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Low Mileage 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe


Here is a Ford we just don’t see very often! The 1932 Ford 3 window coupe is one of the most iconic antique Fords, with a larger number of them being turned into hot rods. This one hasn’t been cut up and is quite original. It received a new coat of paint in apple green back in ’37, but other than that it looks to be original. The paint is wearing off in places, revealing the original black paint underneath. With a current bid over $80k, there is clearly still a lot of demand for these 3 window coupes! It would be interesting to see what happens with this one. You can take a closer look at it here on eBay in Atlanta, Georgia.


Given how solid and original it is, it would be a bit sad to see it turned into a hot rod. Although I have to admit it sure would looks sweet done up as a proper hot rod. That being said, I hope the next owner preserves it and saves the customization work for a reproduction body. There can’t be many original ’32s left out there and I’d hate to see another one chopped up. Personally, I’d clean this one up, make it safe to drive and enjoy it just as it is! So what would you do with this Ford? Would you see it preserved or turned into a head turning hot rod?


  1. Tony Goodner

    Such a rare car. Leave it be, make it a deiver, and make heads turn everywhere

  2. RicK

    Little Duece Coupe! Neat as it gets – only thing cooler is if it was black. Seems like the survivors no matter what the make are always green. Yuk.

  3. Ron

    I agree totally, i.e., make it a safe, reliable driver and enjoy it. Don’t get anywhere near it with a torch, grinding wheel or sawzall! Wow, would I love to own this. How long before it sits in Jay Leno’s garage, I wonder?

  4. jimbosidecar

    At the figure the bids are up to (with reserve not met!) I doubt anyone will be cutting or chopping this one into a hot rod

    • Jon

      Wana bet!!! This will turn into a hot rod… lots of hot rodders, with deep pockets ..
      Will look good as is, with a new chassis and running gear

      • Bob's your uncle

        Let’s all hope one of the traditional rod guys will get it and leave it alone. I think a gold chainer who might make it a street rod would instead go with an all new body and frame to avoid spending that much money then either dumping or modifying 90% of the car to get what they want.

    • Glen

      I agree, $85,000, just to cut it up and spend a pile of dough in parts to make it right. Even if you do all the labour yourself, it will cost plenty. To me, it doesn’t make sense, besides, it’s too nice to hack-up.

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      • Jon

        I would not cut this up.. It can be cool leaving it stock height, and just give it a ride height adjustment along with some safer tires and probably a drive train up date…. Coolness at it’s best…. Oh ya…..

  5. don

    Leave it and I have a fresh flattie for it. I lust for these

  6. grant

    For 9nce I’m a bit glad to see a high reserve, don’t cut this up preserve it.

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d be inclined to clean it up and drive it for a while. It would be a lot of fun just preserving and enjoying it the way it is. It isn’t running the original motor (I see a 24 stud 59AB) and I would be sure to try to locate one such engine, or at least try for a ’36 or older version 21 stud. A full refurbishment would be in the future but not until I had a chance to enjoy what’s already there.

    I worry about cars like this falling victim to a hot-rodder’s torch. With all the aftermarket sheet metal out there and a rolling chassis available that you can literally drop in the engine of your dreams and set a repro body down on, I cannot understand why someone would go to all the trouble to butcher something like this into another jagged piece of modern sculpture. This one should be enjoyed as is…

  8. Fred W.

    If there were ever a car to leave alone, this is it!

  9. jeff6599

    I have a very similar car, a 5 window. The problem is that you cannot enjoy it as it is. Mine was originally a Model B (4 cylinder) that sounded terrible, would go 37 -40 mph, not always start and would overheat. So I put a later flathead V8 in, period correct, new radiator, 12 volts so now it will get me there within 15-25 miles or so, but it still has the original mechanical rod brakes (no drippee, no stoppee), single correct taillight (no turn signals), old wires on tubes (lots of slow leakers or flats), vacuum wiper (slow and on one side only) no tunes, etc. So for the very very limited use I get, considering it’s value, each ride I take is a risk. The wife won’t come along as she’s tired of being stranded. So I say to those who won’t change a thing, watch what you wish for. By the time you make it reliable and enjoyable to drive, it won’t be the same car anymore. Mine is for sale for 44k (& it is black). 906 774 6599

  10. Fred W.

    I completely understand your point of view Jeff, my first older ride was a ’41 Ford V-8 and it vapor locked one time in the middle of a busy intersection. I proceeded to retrofit it with every mechanical convenience from a wrecked ’69 Torino GT, including air. Problem with this car is that there are so few examples still in original shape, it would be a crying shame to change it.

