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Just A Nice Old Truck: 1984 Dodge D-150


At least for some of us old timers, it’s hard to accept the fact that cars and trucks from the eighties are becoming collectible. And while many, maybe even most of the cars from that era were just plain awful, pick up trucks then were still relatively simpler machines, easier to work on, and the survivors are good choices for low cost, driveable classics.


And now that early seventies pick ups have risen so much in value, maybe the trucks from the eighties are the best way to find a bargain. They may not look quite as cool as their older predecessors, but they are much more affordable.


This somewhat unusual 1984 Dodge step side short bed for sale here on craigslist in Rita Ranch, Arizona (southeast of Tucson) is a great example of an just such an affordable truck. It’s usable as a daily driver, but it’s old enough to be a collectible now, looks to be in very solid condition, and the price at $2,400 is pretty much unbeatable.


For those of us who live in the northeast or midwest, the rust free condition of this truck is a big attraction, and the low price might make the shipping cost more bearable. And it has some really interesting and attractive features. This truck runs the reliable 318 cid V-8 with a nice looking Edelbrock Performer 4 barrel carb and manifold, dual exhaust with performance mufflers, a professionally rebuilt automatic transmission, NASCAR American Racing rims w/ 255-70 R15s and a custom heavy duty tailgate.

And power windows? Pretty rare on any truck of this era. There are no pictures and no description of the interior or underside of the truck, but if the condition of this Dodge is even decent, it is likely worth something close to the seller’s asking price. I am personally very fond of short bed trucks, and have always liked the step side look. This one has some real charm and would be a fun truck to own.


Even though eighties era Dodges are not as desirable as Fords and Chevys, and did not have great reputations for their build quality back in the day, it seems to me this somewhat unusual example should attract a buyer pretty readily. I’ll be interested to know what Barn Finds readers think of this truck.


  1. Avatar photo Walter Joy

    The Stepside bed is rare within itself. Only the early ones had it.

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  2. Avatar photo Mike

    Nice Truck, My Sister drove one that Dad had rebuilt for years. It is a shame it is so far away!!!

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  3. Avatar photo grenade

    Totally agree. If that was within driving distance, I’d buy it today and put a modern Hemi in it. That is a nice truck at a good price.

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      You can’t afford a few hundred dollars for shipping but you can afford to install a late model Hemi…………………….

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  4. Avatar photo Mark P

    I had two 1984 Dodge trucks, a D250 which was very heavy duty with the full floating rear and 16.5 inch 8 lug wheels. With the 360 it got 10mpg empty and with a full load. Friends used to say the space shuttle got better mpg. So over built, once when I had to have it flat bedded home the driver got out and said, “damn, that thing’s heavy” The other was a half ton short bed with the 225 slant six and a four speed. Without the cat this thing had really good power. Miss them both, my 2010 F150 is already rotting over the back wheels. I’d buy this truck in a second if it was nearby.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    The “Bulldog” hood ornament seals the deal. The farm I live/work at has a truck like this, only fleetside ( what’s left of it) and 4 wheel drive. It’s a “Fred Flintstone” deal ( you can see the ground) but he won’t junk it (on my request) because it won’t stop running. Stepside is unusual. Very nice truck.

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  6. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    I would drive the truck as is after the usual tune-up.
    My ’73 Power Wagon 4×4 was a fun truck. The cab shells didn’t change much during the ’70s thru the early ’80’s, although I like the ’80’s grilles better. The previous owner used Ram hood ornaments for shift knobs….that was slick.

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  7. Avatar photo Terry J

    Nice reliable daily driveable truck, well worth the price. You can tell what the owner thinks of his D-150 by the “S” Superman sticker on the front fender. :-) Terry J

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  8. Avatar photo Brett Bonebrake

    Great truck. If I new what the interior looked like it might be worth a drive to get it.

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  9. Avatar photo JW454

    Get rid of those god awful wheels and you might have something. Regular hub caps would be even better.

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  10. Avatar photo Rick

    cute truck and cheap!

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  11. Avatar photo Chebby

    It’s natural-gas-company blue, I wonder if this was a fleet truck.

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  12. Avatar photo Nova Scotian

    I owned one of these without the step side. The bed was HUGE. I had extra springs added in the rear to carry more soil/dirt/gravel. I used it for my job. It would out haul ever other truck (Ford/Chev) in our company. Mine had 318 w/split window/dual exhaust/ram hood ornament. Drank fuel just sitting in my yard! It was one of..sorry….the toughest truck I owned. Never seen nothing like it. When I changed jobs, I sold it, still then it was…RAM TOUGH!

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  13. Avatar photo erikj

    heres a 73 gmc I just sold for $4000. Orig. 454 t-400 and factory 4:11 posi rear also had the tach dash and tilt wheel. Wish I didn’t have to sell it but no work and bills win

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  14. Avatar photo jim s

    truck has been on CL for 24 days already. nice looking truck in the right price range for a work truck. nice find.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      24 days is too long. If it hasn’t found a buyer, he needs to adjust the price. Simple formula.

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