Lamborghini Barn Find! 1969 Miura P400 S

This is an amazing, original, running and driving, barn find Lamborghini.  Purchased by the current owner in 1971, it sat untouched in a barn for “decades.” Found here on Hemmings, this rare 1969 Miura P400 S is up for auction in March 2018. The sale will be held at Amelia Island, Florida on March 9th and 10th and is presented by Hollywood Wheels.

The most amazing part of this car may be that it actually runs and drives. The mid-mounted engine is a 3,929cc V12 making 370 horsepower. The seller claims this is VIN #3802, Engine #2541, and Production #277. This would make it the second true Miura S produced out of 140.

Along with the rest of the car, the interior looks lightly used but in original condition. The seats look like they will envelop you as you enter the cockpit-like interior. The low slung seats combined with low suspension stance probably makes any passengers feel like their dragging their tails on the ground.

According to the classic car insurance company Hagerty, these cars have an average value of just under $1,000,000 with a #1 condition value of $1,350,000!  The magic question is how much is an original barn find car worth? Will the fact that this car has the “original Pirelli CN12 tires, …original paint, but even the original plastic cap on the clutch reservoir” matter? Do you think this car will beat the

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  1. PatrickM

    Woops! No comments. Not usually a “Barn Find.” Beautiful car, but not for me.

    • OA5599

      For me.

      Even better looking in person and at full song they are a V-12 symphony.

      • Christopher Wenz

        I would be happy just to smell this car. Call me weird but some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

  2. Derek F

    Drool factor 12!

    I’ve ridden in a friend’s P400 that was once a GM powertrain mule that had small and big block V8s mounted in it under Zora Arkus Duntov’s oversight. They’d even tried cutting holes in the rear clamshell to improve visiblity… It sat at GM’s proving grounds for years in a low spot that spring thaw would flood it past the rockers- not a kind life.
    But it was lovingly restored over a multi-decade period and lives today.

  3. Richard Ochoa

    Not for Me either. I’ll take a Tri-Five Chevy ANYTIME!

  4. slickb

    I have to agree with PatrickM and Richard Ochoa, great car just not for me.

  5. Rabbit

    Muira was one of the most beautiful cars ever built. Just for reference, the plate it’s wearing was used from 73-86.

  6. Richard Ochoa

    Not for Me either! I’ll take a Tri-Five Chevy ANYTIME! Or a ’55 Olds. 2 Dr. Hdtp. Super 88 Turquoise & White!!!!!

  7. L.M.K. Member

    Amazing find….

  8. Newport Pagnell

    For me if I had the scratch. One of my top five.

    • Don

      Ditto – I prefer it to the Countach

  9. Dusty Stalz

    I like the looks of these but just looking at that interior and seating position makes my back hurt. I just couldn’t sit with my arms and legs straight out like that.

    • Bruce

      You could not be more wrong. I have both driven one and ridden with the owner and it is one of the most comfortable sports cars I have ever been in. That being said it is small and you can be too big but if you are of average height it is extremely comfortable.

      Just be aware that everybody will be looking at you. Especially the police. We got stopped all the time just because the cops had never seen one before. They would comment about not using turn signals but we always did. We knew they were lying and laughed after they were gone.

      • Dusty Stalz

        You sir have not seen my spine lol. Too many years of riding hardtails. It may fit you well, but I’m sure I’d be uncomfortable (as a driver) inside of 15 minutes.

      • Michael

        Imagine if you were driving a bright yellow Countach 😁


    Another rich boy toy. IMO nothing on wheels is worth a million $’s.

    • Bruce

      I is not just a car it is a piece of art on wheels.

  11. Mike B

    If that’s not a holy grail barn find it’s a close second. The seminal supercar.

  12. Tom

    When it was released in 1966 this car blew the planet away. Mid engine, transverse layout in the most beautiful design yet (and still IMHO). Coolest car ever, barn find of the decade.

  13. Sam


  14. glen

    The more original, the better, value wise. All I find is mini vans and k-cars!

  15. Mike

    Holy mother Maria.

  16. Mark Radtke

    yes originality counts this will fetch more money than a restored one. I would like to see the cars that guy actually drove.

  17. Mark Radtke

    just think if somebody actually found the Holy Grail in a garage.

