Lost for Words: 1970 Pontiac LeMans

Back in the seventies, it seems the 1970-1972 Pontiac LeMans were everywhere. I knew several people that owned one, an aunt that even owned two. Pontiac used its split grille theme on all models, including this 1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport 2 door hardtop coupe. It is for sale here on eBay in Huntington Station, New York at a buy it now price of $5,500. This was a very popular green color in 1970.

You have to wonder if the seller’s heart is in selling this car though. After taking the time and expense to list a vehicle for sale on eBay, I think I would be a little wordier than “runs gd”. The rear of this LeMans, with its taillights in the bumper, is a little reminiscent of the rear of the 1968 Grand Prix, minus the taillights turning down in the center. There is surface rust, but from the pictures, I don’t see any real issues with the body. It does appear the hood is from a different car.

This interior is going to need some work. But one thing this car has going for it is the vinyl bucket seats and console. It appears the driver’s seat was replaced with a black seat at some time, but the seats may have originally been white. Pontiac had a fancy name for vinyl back in those days, morrokide. It has an automatic transmission, but that dash covering will need replacing. The carpets are gone and that floor is pretty rusty, but hopefully, there are no places where the pavement beneath can be seen.

About the only information the seller gives in the ad is that the car has 2,920 miles. Really? Somehow I have my doubts about that. The seller does not even tell us what kind of engine is in this LeMans. I believe it is a 350 V-8 because that looks like the 350 marking on the rocker panel between the front wheel and front door. Also, notice the four slash marks above it which would make this a LeMans Sport.

Would you want to buy a car from someone that you have to pry the information from? What is your feeling on how this car is priced?

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  1. Don H

    I bet the mileage is true ,he just patinad,the engine to look old and tired 😁

    • jdjonesdr

      Yeah…. That’s the ticket…. old and tired….. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. lol

    • Anthony in RI

      Yes. Nice touch that he made the water pump rusty to make it looked like it had been replaced as the water pump would have been painted Pontiac blue like the engine

    • Steve R

      Mileage claims are only true if there is a picture of the speedometer included in the ad, otherwise it’s hearsay.

      Steve R

  2. poseur Member

    pretty sure every one of these was painted this shade of green from the factory.

    obviously way overpriced for what it is & the ‘effort’ put into marketing it.

    i learned to drive in a ’72 just like this, 350 2-barrel & 2-speed automatic (Powerglide?) shifted on the column.

  3. Bill the Engineer

    I drove a ’70 for years with added Judge stripes. I loved to
    that car.

  4. Mark

    I think that’s patina on the engine, so miles may be correct. 🤪

  5. Rusty

    My mother had this car’s twin, in beige. I think it was her all-time favorite car. Good looks, good power and a “just right” feel. I followed the car through its next owner. It ran up over 200k miles. Good cars.

  6. Mike P

    Had a 71 LeMans in the same color, called it the Green Goober. It left the factory with a bench seat and column shifter, found one in the junkyard with bucket seats, console, shifter and factory gauges. All of those went into the Goober.


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