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Lean-To Find: 1972 Buick Sun Coupe

1972 Buick Sun Coupe

Reader Ceezy writes: This is Ceezy, found this Buick Skylark, never seen the sun coupe option before. Could be an interesting project if the rust doesn’t scare you away. I hadn’t heard of this one before, but a little bit of research found that “somewhere between 1,700 and 4,000” of these were made in 1972 only. There is a large vinyl sunroof under that tarp, but unfortunately there’s a lot of rust there, too. Unusually for a craigslist ad, the photos are pretty good and detail the problem areas. The car has been a 1 owner since 1978, last on the road in 1986 and it was last started up and moving under its own power in 2002. You can see the storage in the pictures. If you are interested, the car is located in Bishopville, South Carolina and is for sale here on craigslist for $1,750. Have you ever heard of this unusual Buick before?


  1. randy

    Too bad it was neglected, would have been a great show car. I truly hope someone with deep pockets puts this back together. It looks like the same type of “sunroof” as the old VW beetles used to have.

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  2. memikeyounot

    I bought a 1972 Chevy Nova with this same type of sunroof. I didn’t remember it having a name, but learned from the internet that the car was called a Skyroof. I loved the car but it overheated a lot. And the sunroof rattled sometimes, but I don’t remember it leaking. Here’s a picture of it during a Utah winter in the mid 70’s, not open but you can see the edge of the sunroof. I seem to recall that it was open a lot.

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  3. JW454

    The options on this car would cover the price if you were planning to part it out. As for restoring it, I’d have to say it’s too far gone. The cost would be quite large. Sad too as it is a very unique car.

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  4. Vince Habel

    I have seen quite few Novas with this roof.

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    • memikeyounot

      I did some research a while back and seem to remember there were only about 3000+- made with the sunroof, some with the vinyl roof, some without. There were also a few of the Pontiac Venturas made with them.
      I bought mine early 1972, got married in 1973…by the time 1978 rolled around we had one kid and another on the way.
      So my wife wanted something bigger with more room. We got a 1978 Thunderbird :)

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  5. E.M.

    Worked for a gent about a year ago that had one of these Buick Suncoupes. It had been his first car. Very nice original condition.

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  6. dj

    Usual rust for this period cars. Pontiacs, Olds, Buicks and Chevys all did this. If it was a console car, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

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  7. bonneville 64

    Have seen a few of these in my time. In fact there is one seen on occasion driving around Tulsa. This car, with the options on it, could have possibly been a dealer demonstrator car at the on set. Way back when we would load up our demos’ to try and sell as many accessory as possible to fatten our commission. Most of the panels are available in the after market, to repair this car, so could be a worthwhile project for someone with really good body working skills.

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  8. pontiactivist

    I had a yellow one of these twenty years ago. 3943 built iirc. Mine was a 350 car. Was a project I sold after my first son was born. Really miss that car. As a matter a fact there is a triple white one in a wrecking yard outside of Greenville pa too.

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  9. Woodie Man

    That poor Buick looks like it was marinated in a lake……..Did Webasto make those folding roofs? Something in my primordial cortex says they did……

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  10. Keith

    Saw one seven-ish years ago through a craigslist ad. Body wasn’t great, but more intact than most Minnesota cars. The foldaway roof panel was destroyed, along with the interior.

    The rarity was interesting, and there would have been a family connection in bringing home another ’72 Skylark. But at $3K, I just wasn’t into it.

    No idea what became of it. Haven’t seen another before or since.

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  11. pontiactivist

    I remember reading, years ago, when I had mine that ASC (American sunroof corporation) did the conversions on these. Not sure who actually supplied the tops though.

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  12. Gary

    Have seen a few of these in the Norcal area over the past 3-4 years. I know a car enthusiast in Socal who did a restoration on one, a very nice car when done right. I found him a set of 15″ Buick road wheels for the car, nice look on these classic A body cars. The sliding roof was very similar to the old VW’s from the 60’s.

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  13. Mitch

    This Sun Coupe is still available for purchase @ $1750.

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  14. SCOTT B

    I have a Sun Coupe. LOVE IT! FUN CAR. Production numbers were 3493 produced. ASC [American sunroof company did the roof for GM]. The guy came over from Germany and started ASC. I’m in Cincy

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