Luxury Barn: 1960 Bentley S2

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Most high end luxury cars spend their lives parked in the garages of the rich and famous, but a few of these cars have found their way to farms in America’s heartland. This 1960 Bentley S2, which has been named Barn Bentley by its owners, has spent its life driving around the farm and being parked in the barn. The owner has decided it’s time for it to leave the Dayton, Ohio farm and it can be found here on eBay with no reserve.

When it comes to British luxury cars, there are two names that come to mind Rolls Royce and Bentley. When the Great Depression hit, Bentley sales slowed and the company had to be sold off. It was bought by none other than its fiercest competitor, Rolls Royce. Rolls moved Bentley production to their factory in Derby and based Bentleys on variations of their cars, only with lower price points. Bentleys were still expensive, with this S2 costing around $15,000 new. This doesn’t sound expensive by today’s standards, but remember in 1960 you could get a Corvette for less than $4,000.

When the S2 was released in 1959, its greatest improvement over the S1 was the move from a straight six to a V8. This greatly improved performance and allowed for the car to have power steering and air conditioning together, without a significant impact on performance. The seller doesn’t state much information about this car, but they do claim that the car runs and drives. We are concerned about their statement that the brakes, transmission, and exhaust all need “some love”, as repairs can get costly.

The interior needs a “little love” too, but it looks usable as is. The craftsmanship that went into these cars is truly impressive, just the time and energy that went into the wood work alone is amazing. The S2 was very luxurious for its day and was well-appointed with many features. The seller doesn’t state what options this car has, but a good eye should be able to detect most of the options easily.

We would love to learn more about how this right hand drive Bentley made its way to an Ohio farm. The car looks solid, but has some issues. Hopefully all this car needs really is a “little love” as it could be expensive to repair. There were only 1,863 S2 Sedans built and their collectability has gone up, with some going for as much as $60,000. If bidding doesn’t go too crazy for this Barn Bentley, it could be a decent deal for a great luxury car. If we bought it, we would fix the brakes and drive it as is.


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  1. DolphinMember

    I’m not sure I buy this story. Apart from the fact that I don’t take well to stories (it’s the *car* that counts, as it sits right now, because that’s what you’re buying), I doubt that this Bentley, which is registered as a historical vehicle, has been driven “all around the farm”. That’s what the pickup in the backgound is for. And then there is the story that some of the car’s major systems need “love”.

    All carping aside, give the seller credit for listing the car without reserve. Lets hope there some serious bids that end with this beautiful vintage Bentley going to someone who will give it the love it deserves.

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  2. Alan

    Indeed, why would you even consider driving a luxury car “around the farm”? it looks in much better condition than you would expect from something treated to what should be a rough lifestyle.

    Despite the warning about the price of spares, which is very relevant, I would love to own this as a “project car”, as the point of a project car is not to finish it but to enjoy working on it!

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  3. scot c

    ~ sort of personifies the Oliver Wendell Douglas, Green Acres, landed gentry sort of character for me. keep scanning the periphery of the photos trying to catch a glimpse of Arnold Ziffel or the other Hootervillians. keep Manhattan, just give me the countryside. (cue woodwinds playing Yankee Doodle)

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  4. Chris H.

    An LS3 and a 5 speed would be just the ticket here.

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  5. Catfishphil

    It’s about the same car as the RR Silver Cloud II, and parts are expensive, yes. But it’s also a very reliable car… those Connolly Leather seats will not be cheap to replace. Whatever the story behind it, it is one of the last proud Proper Motor Cars.

    My old boss had a 1960 SCII for many years, RHD, and it was a blast to cruise around in. I put a couple thousand miles on it myself – otherwise, it would have sat up and deteriorated. His daughter now has the car in Switzerland, where it was sympathetically restored and sees weekend duty as a wedding car.

    And yes, we kept a little jar of Grey Poupon in the glove box.

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  6. mikey

    If you buy it…..then what? the era has passed……………, it is just a big gas drinking car that only some fat guy in a Hawaiian shirt would look at……………..

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  7. Chris

    Lots of work here, especially the interior and engine bay, but you would have a lot of car once you set it right. Although huge, it has nice proportions and this is a nice color. As to what you can do with it, there is a RROC chapter in Rochester NY that gives rides in old RR’s as a charitable donation fund raiser. Lots of club support for these. My neighbor entered and finished the Great American Race in one like this. Reliable too.

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