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It’s A Driver: 1962 Thunderbird


Pristine show cars are great, but personally, I prefer my classic to be driver grade. I like actually being able to drive my classics without fear of a few chips, scratches or dings. If your car is a perfect show piece, you can’t just jump in it to make a quick run to the store. And that’s the beauty of this T-Bird, it looks great but you can jump in it and go without fear. Mechanically, it’s in perfect condition with just 68k miles, but the body and paint show regular wear and tear. It still looks great from a distance, but up close you’ll notice some imperfections, but that’s what makes it a great driver. You can find it here on eBay in Bucyrus, Ohio with a current bid of $3,500 and a BIN of $15k.


The seller has known this car for a few years now and for much of that time it’s been a daily driver. The 390 V8 is said to be in great condition and is extremely reliable, which is exactly what you want in a classic driver. I’ve owned plenty of classics that I worried each time whether they were going to start. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than getting stranded and having to call your significant other to come pick you up. Thankfully, these big Ford V8s are easy to work on and very durable, so as long as you maintain it, I’m sure this Bird won’t be leaving you stranded any time soon!


I haven’t look at one of these Thunderbird’s interiors for a while, I forgot how crazy they are on the inside. They were quite futuristic, with lots of curves, chrome and that awesome swing away steering wheel. I’m a fan of the design, but I’m not so sure about this color. It’s a bit much, but I’m sure it would grow on you the more time you spent behind the wheel.


One of these would make for a great daily driver! It’s luxurious, good looking and smooth to drive. This one is a nice example, but isn’t so nice you’ll want to keep it locked safely away in the garage. You could drive it daily and not have to worry about road rash. So would you enjoy having this as your daily driver?


  1. dirtyharry

    Half the new cars today look virtually identical. This is like something from the “Jetsons” cartoon. Tons of future styling, right down to the jet turbine like tail lights. I wouldn’t keep a Picasso locked up in a closet and I would put this sweet ride on the road, every chance I got. Damn the mileage, it looks great on the highway. Even better is that is a Ford and not an Italian monster, so I can fix it for a few bucks.

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    • roselandpete

      Just half of today’s cars look identical? More like 99% to me.

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      • Puhnto

        And they’re all grey, silver or charcoal.

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  2. Mike

    Great color combo

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  3. Car Guy

    All you need is your “Mad Men” suit and sunglasses and you are good to go….

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  4. cyclemikey

    The interior color is just fine, it’s very period. I have this exact car in one of my garages, same year and all, with the same interior, but mine is turquoise on the outside as well. Bullet ‘birds (rocket ‘birds) are just flat cool.

    The featured car isn’t quite correct under the hood, but really, who cares? It’s a nice car.

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  5. RicK

    Pretty T-Bird. Always liked the swing away steering wheel and especially like the Kelsey Hayes wires!

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  6. Cassidy

    What a beauty! Just flat out cool. The BIN seems a bit optimistic but if he gets it, more power to him!

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  7. Kent Pearson

    I’d kill for this in a rag top!

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  8. dj

    I just restored one exactly like this except mine has air. Same color combo. $15k is a steal compared to what I spent on this one.

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  9. BillB

    There’s mud behind the left rear wheel. I would recommend a road trip to check out the car before bidding.

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    • Hank

      it’s not mud, it’s a gravel drive between buildings, and you can come drive any of our cars anytime and we recommend it. thanks

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  10. BillB

    Sorry, I meant body filler. “Mud” is an often used term for Bondo.

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  11. Philip

    Beautiful I’m diggin it. Love the period correct Turquoise interior with white/creme exterior. Put some pee shooters on the exhaust and a flame thrower kit, maybe some Dayton’s. Looks fast slung low at factory ride height. Gas and Go this one, she looks like a real straight up cruising Thunder Chicken..I’d have no issue with using this as a driver provided you have a “coop” to keep it dry on wet and snowy days.
    Clean and mean, with a lot in between and a bargain at the price it’s selling for.. Thanks for sharing this one.!!

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