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Light Utility Vehicle: 1975 Chevrolet LUV

In the 1970s, even the world’s largest corporation was starting to see signs of foreign cars and trucks sneaking into their world, and into their profits, and this 1975 Chevrolet LUV is a product of that worrisome time for GM. This cool little orange hauler is on Craigslist, or if the listing goes away the photos and description can be found here. Stoneville, North Carolina is where this truck can be found and the seller is asking $2,500 for it. Thanks very much to Fred H. for sending in this lovely LUV!

As the owner of an orange 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport, I have to say that I luv.. er.. love orange pickups,and orange vehicles in general. There are a couple of companies that offer orange as a color today but as we all know, most people want black vehicles or silver – maybe gray or white if they’re feeling adventuresome. Both the body and the paint on this truck look almost perfect in a lot of the photos.

On closer inspection you can see a few areas that could use help if a person were setting out to totally restore it. The inside of the bed/box shows surface rust but nothing major appears to be happening in there. The underside looks solid and the seller has provided a few photos; well done. Our own Jeff Lavery just showed us a sweet but somewhat rusty 4×4 LUV. This would be a nice pair…

LUV stands for light utility vehicle. Is that the first acronym? Probably not but 1972 was pretty early for automotive acronyms. The LUV was really a rebadged Isuzu Faster pickup and they were great trucks. The interior on this one needs more help than the exterior appears to need, but parts of it are new like the seat cover. The dash is almost a total loss, but what the heck, a $30 dash pad will cover that up if a person were just going to maintain it and use it as a truck. There are no engine photos, of course, but this should have Isuzu’s G180Z 1.8L inline-four with around 75 hp. The seller says the “motor runs like a sewing machine but does have a timing chain guide rattle.” Is this a decent price for this truck given the decent condition of the body?


  1. Dovi65

    Not one but TWO Chevy Luv’s up for grabs at the same time? I didn’t realize there were that many still left.. $2500 seems reasonable

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    • Chance Thomas

      I currently own 2 Chevy LUVS, a 1980 Gas 4×4 I got for $300 and I had it running the night I brought it home, and a rare 1981 4×4 Diesel I got for $400 and needed work to run.

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    This and Datsun trucks from that era will rust even with carwash water

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  3. 8banger dave Member

    Not too sure if a “timing chain guide rattle” constitutes sewing machine.

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  4. Pappy2d

    Bought one new in 74. The sheet metal was “see through” thin.

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  5. Beatnik Bedouin

    This nicely priced pick-em-up would make a great beater for taking stuff to swap meets, collecting barn find goodies, parts from the junkyard, whatever. Replace the timing chain and just drive it…

    …or for those of us who built mini trucks in the 1970s, one could relive his/her youth by restoring it and adding some period-correct wheels (white spokes? Ansen Sprints?) and wide tires, custom upholstery, etc…

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    • Bob walker

      Good morning…I bought a new 1973 Datsun pickup in yellow..4spd, cap tow bumper for my snowmobile, and an ‘am/fm’ radio…cost me $3500,including tax…traded in in 1977,with 250,000 miles…not a spot of rust…wish I hat kept it for my daughter….great to see such a nice ride…Cheers…bob

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  6. sluggo

    No rust issues in the PNW, still a few on the road. I have a 1973 version and traded for it in early 1990s, Mine had a SBC 350 with hot cam, edelbrock, dual points, headers and a T-350 w/shift kit and B& Shifter. Was fun to pull up to tuner cars and their fart pipes and those cars shook from the bass speakers, mine shook from my lumpy cam. Was fun to watch the reactions.
    Wheelies, endless burnouts and other fun. But,, suspension was over taxed, cooling issues, poor brakes and rear Diff ratio was the draw backs.
    Interest in these is growing and young people fawn all over these, I am selling mine with your choice of engine/trans. V8-V6 or a Nissan 4cyl & 5 speed.
    Prices are going up for nice examples, but still some affordable ones out there.
    These are fun to customize as well. (Hint hint, Late model leather buckets and other interior goes a long way)

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  7. Rob

    Had one as a work truck with a utility body. It would tow a 4500 pound load when it had too. (the days before cops with portable scales) 0 to 45 with a bobcat loader was north of 5 minutes.

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  8. Marcus

    I still have mine and I drive it all the time.

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  9. Gay Seattle Car Nut

    Given its condition and its rarity, $2500 doesn’t sound like a bad price for a vintage utility truck.

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  10. chad

    never saw a utility body on any of these lill p/u trucks, Mr. Cat…or may B it Mr. Bob Leiser?
    Thanks for da pic!

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