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Last off the Line: 1942 Ford Super Deluxe Woodie


When the United States entered WWII it didn’t take long for all civilian production to be halted and switched over to help with the war effort. As a result, civilian car production was cut nearly in half for the 1942 model year and top of the line models like the Ford Super Deluxe Woodie Wagon were hit the hardest. This ’42 Ford Woodie is believed to be the last to leave the factory. It has only seen 34k miles since new and is in beautiful condition. The wood could use a new coat of varnish, but overall looks good. Have a look for yourself here on eBay.


The seller is starting bidding at $65k, which is a lot of money, but given the rarity and how much these have been trading for it might not be a bad deal if the car is in as good of shape as they claim. Woodie wagons can be extremely expensive to restore, but this one looks to be solid and straight. The interior looks to be in fantastic shape, especially the woodwork. If this car hasn’t been restored previously, then it has been meticulously cared for since new. The 3.6 liter flathead V8 runs well and looks very clean, but isn’t the most powerful with only 85 horsepower.


This is one rare wagon and deserves to go to a good home; we only wish we could afford it. We also wish the seller offered more information about its history and as to whether it is completely original or if it has been restored. There are things that are obviously new, like the white wall tires, but the paint has plenty of chips and is showing some age. Perhaps it is an older or partial restoration? What do you think?


  1. rancho bella

    The color is hideous. Remember a few years back when people were painting this hue-rific coating on their rides…..big mistake…….like stupid giant wheels.

    I see this in a tan or a proper Ford color of the time…..but hey…..that’s just me.
    Now what did I do with Roy Rogers picture book………….

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    • Dave H

      Rancho, I don’t mind the color, but “Stupid Giant Wheels” don’t belong on anything! Especially something like this.

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  2. scot

    ~ it’s beautiful, but burgundy or pale green would [wood] be so much better.

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  3. Stephen Hansen

    If this woodie was indeed “the last to leave the factory” before automobile production ceased, then the bumpers, hubcaps, and other bright trim were added later, perhaps during the restoration. In the last few months of the abbreviated 1942 model year, bright bumpers and exterior trim were replaced with painted items, as bright plating was restricted to the manufacture of war materials.

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  4. Nick Ragsdale

    Just guessing, but if it’s totally original then it’s probably not the last off the line. All chrome except for bumpers was removed and the metal was either painted or replaced with plastic. These were called blackout models, and were the last produced.

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  5. Rene

    I remember that Boyd Connington did one of these a couple of years back. Maybe it is this one.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Boyd did a ’40 Super Deluxe that was similar in color. I certainly didn’t agree with the final result, but then, I had problems with a lot of cars he built. It doesn’t mean that he was wrong; it just means that we differed.

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  6. Wayne

    The color wouldn’t be my first choice but the car is still stunning. Any 42 is rare and this is a great example! I have a 42 Desoto with the hidden headlights.

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  7. Chris in WNC

    this car is not screwed up enough to be a Boyd Connington project.
    if it is restored it was done by someone who had a clue.

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  8. Rob

    I love Ford Woodies, had a ’41 a long time ago when I used to surf; it had 16″ Cragar rims, a beefed-up Flattie w/two 97’s, and a Halibrand quickie.. still miss that wagon. Sold it for $1500. back in the 60’s.. *sigh*

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  9. rusty

    Nothing to say but Wanna’ know more

    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. hee hee

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  10. Conservatives Defeated

    A coupe fo things.

    Funny the owner turns to Ebay instead of the National Woodie Club to sell his r her car.

    The engine compartment has been restored and no more has 35 000 miles on it than I do.I’ll take a huge internet leap and say the car has been repainted judging by the rngine and firewall

    The wood looks to have varnish on it and not a modern water based coating. Also wonder if it has a 2 speed Columbia rear end?

    And that Seafoam green looks a lot nicer if oerson. We ve got one out here in San Diego and it will probably be at the biggest gathering of Woodies……..Wavecrest ….in Encinitas Calif ornia the third Saturday of September.

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  11. Dolphin Member

    I don’t like the color either but I sure like the car. Great dash, great wood, love that interior.

    But there’s some odd overspray on the rad, on both sides in the same place, which just might get me thinking about a repaint….in a different color. After all, Henry Ford said any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black, so if black is OK with Henry it’s OK with me.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Or maybe it’s just reflections from the fenders and I’m just thinking about a repaint because….

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  12. ted

    This jewel is a beauty Love to have it,I bet it would be an eye catcher at car shows

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  13. twwokc

    Is supposed to be a factory color?

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  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    The ’42 is my favorite of the ’42-’48 body style. It’s too bad that war production pre-empted further building of the ’42. But then, it just makes the ’42 more in demand now.

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  15. Charles

    I’m in love! The color is not my first choice either. The car is in stock original condition, and not covered with rust and dings.

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  16. william

    I knew a ww2 vet that was in the navy . his first ship was an ammunition ship and was first loaded out up in Washington state just two hours before leaving the pier to the south seas.
    someone drove up and parked a 42 ford woody wagon right next to the ship the went somewhere. he says the bosn said load it aboard, they did and used it all over the pacific
    on return to the states back in Washington there was a discussion who would get it . he said a fight insued and while the others were fighting over it the bosn drove it of the end of the pier.

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