Low Cost Bird: 1967 Ford Thunderbird


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Thanks to one of our intrepid readers (sorry no name was given), we found this really interesting 1967 Thunderbird project car for sale here on craigslist in Flagstaff, Arizona. Unlike so many cars we see, this one looks very much to be a rust free car in very nice condition. The reason for the low asking price of $1,500 is that the seller was in the middle of working on the engine when he decided he does not have the time and must pass this one onto the next guy.


There are only two pictures, and most of the description in the ad is about the mechanicals. The car is said to have only 68,000 miles and the engine is a 390 FE block, which when new produced 315 horsepower. In addition, the seller says there is a brand new C6 three speed automatic transmission in the car (does that mean newly rebuilt?), the gas tank has been replaced and there are new brakes all the way around. That is a lot of good stuff for the new owner.

The car does not run currently and the top end of the engine has been removed due to leaky gaskets, but it comes with a brand new complete gasket set.

There is no mention of the condition of the interior or underside of the car, but even if the car needs interior work, at this price, and with so much mechanical work done, someone ought to jump on this one right away. In 1967, Ford started offering Thunderbirds in four door configuration, which was heresy to many Thunderbird lovers, but proved to be successful, as out of a total of 77,956 Thunderbirds sold that year, four door cars accounted for 24,967 of them. Personally, I like the two door version better, though the white color of this one is not my favorite. It appears to be the base level Tudor model, of which only 15,567 units were built, although there does appear to be a landau trim piece on it, which would mean it is one of the spiffier Landau Tudors that sold 37,422 units in 1967. Closer inspection is required or maybe one of our knowledgeable readers will know for sure?


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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Great car – not a 4th gen, but interesting in a Galaxie sorta way

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  2. JW

    Just my own personal opinion but I lost interest in the Thunderbirds when they became huge, the earlier models were so sporty and classy at the same time, I hated what they became. If I wanted a luxury car I would have bought a Town Car.

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  3. Steve Y

    Now down to 1,000 firm and more pics. I like square birds but this could be a nice ride with some TLC.

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  4. Cassidy

    My favorite Bird!!

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  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    cheap classic – not too sweet – but not rubbish either – sound find

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  6. Ed P

    For $1000, this looks like a great deal.

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  7. Crazydave

    About those tires & wheels (hubcaps?) A set of 32 inch Donk wheels with spinner caps might be the only things that could possibly look even worse on this car. They detract form the car SO much it’s hard to judge the car itself. (not to mention that the only T-birds I ever lusted after were the 55-57 “Baby birds” – before they became impossible to distinguish from all the other Ford offerings

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  8. Mike

    Those are the ugliest hubcaps I think I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen a lot. I knew an old man that live outside of Hopewell, Missouri and we called him the Hubcap man, he probably had every hubcap made for anything, he would have complete sets or just 1 or 2 of a set, but if you ever needed a hubcap you knew where to go. I heard that after he died his family took the collection to a scrap yard and had them crushed, I am talking 1000’s of hubcaps.

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  9. BillB

    I like the clean look of this base 2-door Bird, no excess stuff like a vinyl top, Landau bars, cornering or side marker lights that came the following year. Big fan of Ford Wimbledon White also, although it looks to be a repaint in a brighter white. Worth a grand all day long.

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