Incredible Video! 1970 Chevelle SS 454 Barn Find!

The term “Barn Find” is so popular it has become synonymous with any car found in storage that hasn’t been moved for a length of time. This can include garages, sheds, farms, basements and once in a while, real barns. I often wonder why some ads for “real” barn finds don’t include any actual photos of the vehicle in the barn. Wouldn’t you think with the millions of phones out there, someone would snap a quick photo of the car before it was removed from its resting spot? Better yet, how bout a video? That is the case here. This short video was found on YouTube and shows what is purportedly a real 1970 Chevelle SS 454. Published in October of 2016, the video found here on YouTube is very compelling.

Unfortunately the video is less than one minute in length and doesn’t have any description. Viewers can glean some things from the video however. The first observation is the barn is partially collapsed with the main collapse coming down on the driver’s side of the car. You can also tell the car was up on blocks at one point, which is a good sign. Someone cared enough for the car to put it up on blocks to at least help keep it preserved. The extent of the damage is not clear although it appears the windshield is broken. You can also see some rust around the rear wheel opening.

You can also tell that the car was some sort of retro racer. The rear wheels are slotted mags wrapped in Goodyear performance tires. Unfortunately the portion of the video showing the interior is not well lit. It is unclear if there are any add-on performance parts on the interior or under the hood.

The 1970 Chevelle 454 SS is legendary in muscle car history. These cars represent the peak of the muscle car wars of the 1960’s and 1970’s and are some of the most valuable cars of the era. If this is a real 454 SS, the car is worth saving no matter what the condition is. If it is a matching numbers 454 SS, you’re looking at a Holy Grail find. Do you know where this car is located? Did someone rescue it before the entire barn came down around it? I sure hope so.

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  1. Pete

    There still out there one of my favorite years of Chevelle a 454 make it more desirable I would restore this Detroit Darling. This one worth it IMHO

    • grant

      You should probably buy it then. It doesn’t sound like you’ll have much competition.

  2. Steve R

    This car has been brought up on a couple of forums when the car was put up for sale, it was even featured on this site. Some of the participants in those threads had seen at the car in person. They said it’s incredibly rough, I think one even said the frame was broken.

    Steve R

  3. Lee Hartman

    Another video of the car being moved out of the barn.

    And a better video of the car in the barn.

    • JC

      That build sheet is in amazing condition considering the rest of the car is total junk… did it even have the engine and tranny in it? So much for the holy grail if that was gone.

    • SteveH.

      Sad, indeed, it’s condition but I love the squeaky sound of Dracula’s coffin as the door was slowly opened.

    • Steve H.

      Sad, indeed, it’s condition but I love the squeaky sound of Dracula’s coffin as the door was slowly opened.

  4. Dave Mika

    “Rough” might be the understatement of the year.

  5. MH

    Motor and transmission are gone it appears. The body is shot. Parts car at best. Looks like the didnt take to much care pulling it out of the barn either. Crush it.

    • Lee

      I would love to save it. I’d throw out some cash for this one.

  6. Tim S. Member

    Oh wow, another Chevelle! I haven’t seen one of these since the last time I saw one!

  7. ccrvtt

    I would rank the SS 454 3rd among my favorites for 1970 GM products, right behind the Buick GS 455 in second place. First would of course be the Olds 442 W-30. Don’t know who was fastest and it’s probably a moot point since it would depend more on the driver and the guy who tuned it.

    This one, however, is toast.


    Ls5 454 car rough but still worth saving especially the color combo and the build sheets there to authenticate what it is

  9. Ronnie

    No sensors , no computer stuff just mechanical power & vacuums …. if the body is gone save the heart

  10. The One Member


  11. waynard

    Just appraised one two weeks ago. A matching numbers ’72 SS454. Been sitting up on blocks in a closed up garage for two plus years since the owner passed. Very nice car.

  12. Keith Cornelius

    This is the car found in Ohio my opinion its not worth anything without motor and tranny. I believe it was even in Hot Rod magazine just to bad that its to far gone😦

  13. JP

    It’s really sad when the owner(s) of this Chevelle let it get this toasted!

  14. Ty Baxter

    First post.
    Most of you must be incredibly rich…you know, PAY someone to do your car restorations for you.
    Any real car guy would give ANYTHING to have this car! It is THE 2nd most important car in the history of muscle cars! Of course you do anything to save this car!

    • Steve R

      That’s not true. If someone is on a tight budget, which most people are, then purchasing this car would be a mistake. It has no engine or transmission, has severe rust, a broken frame according to another thread. The only reason to purchase this car is because of the VIN number and build sheet, that’s it, nothing else that made the car unique and desirable is still present. The only reason to purchase this car and restore it would be if it was your “dream car” and you could never afford one in better shape and you could do most of the work yourself. Smart money knows to start with a better car.

    • Lee

      I agree with you so much! 70 chevelle ss454 is my dream car and i would be willing to fork out some money any of these cars no matter the condition.

  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Dang the only way this is going to move fast is if another tornado comes thru ! Sorry my thoughts….

  16. Matt steele

    If you had the money to make it right you would just buy a better 1 to fix.good bye chevelle. RIP

  17. michael h streuly

    JUNK nothing to see here

  18. The one Member

    Old news


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