Impala Hoard Liquidation!

1969 Chevrolet Impalas

I love finds like this and not just because they are great to look at and possibly great buys, but because of all the questions it leaves me asking. How did this seller come to have a massive collection of ’69 and ’70 Impalas? What is the story behind it? Were they running a restoration business or were they parting these cars out? I’m guessing it was some kind of wrecking yard, but I’ll leave the speculation up to you guys! You can find this treasure trove of Impalas here on craigslist in Kings Park, New York. Special thanks to Phil W for this tip!

Impala Yard

While I don’t think I would be too interested in buying any of these projects, I sure would love to go have a look! If you are in the process of restoring an Impala, this place could definitely be worth a visit, just be aware that the seller doesn’t want to part any of the cars out. They are asking anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000 for what they consider a builder. So do you see anything you’d like to bring home?


  1. Howard A Member

    Something doesn’t add up. Posting removed already? Someone bought the whole kit and kaboodle? I suppose it could happen. The Chevy Impala of those years was probably THE most popular car. I knew several people that had those cars, so collecting them would have been relatively easy ( like collecting VW’s) This, as per usual CL, seems fishy. I’m sure there are collections like this out there, though.

  2. ron

    seems like it would be an ” impala ‘herd’ liquidation”?

    • Wayne S.K.

      I like that, ron…

  3. Nick G

    OCD? Something quite extraordinary. It’s too bad they weren’t five years older.

  4. Fred

    I learned to drive in a 1970 Impala. 350, 4 speed, dual exhaust. It was my mothers car!

    • Glen

      Your Mom rocks!

  5. Gary I

    Should have hoarded Camaros and Chevelles when they were cheap an plentiful! Could of bought every $1,500 car around and stuffed them in a barn for 25 years. I bet I would be filthy rich by now. Maybe not, but I bet I could have had a nice return on my investment, or an envious hoard until I die.

    • Roseland Pete

      I think you would have done quite well had you hoarded Camaros and Chevelles.

    • D. King

      Just think if you’d hoarded Porsche 356s, Gary! We’ve had ours for nearly 50 years. And no, we’re not selling–too many fun times ahead.

    • Jim

      Haven’t we all had that idea a little too late. My uncle lived in the Catskills, upstate NY(one of the most beautiful parts of the country) and told me when me and my buddies were buying cars for $25-50 and taking parts and jumping the remainder I should buy property near him and get a big quonset hut style building put up and store every leftover “you’ll make a fortune in 30-40yrs”. I was too busy, working, building, street racing and chasing girls. Yes I kick myself regularly.

  6. patrol

    Or sorry dad i hit the sell bottom.
    That what happened

    • grant

      Accidentally hit report…. whoops.


    My dad had a triple blue 70. It was the ugliest car he ever owned but it was dependable. You don’t see many on the show circuits because I believe the are the forgotten ones.

  8. Donnie


  9. Birdman

    My grandpa(I miss him so much) had a ’70 2 dr. dark blue… We used to joke that the thing was such a pig on gas that “if he was in the car by himself, on the highway, wind behind him, and going down hill, he might squeeze 10 mpg out of it”… Loved that car… It got T-boned in an accident… the only accident that my grandpa was found at fault for in his 60 something years of driving… Man, I miss my grandpa…

  10. 69' CUDA DUDE

    Ahhhh yes Birdman….I’m there w/ you…my G’mas ’69 Yellow 2 dr Impala….we called it the “Banana Boat” was T-boned! She ran the SS around the corner from my parents home….since I was the youngest…my cousins, parents & rest of the family made ME sell her car….I can still hear her SREAMING @ me….bring back my CAR!!!! She was “92 yrs. young” then!!!! (:

  11. Notch

    Very interesting storage yard google: Kings Park Asphalt Corporation. I wonder what else is stored there?

  12. Polarisky
    • Olaf E

      In the 1st link the seller says he will not sell parts or strip these cars and that the cars are being sold whole. In the 2nd link he is selling a ’70 conv and invites the buyer to ‘come pick thru my 20 other Impalas to take whatever is necessary to restore the car!’

  13. seth

    as these are Long Island cars where there was much salt used on the roads expect to see rust in all of the usual places.
    I live about 30 miles from here

    • Allan

      Zoom out just a little. Interesting neighborhood. I see buses, boats, and cargo vans all over the place.

    • Cassidy

      wow, looks like a lot of hoarders in that neck of the woods! Amazing how much stuff is crammed into those businesses! Great link!

  14. Jason Houston

    Out near Little Rock,Calif, there a huge yard full of those ugly 1982? Cadillac stage coaches. The county made him put up a fence, but they’re still visible.

  15. Jim

    I live not far from Kings Park, if anyone is serious and would like me to stop and look for you, I wouldn’t mind. I work for Dunkin Donuts coffee! I’ve bought two out of state cars and couldn’t go see them and other car guys were nice enough to help me out so why not. I’m still friends with one too.

  16. Leon Henderson

    Jim: That’s is real nice that you would that the country needs more selfless people like that!

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