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Purchasing a classic requiring major restoration takes a leap of faith, and some people are unwilling or unable to make such a commitment. However, cars like this 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS fill the gap between a genuine restoration project and a spotless vehicle. It has a few needs, but these are minor flaws that the new owner could tackle in a home workshop without the expense of employing specialists. With no faults requiring immediate attention, the buyer could address them individually as time and circumstances allow. If that sounds too tempting to resist, you will find the Impala listed exclusively here on Barn Finds Auction in Graham, Texas.

After years in the wilderness, Chevrolet revived the revered Impala SS badge in 1994. However, changing motoring tastes meant it remained in production until 1996 when the company once again withdrew the badge from the market. Initially only offered in Black, Chevrolet introduced two additional shades in 1995. This 1996 SS is 1-of-19,085 finished in Black, which was consistently the most popular color. It presents well for its age, although the seller is candid in their belief that it may have undergone a repaint at some point. There is no evidence of prior accident damage, and given its geographic location, it could have been to address baking from the harsh UV rays. Black is an excellent shade for revealing panel imperfections, but none are visible on this classic. The Impala’s underside is rock-solid, with only a dusting of dry surface corrosion in some spots typical of cars from this location. Neither the underside nor the exterior show any signs of developing penetrating rust. The trim looks nice, with the “Impala” logos all occupying their correct locations. The distinctive 17″ wheels are in good order with no evidence of curb strike or other physical damage.

Early muscle cars were pared-down vehicles that prioritized performance over luxury, but this changed as buyer tastes evolved. This could have made the 1996 Impala SS extremely heavy, but at 4,036 lbs, it was 146 lbs lighter than the 1969 SS 427. The weight advantage for the later model could be attributed to advanced construction techniques and a greater use of high-quality plastics for items like the bumpers. Chevrolet powered the 1996 model with a 5.7-liter V8 derived from the Corvette, although it detuned the small-block to suit the Impala better. The result was a V8 that sent 260hp to the rear wheels via a four-speed 4L60 automatic transmission. That combination may not promise excitement, but the ¼-mile ET of 15.2 seconds meant it lagged behind the 1969 model by a mere ½-second, and that car gave the driver 390hp under their right foot. It demonstrates that it isn’t how much power a car has that matters but how it uses it. This Chevy is in sound mechanical health. It runs and drives well and is a turnkey proposition for its new owner.

Turning our attention to this Impala’s interior reveals a few items that might require attention. Although addressing them would make a significant difference to the presentation, there are cheaper options for potential buyers on a budget. The leather on the driver’s seat is worn, split, and looks beyond repair. I easily located a business that can supply a new set of front covers for around $600 per pair, which is the best option since the back seat looks excellent. Alternatively, a set of high-quality slipcovers would hide the problem for a fraction of the cost. The carpet has some marks, but a deep clean may make a difference. The owner made the sensible decision to fit a dash cover, which has prevented cracking. Otherwise, this interior has no further needs.  As well as leather on the seats, the same material wraps the wheel and the shifter. Other luxury appointments include ice-cold air conditioning, airbags, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, cruise control, a tilt wheel, and an AM/FM radio and CD player.

The 1996 Impala SS offers its owner the best of both worlds. It will cosset them in a world of luxury and isolation, but flooring the gas unleashes enough performance to satisfy most drivers. It achieves both feats while comfortably seating five people and returning respectable fuel consumption. That makes it a great all-rounder that deserves a new home. Could that home be yours?

