It’s A Clean Machine: 1969 Pontiac GTO

In the market for a 1969 GTO? One would be hard pressed to find a nicer one than this. The price isn’t bad either. It is listed here on Craigslist for $36,500 or best offer. Located in Cohoes Hill, New York, it is reported to be an absolutely straight and rust-free, all matching numbers car that’s always been garaged. The mileage stands at 44,000 and is documented by PHS, according to the owner. I don’t know how Pontiac Historical Services could verify the mileage, but I suppose the owner could explain.

The car has a long list of options: air conditioning, tinted glass, hideaway headlights, hood tachometer, vinyl top, Rally II wheels, and console. Power steering and power brakes aren’t addressed in the ad. I guess the seller forgot to mention them because I can see it has both. I’m assuming the Golden Rod Yellow paint was redone at some point. I doubt it looked this good when the car was new.

This car is right everywhere you look. The interior is in incredible condition for a vehicle that’s approaching 50 years old. Color preferences are a matter of taste, but I really like this interior in parchment. The seller says the car looks as good on the bottom as it does on top. If that ‘s the case, whoever owned it must have had a beater for winter driving and left this one in the garage. That’s part of the reason the mileage is low I guess. The winters are long in New York state.

It has the look of a 44,000-mile car under the hood. It doesn’t have an as-new appearance, but it’s not filthy either. The engine is the standard 400 cubic inch with a 4-barrel carburetor. The factory rating of this engine was 350 horsepower. The transmission is an automatic. Overall this is a very impressive car. There’s nothing quite like an excellent unrestored original. It seems to be in need of nothing but a new owner. Will the new owner be one of you Barn Finds readers?

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  1. Boss351

    Sweet ride!! I like it even if it is an automatic. I don’t think PHS verified the mileage. However, I would like to see the records the owner has for this mileage. I would consider this if I was in the market for a Pontiac. I could live with the interior but I would prefer black. Price seems reasonable if the miles are accurate.

  2. Steve A

    Barn find?

    • jdjonesdr

      It was washed before they took the pictures……lol

  3. Classic Steel

    Wow this baby must be planning a trip to the county soon and stay at a air barn and breakfast soon….

    Nice looking though ..

  4. Troy s

    Cool GTO, plenty of options, you bet. Besides the big engine there were loads of options to appeal to a variety of potential buyers. Nobody wanted a stripped down bare bones GTO…that was Plymouths market at least in theory anyways.
    I’ll never forget sitting behind the wheel of a GTO similar to this and the sudden realization of how special that car was. Pontiac knew how to build cars to make people feel good, proud is more the word, I got all that before I even turned the key on. Sweet ride here.

  5. Miguel

    I like the color.

  6. Dave brennan

    Had one optioned like this in 79. Dark green w 4 speed. Paid $400 at local auction. Was in same condition!! Screamer!!!!

  7. Mountainwoodie

    That’s one clean gas tank. Too bad its a slushbox……..surprised the seller doesnt run it through BJ……I mean thats the target demographic for an automatic.

    • tom

      That gas tank can’t be 50yrs old, can it?
      I wish the seller was more descriptive regarding what is original, and what’s been redone.

  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Second real nice unmolested GTO posted here. Another plush one cruising the streets like a shark waiting for bait food…when a hopped up Civic with a fart cannon pulls alongside, bury the skinny pedal and leave it in a cloud of rubber smoke.

    I like it, autobox, subdued color and all.

  9. Will Fox

    If this beauty lasts a week, I’d be surprised. `69 is probably THE hottest year for Goats, and this one is HOT. If I only had the sheckles…..(heavy sigh)

  10. Steve

    I always cringe when I see those “400-4” decals on the air cleaner lids. They did not come that way from Pontiac.

  11. big mike

    Being a True GM fan, I have a 69 GTO in my collections of rides. I found it at an estate auction in SW Missouri about 12 years ago, and gave $1000.00 for it.
    It of course had been driven and treated very bad by the owner so it was rough. It is currently waiting for me to finish another project, then it goes in for restoration. I have pulled the engine and 4 speed tranny and rebuilt them both they are sitting on a motor cradle waiting the long return to its place of glory. I expect that by the first of the year it will have the body off the frame and the body will be on the body cradle get new pans and lower quarters replaced.
    After that it will be in the paint booth going back to dark green, I still haven’t decided on interior, the seats had been chewed on by something large and was full of nest from every 4 leg animal in sw missouri , but I was thinking white with green inlayed, don’t know yet. The picture is what it looked like the day I bought it!!!
    About this car, nice, but I prefer a 4 speed.

    • John the mailman B

      The in pic is a 1968 model, vent windows in doors and no horizontal bisection bar in grille…..hmmm

    • Steve

      As John mentioned, your pictured car is a 1968. The dark green for that year was Nightshade Green, a nice color. Green interior was not a factory option in 1968(it was for 1969) but if I may suggest a factory color with a custom touch: Parchment interior, but dye the black parts(dash, kick panels, carpet, console if so equipped, and rear parcel shelf) green. A resto parts supplier such as OPG might be willing to do that for you.

      My personal favorite color combo for 1968 is Meridian Turquoise with an Ivory Cordova(vinyl) top, with a Parchment interior(and again, if it were mine I’d switch out the black interior parts with Turquoise which was an interior color option).

      Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your project.

      • Steve

        Turquoise interior.

        Other 1968 blues were also really nice, especially Alpine(light) and Nordic(ice) blues.

      • Steve

        Another interior pic.
        Turquoise interior was ALL turquoise, but wouldn’t it look awesome if it was Parchment(ivory) interior but with the dash, kick panels, carpet, console, and rear parcel shelf in turquoise?

      • Steve

        Here’s a better Meridian Turquoise pic.

      • Steve

        Since I’ve already gone off the deep end here, here’s the Alpine Blue.

      • Steve

        And the Nordic Blue too. :-)

    • Steve

      big mike, I am confused. If you bought it 12 years ago out of SW Missouri, then how come it was featured here on BF this past January?
      According to that post, it was being sold in NC by a seller who had bought it from GA.

      • Steve

        Or did you mean that the BF pic from January of the ’68 GTO was simply representative of what your GTO looked like?

        Maybe post some pics of your car? Us Pontiac guys can never get enough pics and stories of peoples cars and projects.

  12. Wrong Way

    It’s okay, but I am looking for a 64 or 65 goat myself! Those are the years to own!

  13. UK Paul 🇬🇧


  14. Jim

    Nice 1969 GT0👍

  15. T Mel

    I like it, but slightly prefer the 68s, like mine:

    ..just wish mine had the hideaways but oh well maybe the next one

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