Lengthy Ladder: 1991 Spartan Gladiator LTI 106ft Tiller Ladder Fire Truck

Fire trucks can be found for sale on any given day and usually for less than one might expect. If you want to buy a fire truck, you can probably find one. All you need to know is what era you want one from! While there is always a good variety available, when was the last time you saw a 106 foot ladder truck for sale? This is the largest fire truck I’ve ever personally come across, but then again I wasn’t looking. Reader LAB3 is responsible for sending this one in, and I’m certainly not disappointed! I’m no firetruck expert, but what I do know is that whoever buys this is going to need a huge garage! Find it here on Craigslist in Michigan with a price of $18,000 or best offer and 39,500 miles. 

Fire truck? More like spaceship! I’m sure many readers will know what the controls shown here do, but I can only identify the use of one device and that is the gear shift. I imagine piloting something like this to be stressful and requires a serious amount of skill. While surely all of these controls aren’t intended to be used simultaneously, I can’t help be feel overwhelmed just looking at it! One would have to have an excellent working knowledge of this truck to operate it safely and properly. Unfortunately, the siren is missing.

Yikes! I’m not necessarily scared of heights, but this shot gives me more respect for the firefighters that have to climb this ladder in the line of duty. The truck looks like a toy from here! This firetruck is a retired unit from Baltimore Country Fire Department. The seller states that it runs and works properly. From the ad, “Detroit Diesel 8v92 motor with under 39500 miles with a 5 speed Allison transmission. Air brakes. Ladder was certified until March 2017. Tires are all near new, 6 new batteries. It also has a 12KW Olan diesel generator mounted on board.”

As if we needed context for the size of this Spartan, this photo certainly gives it! This would be a great display piece for a business, though the seller states that it could be put back into fire service. The seller also suggests other uses for it, “tree service, roofing service, home exterior decorating, billboard service, or anything else that requires you to get up high in the air.” Imagine your roofers showing up in this! It is also important to note that this truck weighs a whopping approximate 41,000 pounds. If you have the need for a fire truck or like being really high up in the air, then this is the vehicle for you!

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  1. Poppapork

    When it comes to firetrucks id much reather have an airport firetruck. There is something cool about them, extra wide, extra ground clearence, driver in the center

    • BronzeGiant Member

      Lots of those, however, need a permit just to be on the roads. Makes taking it to a muster problematic.

  2. SRyan

    Very cool. And a real Backseat Driver.
    Neighbors already hate me. This would be Great!

  3. Derek F

    And bring a similarly-knowledgeable friend to pilot the rear cabin!

  4. JW

    I wouldn’t even know where to park it at our local AutoZone cruise night.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Anywhere you want, JW. Anywhere you want…

  5. ccrvtt

    All for less than the price of a Corolla!

  6. RichS

    Anyone remember this arcade game? Driving the rear was HARD!

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      They have a Fire Truck video game up in in NH, at a place called Fun Spot. They have 100’s of old video arcade games.
      I’m a pinball guy, so go there for that.

      I agree, driving the rear was tough if you had a clueless front driver. Working together though, you could really move.

  7. Neil

    Back in the 70’s I used to moonlight with a Heavy Haulage firm – I think they are now referred to as Abnormal Loads driving Scammell Contructors and Super constructors. Didn’t go very fast – read walking speed mainly – but carried odd shaped loads like reactor vessels and ships propellors with some loads weighing 100 tons plus. Most time the length of the load meant the use of Duson bogeys with a rear steersman linked to the driver by telephone at first then later by radio. It was his job – as with this fire unit to make sure the back end of the trailer did not cut the corners. Routes had to be planned weeks in advance as the council had to have pedestrian fencing and traffic lights taken down on tight corners and police had to arrange both escort units and road closures. Great fun!!!

  8. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    Keep the truck and scrap the trailer or part out the trailer. The cab on that truck has room for the whole family and this beast would have no trouble pulling any size goose neck RV trailer. The big stickler would be fuel cosumption maybe a gear ratio change will also be needed, and strip off as much weight as possible of fire truck gear as possible. The thing about perpous built vehicles like this fire truck is they’re pretty much useless for anything else.

    • Dovi65

      Unfortunately, Fire Trucks have limited re-purpose in civilian life. This one even less of a chance. Most retired ‘normal’ Fire Trucks are sold to smaller Fire Districts with very little budget for new equipment. Years ago my local F.D put their ’55 Ward LaFrance up for bid; it went for a little over $300

      How would you get this thing home?

      • Rube Goldberg Member

        I agree, these do have limited appeal. Even small towns are abandoning fire depts. altogether, and at a fire, which is a lot rarer today due to less smoking, modern equipment usually comes from bigger towns with updated machines. I’d probably drive it home, however, being 41K pounds, you may need a CDL ( over 26K pounds)

    • LAB3

      The main reason I submitted this was due to the 100′ ladder. As mentioned, if someone needed it for a business where they need a ladder and bucket it makes for a decent deal.

      • Andrew Tanner Andrew Tanner Member

        The reason I wrote it up was due to the 100′ ladder!

  9. JimmyJ

    I wanna park it in my front yard just to piss off my neighbors,I might even get a break on my house insurance with a fire truck on standby😄

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      My yard is so small I could piss off two neighbors and the wife. It would, of course, block our driveway and encroach on two neighbors lawns at the same time

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Kudos for the Stairway to Heaven lettering on the roof!

  11. lbpa18

    More like Stairway to Hell! Cool though.

  12. Whippeteer

    Perfect for a daily driver. You’ll never get stopped by the cops. Heck, they may even give you an escort. Parade blocking your route? Just join in!

  13. Alfred

    I don’t need it but i love it

  14. rallyace

    Under 40,000 miles and probably about 40,000 hours on the engine.

  15. Bruce Fischer

    My mothers brother was a fire man in New York city. When a was just a kid I still remembering him showing us his fire depts. fire truck and where he had to sit in the back section and steer. It must of been a nightmare in New York city to steer one of them. Bruce.


    Can’t imagine what this puppy cost new..Takes 2 t operate since the rear end has steering. Seen a few of these monster while growing up in Chicago but not sure if they were this long. This would be great for patriotic parade days.

  17. David Miraglia

    Lucky for me I got my CDL BPS. Air brake qualified.

  18. victor sanchez

    I’ll tell you guys as a retired Firefighter/Paramedic ( been retired 21 years ) I love these old apparatus as they are called in the fire service. These trucks can tell you stories that you wouldn’t believe. Great find, Lieutenant Victor Sanchez retired Albuquerque, Fire Department and proud to be of service

    • JW

      Thank you Lieutenant Sanchez for your service as a first responder.

  19. sluggo

    Id want it JUST for the ladder and equipment, Scrap the rest, of course how to HAUL the ladder at that point would be the issue, but yes, Tree Service or advertising! Some areas around here charge a fee for signage (business tax) so some people repurpose old moving vans into rolling bill boards..

  20. Jim Z Member

    I want it!
    (Wife says “ain’t gonna happen”)

  21. Alan (Michigan) Member

    I’ve always wanted to be the back end steering guy in one of these.

    Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre did, for “The List”

  22. JW

    I can’t help but see Kramer manning the back end of this monster.


  23. Brad

    It shows less than 2600 hours on the meter. It is still for sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist. I have also found out that it is usually easier to seek forgiveness from the wife than permission when purchasing fire trucks.

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      You are obviously not married to my wife. If I brought this home there would be murder afoot. She would have me cremated in the truck, then have the truck crushed and sent to China to be recycled.

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