Less Than 14K Miles: 1971 Ford F250 Camper Special Pickup

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Back in the sixties and seventies, pickups with sleeping campers were frequently seen, where today most campers or trailers are just pulled behind vehicles. In 1971, and other years as well, Ford built a pickup truck specifically for the purpose of carrying a camper. Here is a 1971 Ford F250 Camper Special pickup with rear wheel drive for sale here on Classics on Autotrader in Hernando, Florida.

The Camper Special package included sliding rear cab window, oil pressure gauge, ammeter, bright Western long arm mirrors, extra cooling package, camper wiring harness, dual electric horns, and “Camper Special” emblems. Not mentioned as a part of the package in the 1971 Ford pickup brochure is this extended rear bumper which I’m sure was quite helpful in assisting campers easier access to the camper. It’s possible it was either a dealer installed or factory option with the package. This truck is in original condition.

Here is one of those interiors that it hardly looks like anyone ever sat in it. It’s not likely this truck has air conditioning though. My father bought a new regular 1971 Ford F100 Sport Custom pickup with factory installed air conditioning, and the interior was this same pattern and color. Even though the air conditioning was factory installed, it fitted underneath the radio and glove box area rather than having vents in the dash. The top of the dash, seats and door panels of this truck are in great condition. This truck has automatic transmission. I remember when driving my dad’s that sometimes I would have to hold the gear selector in a precise position of Park before it would start.

The truck has only had two owners. Here’s something that will catch your eye about this pickup. It has only 13,358 miles (listed as 13,858 in the ad). There are no engine pictures, but it has a powerful 390 cubic inch V-8 that originally produced 255 horsepower. The seller is asking what seems like a reasonable price of $7,000 considering the condition of this truck. More than likely this truck will never be used to carry a camper again. They are still being made even though they are a rare sight on the road. But I’m sure the new owner will show this truck light duty, showing the truck, or just enjoying this pickup as a classic. Could that be you?

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  1. TimS

    Green on green with a camper package. Wow. My grandfather had a 68 with the 390 that he used for a camper and he probably would’ve done something illegal for one optioned like this. People are going to want this just for the memories.

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  2. geomechs geomechsMember

    Nice truck! We had a ’71 Camper Special very similar to this one except for a few things. The 390/auto was a good combination and we used it to the max. I doubt if that rear bumper was supplied by Ford; I have no doubt that it came from a camper supplier. The stock carburetor on this was not a good match. We ran a number of FE (both 360 and 390) engines and a swap to a Holley 500 2bbl was a good move. Add a set of dual exhausts and a proper advance curve and they went like Jack, the Bear.

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  3. philjustphil

    talk about love at first sight! Come to Poppa! I hope that the original owner got full satisfaction from having this truck. Probably the 500 mile difference in the odometer picture and the text in the posting are because the current owner is allowing for a few miles to be added before the title gets signed over and wouldn’t want a small minded person to come back with false advertising claims. I shouldn’t be so cynical.

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  4. Dave

    I learned to drive on my father’s 1967 F-100. 352, 3 on the tree. No radio…he made up a box and hung an old Chevy tube radio under the dash.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

      For my father’s stripper 1966 F-100 work truck, one year his Christmas present was an AM radio. He too mounted under the dash. It was the cheapest one my frugal mother could find, seems like I remember it was $20. Might have come from JC Whitney. For some reason the off/on/volume was the right-most knob, and the tuning was the left knob– opposite of normal convention. No push buttons.

      He worked in the oil fields of southeast Ohio, and (other than the local small town station) the only stations it could pick up were 50,000 watt WLW in Cincinnati and WTVN in Columbus (barely).

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  5. Keith

    Here’s my 1970 F100 XLT Ranger with only 34k miles. We just converted the 2bbl carburetor to TBI fuel injection. It runs way better than the carb and I was able to retain the original air cleaner so it looks stock

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      Great looking truck Keith…which TBI did you use?

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  6. Fred W

    Often these low mileage claims are beyond belief, but when it comes to trucks that hauled campers, I can come closer to believing because they often sat around waiting for the next big adventure, just like a motorhome. Hope all BF’ers find the car of their dreams in 2019! Merry Christmas!

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    Beautiful truck, the bigger brother to my ’71 F100…love the green! Here’s a photo of my old girl, with Seafoam green complimenting the Boxwood green.

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  8. Russ

    Did the Camper Special have an extended rear wheelbase?

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    • Todd Zuercher


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  9. steve

    Time to let go when you can’t read the odometer. This truck is a steal at 7k, would probably jump up to 20k put thru a big top auction!

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  10. Obviouslunatic

    The VIN decodes as a 360, not a 390. Built in NJ, delivered to Boston, 3.73 Dana 60 rear end.

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  11. Seth KARPEN

    In 1971 pickups did not come standard with bumpers, had a stripped 1972 dodge that we ordeted abumper ftom jc whitney

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  12. scott

    I have bought refurbished and sold many of these trucks sadly it’s a common misnomer that most of these trucks came with the 390 it’s all in the VIN code the letter Y = a 360 ( of which the VIN code on this truck denotes) and H was the 390. Of course when you’re selling something, and don’t really know what you have, it always sounds better to have the larger engine doesn’t it LOL!

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  13. DAVID6

    i have a 68 f250 camper special it has been up on block’s & under a roof 4 30 + year’s was a 390 replaced with a warmed over 429 & c6 no mile’s wheel’s were stolin while i was in hospital with broken neck, also 9 other project’s # 7 one owner’s no accident’s rust bottom front driver’s door(310)(906)(5887)

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    • Mark

      Let me know if you still have the truck, probably not since it’s been 3years ago, 313-702-4449 thanks,

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  14. Gay Car Nut

    Awesome looking truck. I’ve always loved the 1971 and 72 Ford F-Series trucks. I don’t know why. No one in my immediate family ever owned one. My favourites have always been the F250 and F350.

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  15. Comet

    Spare tires were also an option. These trucks came standard with a wheel in an under chassis carrier, but a tire was optional.
    As a related trivia fact, some trucks came equipped with weird 16 1/2″ wheels although I’m not sure of the model years or manufacturers. Stories of mechanics getting killed or maimed trying to mount wrong size tires on these oddball wheels were common.
    Merry Christmas!

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    • Dave

      I remember when my father was ordering his 67 F100. Rear bumper, radio, spare tire, heater were options. Base engine was a six, he ordered the 352, heater, spare tire, rear bumper. Wimbledon white. Seat belts were standard but he tried to delete them. Price was less than $2000, in contrast to Mom’s 66 Olds Delta 88 that was over $4500.

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    • Johnnyb

      Nice truck. Many a neighbor had one of these to haul a cab-over camper.

      On 3/4 ton and up, 16.5 rims were quite common through the 70’s. I could be wrong, but I think they replaced the split-rim 16-inchers. Then, was it the early 80’s when the 235/85R 16 became the default replacement for the 16.5’s?

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    • Matthew Paulsen

      I had a 72 with the 16.5 wheels on it. They were those dreadful split rims that caused so much havoc. I switched over to 16″, solid rims, and felt much safer.

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  16. dale o aastrom

    Any pictures of this truck. 626 786 1097

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  17. Gaspumpchas

    Think, its a deal at 7 large. Price a new one. Great trailer hauler. LOve it. Good luck to the new owner. These were terrific tough trucks. Here in the rust belt the salt would fly off the tire and lay in the cab mounts. Not many native trucks like this here. Good luck to the new owner!!


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  18. Fiete T.

    360. All the gas consumption of the 390, not nearly the power…but a nice truck

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  19. Meg m

    My husband would love this. Where is this beauty?.

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