficult to justify restoring it to original, but not bad enough to keep it from being turned into a killer hot rod! You can find this project here on eBay in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey with a BIN of $5,500 and bidding just over $1,000. Special thanks to Charles H. for this tip!

Ford Model A Roadster

Original Model A Roadsters aren’t all that common these days, as many have already been chopped up to make hot rods. That fact would make it a bit more difficult for me to turn it into a hot rod, but it would be cheaper to customize it rather than restore it. However, for those willing to restore this car, it looks complete enough that a full restoration is definitely an option! And as a nice bonus, the seller has the original seat, top frame, folding windshield, and a clear title!

Model A Roadster

The seller claims this A stayed in the same families care from new until they purchased it. As with many projects, they have realized they aren’t ever going to get around to doing anything with this car so they are moving it along. So which route would you go with this Ford? Would you turn it into the hot rod of your dreams or would you give it a proper restoration? Whichever route the next owner takes, I just hope they do something with it rather than let it rust away.


  1. MH

    I would keep it as original as possible. Hot rodding cars wrecks the history of them. Keep them 100% stock. Only my opinion.

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  2. 64 bonneville

    Resto-mod it, with a turbo 4 cylinder and 5 speed from a Mustang, but keep it looking box stock. The spark lever on the steering wheel could be rigged to operate the turn signals. Lot of rust repair, and wooden frame replacement needed, and the “folding” windshield came with the car, it tilted in and out for ventilation, or could be laid down flat over the cowling.
    You can buy a restored Model A rumble seat roadster for anywhere from $14K to 23K out of hemmings. Of course restored some will not have hydraulic brakes, so pay attention. those mechanical brakes with the adjustable brake rods under the car are some what of a bear to adjust just right, goldilocks.

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  3. jim s

    ebay has 104 Model A fords listed and it looks like you could buy a restored, full hot rodded, or something in between for less then what it would cost to buy then do the same with this one. but i do hope someone does buy this and gets it back on the road. great find.

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  4. Donnie

    some one wheel by it and make it a rat rod.i hate them .what ever happend to good old hot rods

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    • Mark S

      Good old hot rods were mostly made by the pre computer generation back then the modern engine still had point ignition, not computers. They could be put together in the back yard garage by guys that grew up around fathers fixing there own cars.Sadly those days are gone.

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  5. Donnie

    i am new to tjs sight .it seams like there is no one else on hear.is this a real sight .i love cars and love to lurn new things

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  6. DREW V.

    Though this car is mostly complete looking, it’s condition to me is the main thing. There appears to be so much rust that from a rod viewpoint it would be more practical to go with a glass body and 2×3 frame. Same thing for a restorer, the body and frame are so far gone that this would be a better donor car for another, less rusted project…

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  7. Mike R

    The tin worm has done quite a number on this one…too bad, as it seems relatively complete…

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  8. Texas Tea

    Really! Okay, I want two of them. One to sh*t on and one to cover it up with.

    Come on people. This is a peace of trash other than rob some parts off.

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  9. Jason Houston

    The only good Model A hotrod is one that was put into the shredder back in 1951.

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  10. Chris

    Build it as a traditional hot rod. Easy to build, like Lego blocks. As far as the guy who says it’s only good to strip it for parts . Your just scared or untalented. If a car has even pinholes in all the same places that car is rusty it needs those panels anyways as full panels. Little patches are for butchers . All the metal around it is bad too unless some odd consolidated issue. Don’t be a turd, save it. Complete cars are tough to come by to start a budget friendly project. Some guys arient scared. Put the time in. Save it. Hot rod or original . But with all that said please no trash wagon rat rods or someone who pulls it all apart THEN realizes it’s too big of a project. Have fun!

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