  11. cudaman

    Here’s one I have my eye on that’s being totally neglected. Can anyone tell me what the year is and any other details? I’m just not familiar with cars this old…….also any advice on the value would be helpful as I’m going to purpose an offer soon. Thanks for your help my “Barn Finds” friends……

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  12. jeff6599

    That is a ’28/’29 Ford. In it’s present condition it is worth about $4000 + or -. Because of the simple nature of the car, it is easy to work on. But if you’re going to make it presentable, not show worthy, you could easily spend 8 to 10k on parts. Add to that your labor (or someone else’s). Since the popularity of these is dropping off as young folks don’t really fall in love with these and the old guys who do are dying off, there are quite a few in very nice shape around the country available for around $12k or so. A much better route, unless you really want something to do (a restoration)

  13. Joe Haska

    WOW & WTF ! This certainly appears to be a stone stock original barn find car, with very few modifications over the years. We are certainly talking rare and big bucks. This will separate the men from the boys. In the past few years maybe even 10 or so, these cars have approached !00K +. The big debate now is the people that were willing to pay this aren’t out there anymore, I don’t know, but I suspect its true that there will not be allot of people in the bidding war. But as they say it only takes two.
    I have a 32 3-window for sale state of the art Hot Rod, all Henry Steel, black paint, Haldibrands, chrome undercarriage, traditional 327 dual 4’s, 6-speed, leather, air the total package as good as it gets, one of the best of the best period, and it is in the same range 90-100K. The buyers for this car are few and far between, just like this unrestored car, but its not easy and I’m sure it will not get easyer, the market is changing.

  14. Dolphin Member

    Definitely agree with the leave it alone crowd. I don’t know how many of these are left like this, but it’s probably not too many.

    When I was a kid reading Hot Rod magazine it seemed that every couple of pages there would be a Deuce Coupe featured that had been turned onto a rod. That was fun to see, but now maybe not so much fun because the originals seem to be pretty scarce.

    The car world needs to see where all those rods came from. I hope the big bids mean that someone is going to respect the original Deuce Coupe and let this one live on like it is.

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  15. Terry

    Unbelievable! The Henry Grail of old cars.

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  16. Ikey Heyman Member

    I attended the Hot Rod Hill Climb in Central City, CO yesterday and there was quite an enthusiastic crowd of participants and spectators – and lots of neat hot rods: restored, “traditional”, some rat rods, a couple vintage stock cars, etc. Seems like there’s still a bunch of old guys like me interested in buying or building hot rods and driving the hell out of them when they have a chance. Unfortunately I can easily see how the above coupe could be purchased by the guy with deep pockets who wants to build that hot rod he has dreamed about for the last 40 years.

    • Jon

      Exactly…..Well said…

  17. jeff6599

    What do you mean by ” not cut it up” and then say a suspension and drivetrain swap out? Just what is cutting it up mean? Cutting the firewall so a new drivetrain fits? Modifying the frame and boxing it so new suspension pieces fit? Altering the dash for gauges and wiring for the new drivetrain? Or simply chopping the top which not many do any more.

    How can one do all that and yet have it fall outside the phrase “don’t cut it up” ?

  18. Jon

    Wow…..I guess to each his own… fun with cars….

  19. Jack Pritchard

    Anyone can restore, takes a man to cut one up.

    • John

      Nope… it’s the other way around… That’s an old 70’s era cliche that is as lame as “patina”, “barn find”, “holy grail” and all the other lemming/me too cliches that everyone regurgitates these days. Show some stones, be different and leave it stock for a nice welcome change.

  20. Jon

    I agree.

  21. Mike

    I hope no one hacks this up into a small block chevy POS. There are more of those than there are original cars now. But hey, if they do, they’ll cut it’s value by 80%. If you want to drive a new car, buy a new car. No one is fooled by your bright red ’32 coupe body with an SBC, turbo 350, and A/C into thinking it’s actually something vintage.

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    • Jon

      Wow .. Your no fun…. LOL

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  22. Mike

    It ran good new, it will run good old. Not every car needs a small block chevy to be considered “drive-able”.

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