Immaculate 8K Miles: 1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

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Back in the eighties and early nineties, I worked for a company that had Chevrolet Caprice company cars. Whenever there was a meeting or buying trip, it was like a used Caprice lot at the location. We had certainly stepped up in the world compared to the Volkswagen Rabbits and Ford Granadas of the seventies the company used. I found the Caprices were very comfortable riding and driving cars, very comfortable for those five hours one-way buying trips I went on four times a year. Here is a 1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 4 door sedan for sale here on eBay in Canton, Ohio.

This one looks like it came from a used car lot in 1985 because it looks to be in fantastic condition. It has yet to even see the 10,000-mile mark, with only 8,259 miles on the odometer. About the only history of the car that is shared in the ad is that it has been in one family since new. It has also been garaged since new and has been rustproofed. The family must have had other cars to drive, or never went anywhere much. It has always been maintained inside and out. This car features optional two-tone paint in light brown/dark brown and wire wheel covers.

The Caprice Classic interior features a 50/50 split bench front seat with pull-down armrests. This car features cruise control, AM/FM stereo radio, and air conditioning but has manual windows and door locks. Unlike our company cars, this one has never been smoked in. There are no gauges except for fuel, and unlike most cars of the mid-eighties, this one has a face clock rather than digital.

The engine in this Caprice is the optional 5.0 liter (305 cubic inch) V-8 with 4 barrel carburetor and was mated with an automatic 4-speed overdrive transmission. The engine bay looks just as clean as the rest of the car. It’s going to be pretty hard to find another Caprice Classic of this era with such low mileage. The ad price is $12,900 but they may be open to offers. Are you ready to add a box Caprice to your collection?

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  1. dmose dmose

    Super nice unit priced at about 35% as it would cost to try to restore one to that level!

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    • Kenneth Carney

      Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!
      I really like this car! If you have lower
      back issues, this is the car for you.
      Smooth and stable and oh so comfy!
      Not a big fan of the 305 though. If
      they weren’t bustin’ camshafts, they
      were bustin’ cranks. If I bought this
      car, the first thing I’d do was replace
      the crank and cam with solid steel
      units. Then, the 305 would be a
      reliable engine. Adding an aftermarket EFI system should
      raise the MPG somewhat but I
      don’t know how much. Convert
      the A/C to 134, and you’ll have a
      really nice cruiser. Too bad the
      owner has Barrett-Jackson

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Certainly no arguing the mileage with this car, either. I think they are looking for that one person that will pay 5 figures for an ’84 Chevy, but who knows. I see a price reduction in this car as well.

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  3. dirtyharry

    Another amazing find! I marvel at the fact there is not one instrument on the panel and roll up windows. I would want to drive this car, but due to my own paranoia, would have to install at least temp, oil press, charge somewhere (maybe even hidden). I had a 1975 Malibu equipped this way. One day the overheat light came on-predictably that was too late and it needed a valve job. I had shut it down within seconds too. What a miserable system (hey you just overheated and destroyed your engine).

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Maybe not, if it was a strait 6 lol. You do NOT want power windows in a ’60s or ’70’s american car – trust me. If you put this car in a tesla showroom, people in there might be very mad how hard the tesla’s seats are, after they sit in THIS vintage chevy.

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  4. Bushwick Bob

    What does he need gauges for when he’s a member of the “Sacred Heart Auto League” which I assume is one level better than Jesus is my copilot? I guess you could always have a priest preemptively replace the radiator, hoses and thermostat if you’re trying to buy indulgences.

    I had an ’85 with the velour seats. Loved that car until rust cut through the frame sometime in the mid 1990’s. This is really an amazing time-capsule for the right buyer.

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  5. Mark

    305 4 barrel. Same engine my dad had. Sucked premium gas like a pig and had a soft camshaft. Needed a new engine about 49,000 miles.

    He traded it before the engine went KABOOM.

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    • R Soul

      I agree with you on the sucking back gas Mark. I have a 305 4 barrel in my boat…try pushing water with one instead or pavement.

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  6. Rock On

    The 305 four barrel is not a gas sucker. It is all in perspective. Most of these Impala drivers were downsizing from 440 Mopars, 454 Chevrolets, 460 Ford’s, 455 Buicks. They were used to single digit fuel economy. This car with the overdrive automatic should be in the mid teens all day long.

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  7. Del

    No thanks.

    Too expensive.

    Try half that price

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  8. Dave

    Had same year, same engine. Sold about 10 years ago with 150k on original motor. Grandma car with 25k when we got it in ’95. Changing the rear plugs was a pain, but I don’t remember having much trouble at all with the car over the 13-14 years we had it. It was no racecar, though. First car I ever drove with cruise. I miss my ’77 Malibu wagon and ’69 Buick Special wagon a lot more than the Caprice.

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  9. 68custom

    maybe after a set of duals a carb rejet and a non computer distributor twenty plus MPG. no arguing the condition but the price is optimistic! if it was loaded the high price would be slightly more in line!

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  10. MikeC

    Had an ‘82 caprice classic when I lived / worked in Dubai UAE. Silver with maroon vinyl top. Excellent motor. Brilliant a/c – essential for Middle East temperatures. 23 mpg.

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  11. Maestro1

    OK Barn Finders, you are looking at the world’s most perfect driver. If I had room I’d jump on it. It’s also too far away. Somebody else write the check quickly before the car disappears.

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  12. Montana DanfordStaff

    I’ve always wanted of these cars to turn into a clone of the cop car from the movie Black Sheep.

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  13. DN

    The colors and lack of options wouldn’t dnt seem to command that price. Maybe if it was a coupe. Maybe.

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  14. David Ulrey

    No one will even see this because it’s a couple days old but what the heck. I know some people would consider what I’m saying to be sacrilege but Oh well, how about a very well done to where it doesn’t show replacement with a GM crate 350? Paint it the correct color, possibly a stand alone fuel injection. It would still look stock with the air cleaner on if you want a stock appearance. Close to or even double the power. I don’t think the 305 is a bad engine or anything but the late 70s Caprice I had with the 305 did kind of lack power. The lack of power windows and seats and locks really doesn’t bother me. More stuff to go wrong. And always does at some point. If you do not have free mobilty of your arms or shoulders or similar I can understand. However if you’re just spoiled and self pampered move along. Even if you paid full asking price and spent 8 thousand dollars on an engine replacement, tell me where you will find this level of comfort, appearance, and simplicity and condition for that kind of money on a car that you can daily drive or go across country?

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  15. VwbussEd

    Strange that the seller has over 600 vehicles currently listed, all over the country??

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