Fire Trucks

Fire Fighter: 1963 International Scout

Okay, hands up all of you who wanted to be a fire-fighter when you were a child. You can tell me. No-one is looking. Many a small child was attracted to the idea of riding around in a shiny… more»

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Unlikely Rat Rod: 1946 Seagrave Firetruck

Ever since I owned one back in college, I’ve had an interest in old fire trucks, and to this day I still peruse auctions of retiring firetrucks, just in case something interesting and affordable catches my eye.  But I’ve… more»

Lengthy Ladder: 1991 Spartan Gladiator LTI 106ft Tiller Ladder Fire Truck

Fire trucks can be found for sale on any given day and usually for less than one might expect. If you want to buy a fire truck, you can probably find one. All you need to know is what… more»

Does Not Run: 1930 Mack Fire Truck

It looks like this is a building full of interesting projects, so perhaps now it’s time to sell something and they’ve started with the biggest vehicle first? “Does Not Run” is all the information provided about this Mack in… more»

Cherry On Top: 1955 International Fire Truck

There are often well maintained low mileage fire trucks for sale. They have usually been kept inside, are not often rusty and usually priced very reasonably. The problem usually is, what can you do with a fifty-foot long vehicle?… more»

Red and Topless: 1951 Dodge Power Wagons

The “flat fender” Power Wagon is a 4-wheel-drive 3/4 ton pickup based on the military WC series and was built from 1946 to 1956. These two fire trucks conversions were done by Van Pelt.  It is claimed that only… more»

Unrestored Pre-War Fire Truck: 1933 Ahrens-Fox CT4

UPDATE 3/23/17 – This cool old fire truck is still on eBay, but the seller has dropped the price by $30k! FROM 8/21/15 – This 1933 Ahrens-Fox CT4 fire truck is, well, a real monster, is it not? Can you… more»

About That Dog: 1940 GMC Fire Engine

Here’s yet another fire truck, but this one shows some promise of finding a new life. It’s listed on eBay and priced reasonably at $9,900 or best offer. It’s not too big and it’s shiny and red (at least… more»

Almost Like New: 1966 Chevrolet C-60 Fire Truck

This fire truck listed on eBay in Lufkin, Texas really does look nice, even up close, in and out. We are naturally very skeptical of low mileage claims but this truck really does seem to have only 1,434 miles. It served… more»