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Long Wagon: 1965 Dodge W200

1965 Dodge W200 Crew Cab

Just look at this long bed Power Wagon! Between its 4 door Crew Cab and full length bed, it looks to be about 20 feet long. These trucks were the ultimate utility vehicle when they came out and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you have ample space for equipment and people, you get 4 wheel drive and a V8 to move it all along. This truck looks to be original, but the seller admits the original 318 has been replaced by a 440. That’s actually probably a good upgrade if you plan on actually driving this massive truck! You can find this beast here on eBay in Cottage Grove, Oregon with a BIN of $6,500.

1965 Dodge W200 Power Wagon

I love the looks of this rig, I don’t even mind the worn out paint. I would want to find a set of original style wheels for it and treat any rust. These trucks were built to work and I have a feeling this one has plenty of life left in it. So would you put this Power Wagon back to work?


  1. JW

    I don’t think you could get much more of a truck especially a 4×4 for less money and this rig is awesome. It needs work to make the exterior presentable but otherwise it’s not that bad.

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  2. grenade

    I think it’s great as it is. I mean, it could use an EFI modern Hemi, auto trans and transfer case, but after that- run it. Don’t paint it. I would also prefer it had 2 doors, but honestly, it’s COOL and beastly

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  3. Chris in Nashville

    Would love to swap a Cummins or Hellcat into that beast but beyond rust issues would not retouch the exterior.

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  4. skloon

    A friend had one of these in high school, manual steering and he spend all his dough on some really wide tires- had to go back to the narrow ones as it was impossible to park- it was a beast and I like this one

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  5. seth

    wonder if the homemade looking saddle tanks will pass inspection. Hardest part of master cylinder replacement is bleeding the system afterwords.

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  6. Brad

    The misaligned crease between the rear door and bed would drive me NUTS. I’d fix that.. leave the rest alone, and drive it daily. : )

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  7. Mark S

    I’d do a full on restoration with paint going back to original colour. I’d also install a cumins diesel, 5 peed gearbox, and a power streering box/ pump. It would be a fantastic truck.

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  8. Jubjub

    Cool. Crew cut and coveralls required.

    Overboard or Christmas Vacation?

    That’s not a 9′ bed, is it? Lots of overhang. I’ve seen some early Dart Sweptlines with the weird bed overhang but never a crew cab like this.

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    • sparkster

      Overboard with Kurt and his Fake wife. LOL. great movie

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  9. Dave Wright

    I drove these a lot when new and have owned several ex-USAF versions through the years. In these years power steering was not available in the Power Waggon. They are rough riding take a mile to turn and slow to stop. I use my trucks a lot with the exception of my 68 IHC that gets used casually. With the improvements in modern trucks, this is not what I would want to drive a lot. The 440 would be fun sometimes but that much power is frequently a problem off road. They want to spin and loose traction way to often particularly when driven by a novice. Most of these did not have locking differintals like the IHC does further complicating things. My good friend (R.I.P. Peter B.) that bought his new broke both his thumbs when he dropped the front end into a big ditch, he lost control of the steering wheel, then it ran down the side of a mountian. The truck was tough, he and his lab survived but he never owned another non power steering truck. Even with mechanical upgrades, the suspension is rough and crude. I love my modern diesels with torsion bars and civilized appointments and put 70,000 miles on my GMC Duramax last year. It has a greater GVW, fuel economy, ride, bed size, brakes…..this old Dodge would not be a good daily driver for most people.

    Getting there: Idaho Fish & Game stocks ponds throughout the

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  10. Steve B

    Now this is a real truck. If someone asks how many push-ups you can do, and you answer “all of them”, then this is for you.

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