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Little Giant: 1959 Goliath 1100 Express Truck


With a name like Goliath, you would think this rare truck would be powered by a large displacement engine and would be capable of towing incredibly heavy loads, but in reality it is a small truck with an even smaller motor. While it might not be all that big, it still has a 1-ton tow capacity and is capable of carrying a lot of junk in the wooden truck bed. The seller believes there are only four of these trucks in North America, but we can’t confirm this claim. Regardless, there can’t be many left and this has to be one of the few left on the road. Take a closer look at this little giant here on eBay.


This could be one of the more interesting takes on the cab-over design we have seen in a while, as the motor sends its power to the front wheels. It is definitely a unique little vehicle, both from a mechanical and a design standpoint. It looks like someone took a Radio Flyer and strapped a smiling face to it. Not to turn anyone off to it, but you could almost say it’s “cute”. The four cylinder boxer engine displaces just 1094 cc and was pulled straight from the Goliath 1100 saloon. It only puts out about 40 horsepower and with the low gearing of the four speed, it has a very low top speed. We assume that it had to be gear low in order to actual tow anything.


This is definitely a rare and interesting truck, but restoring it could be costly and difficult. The seller is offering it without a reserve and bidding is still under $8k, so it might be a reasonable project. It can be driven as is, but will need work to look and run its best again. You would be guaranteed to never run into another one at car shows and it would put a smile on nearly anyone that saw it coming down the road. Do you think it’s interesting back story and uniqueness make it worth saving?


  1. KE100

    Looks like a mini version of the FCs that were just listed. :)

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  2. Mark E

    You just gotta SMILE at a micro sized vehicle named Goliath… ^_^

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  3. Mark E

    After reading the ad: WHAT?!? Cancerous rust, old paint, rotting wood in the truck bed and yet the seller claims he put $15k into it? Oh wait, excuse me, new battery, tires and, gasp, he bled the brakes!! (rolls eyes) I’ll pas on this and get a more common & more useful Japanese mini truck (Subaru or Suzuki) for 1/4th the price, thanks.

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  4. paul

    Nice, I think my Briggs & Stratton lawn mower has a larger motor then this .

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    • paul

      Oh & an odd floating dash, is cool.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    I’m not a truck guy (other than knowing that my favorite tow vehicle is a diesel Ram), but you have to admire the effort when someone tries to do their best to make a useful truck with minimal resources, like so many vehicle manufacturers had to do after the devastation of WW2.

    Borgward made some pretty good vehicles, but it looks like this one turned out a bit….underwhelming, lets say. But I’m saying that in No America, where for not that many thousand bucks just about anyone can buy a good used fullsize pickup with 350 to 550 pound-ft of torque that would be able to carry 6 adults plus many times the capacity of this poor little Goliath up a 6 percent grade all day without breaking a sweat.

    If you drive the roads of Europe where this Goliath came from, or Asia even today, you will see lots of different makes and models of small trucks that never make it over here, yet have a role to play taking on small jobs and getting them done. Those aren’t lands of 6-passenger commuter trucks with stereos and A/C and long boxes and big torque, like we have here. There are a few of those small guys in No America, but you just don’t see them much in the US of A.

    I Like this little guy, and even though it’s not a job I would take on, I hope someone has a liking for him and wants to give him a good home. By the looks of the strong bidding that’s going on, it looks like there are some people who think the same way.

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  6. Horse Radish

    I would drive this on country roads in Europe,
    But in the USA ?
    Would I trust my life to the next drunk driver with an Escalade or an uninsured illegal alien with a 20+ year old uninsured Cadillac ? I don’t think so !
    No crumple zone here !

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    • Dolphin Member

      Yes, definitely agree these were not made for use over here, and would add others to the don’t-drive-this-in-North-America list for the reasons you mention like those Jeep FCs and the latest Fiat. A 3/4 ton pickup would be better.

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  7. guggie

    I think I know where a parts vehicle is, in upstate New York, better hurry its being stored outside .

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  8. Dolphin Member

    Sold at $8,100, with 29 bids.
    Pretty good interest in this interesting little truck

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