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Yeah, but I would never hear about it. The Holy Grail doesn’t have wheels or an engine, so it wouldn’t show up on any of the sites that I regularly visit >.<

      • glen


  18. David Miraglia

    Not for me either with Gotham Dream Cars I had a chance to drive a Ferrari vs a
    Lambo at one of the New York auto shows at Javits. My choice stick to the Ferrari if I had the money. Like the Corvette. Never understood the mystique surrounding the Lambos….

  19. Klharper

    You are right, if you see a cop you might as well pull on over and answer the question.
    It is a funny dichotomy a fast car that is so unusual and beautiful that you can’t go fast due to the attention.
    I am 6’2″ and fit very comfortable in these. The only problem I have had is flinging alternator belts. And no I don’t own one I have just wrenched on a few.

  20. Cattoo

    I highly doubt that this car was forgotten about. Also I’m wondering why is car is still in running and driving condition whereas seemingly all the other barnfind vehicles need some sort of work to make them driveable.

    • grant

      You answered your question with your statement. It’s a driver, because it was never forgotten about. I see someone’s retirement plan.

  21. Joel S

    Being the (new) owner of a 90 ZR-1 #277 with just under 12K miles, would be a really nice car to park next to it, but alas will never have that kind of spare cash to buy a car in this price range. Hope the next buyer enjoys it.

    • Doug S

      My dad worked for GM and brought home a company ZR-1 (1990) and WOW was that thing fun
      Fast as hell and really fun to drive

  22. Steve P

    I know one thing. That license plate was issued by New York in 1979, right before the New York plates went to a 4 digit – 3 character format. So……the owner bought it used in 1971 then may have moved to New York in 1979. Jus saying.

    • Rabbit

      My plates from ’79 were 3/3 (443-LSB) and 81 were 4/3 (5122-ABZ). The letters on the 3/3 plates corresponded loosely to the DMV office they were issued from. I’d think this car may have been in the Utica area? Just a guess.

  23. Pa Tina

    I would love to drive this car just once.

  24. John

    One million five hundred thou, and it’ll be on the way to Dubai.

  25. JimmyJ Member

    Super awesome car that u shouldn’t ever trash talk we all know the expense and unreliability of Italian supercars but as a car lover if I had the money I’d be all over this!


    I have the Corgi….since about 1971……..

  27. dyno dan

    this is really a 1/24 scale model!

  28. erikj

    not my flavor, mostly the $$$ factor. If its real-way cool though. for the money I would spend it on classic American metal of the 60s-70s. more for the buck at the moment.

  29. Frank


  30. Doug S

    Lets just hope this is started outside
    they have been known to start fire after starting
    I watched a one be started in a garage then burn the entire house (Which was just sold and they were moving it to new location) burn to the ground

  31. Don&Margherhita

    We saw this(A) Lamborghini in the showroom in Milan in 1969 when I went to visit my future wife n meet her parents for the first time- I still have the wife AND the dream of that car…. seeing one at theB/J auction in Scottsdale rekindles an old flame in us both as doses this find..

  32. Martin Sparkes

    I am surprised how many of you do not care for the car itself. I did not know that was possible with a Muira

  33. Mark Looman

    Anyone not in love with this car isn’t alive. I’ve been fortunate to stand next to one, and have one drive by me. Fantastic. The things dreams are made of. The amount of engineering and performance built into this car is light years ahead of anything the USA can come up with.

    The world has spoken. This thing will fetch BIG money.

  34. Henrie

    Image if this car was fitted with USA spec bumpers as required in it’s day.

  35. SummaZooma

    These cars were not quite the unreliable Italians that Ferraris of the era were. Ferruccio Lamborghini built tractors and decided to build GT cars after having bad fortune with Ferraris, AND having Enzo tell him that he could take a flying leap, in so many words.

    The bodywork does seem a bit fragile but the drivetrains are stout, perhaps only less so than the contemporary Maserati V8.

    I’d take this and match it with an all original series 1 Espada, thank you.

  36. Peter

    Going up!
    Top floor of the barn please.

  37. bog

    Pulled over from fast lane to middle lane to let one by on the Autostrada. On my Honeymoon, right near their factory. It was that light lime green, and I’ll never forget (at least I hope I don’t) the sound of that engine. The down-shift, wail, then up-shift and climbing revs…

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