  • Location: Graham, Texas
  • Mileage: 157,645
  • Engine: 5.7 V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • VIN: 1G1BL52P5TR183024
  • Title Status: Clean

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High Bid: $5,600 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Jan 27, 2023 12:00pm MDT
High Bidder: Para_medic00
  • Para_medic00
    bid $5,600.00  2023-01-27 11:53:23
  • AtkinsAtl bid $5,500.00  2023-01-27 11:30:51
  • Para_medic00 bid $5,100.00  2023-01-27 11:20:18
  • AtkinsAtl
    bid $5,000.00  2023-01-27 11:14:12
  • Para_medic00 bid $4,600.00  2023-01-26 11:03:42
  • SteveR bid $4,500.00  2023-01-25 11:23:15
  • BPbean
    bid $4,400.00  2023-01-25 00:25:42
  • Para_medic00 bid $4,100.00  2023-01-24 16:53:42
  • Racinfool2 bid $4,000.00  2023-01-24 16:43:08
  • JMAC
    bid $3,375.00  2023-01-21 00:43:21
  • Para_medic00 bid $3,000.00  2023-01-20 11:45:15
  • Fuelish.Pursuits bid $2,500.00  2023-01-20 11:19:37
  • Racinfool2
    bid $1,200.00  2023-01-20 11:11:51
  • Para_medic00 bid $1,000.00  2023-01-20 04:45:36
  • JMAC bid $750.00  2023-01-19 18:45:09

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  1. David

    Ford had nothing on this in 96

    Like 3
    • Stan

      Crown Vic w the tow pkg ?

      Like 4
    • Connecticut mark

      The marauder?

      Like 5
      • Dave

        Not until 2005.

        Like 1
    • Yblocker

      Ford had nothing? Ford had everything on that ugly bathtub, that thing died off long before the Crown Vic.

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  2. Gerry

    Didn’t have one of these but did have a ‘96 Buick Roadmaster wagon, essentially the same car with a bigger roof. Mags and tinted windows, dark blue with woodgrain and it looked pretty good( from across the street anyway,as severe under body rust is why I took it off the street). Loved that car- very comfortable and plenty of power. I had a guy at work that gave me a hard time for owning an “old man car”, unlike his 10 year old Mustang. Then I took him for a ride he’ll never forget. Used up probably a years worth of rear tire tread in 15 minutes but we’ll worth it.

    Like 6
  3. timothy r herrod

    I saw one of these sitting in Perkins parking lot back when they were fairly new, It was at night and that car looked so cool under the lights. It was the first one of these cars I had seen and I wanted one so bad but the girl I was dating at the time didn’t want to ride in an old mans car. Thats why I had to buy a Thunderbird, never really liked that rough riding thing. GM quit making the fullsize lineup to make trucks as they sold better

    Like 1
  4. BA

    Be still my beating heart ! Here I am should have bought one new in 1996 and Im still in love with this car! I will correct this ! Plus I’m a old man I got no excuses!

    Like 3
    • AGS

      I did buy a new one in ’96 – Black Cherry metallic. Loved it. Got it up to 138 on Hwy 95 in Arizona. The fuel pump died outside Bakersfield, the water pump died on the way to the Monterey Historics, the digital odometer never worked at all, and the leather on the seats was thinner than a Kleenex.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    This one’s #2 on my bucket list. A real gentleman’s hot rod if ever I’d seen one. And for those who didn’t
    know, these gems were based on the
    Impala 9C1 police package offered by
    GM for their Impala/Caprice offerings
    to law enforcement. I’ve been told that the police spec cars were even
    more powerful and faster than their
    civilian brethren but this may or may
    not be true. In 1995, I had the chance
    to buy a ’93 Caprice 9C1 detective’s
    car for $1,800 at one of those police
    surplus equipment sales that Polk
    County was famous for back then. I
    was told by a deputy sheriff friend of
    mine that the car in question put out
    over 400 horsepower in police trim.
    I’d already seen the price of a new
    Impala SS and thought it to be a
    bargain– until my wife gave me a
    resounding NO. We test drove one of
    the sample cars and the damned thing got away from her and hit 75
    before she knew it! Even today, I can
    still see myself tooling down the
    Interstate listening to the song Radar
    Love as the digital speedometer hits
    nearly 90 MPH. Such are the dreams
    of this old man today.

    Like 6
    • moosie moosie

      I once bought a ’95 9C1 Caprice that was the canine unit for Nampa Idaho P.D. , it did not smell of dog ! Between the price of the car & shipping I only had about 3 K in it. The previous owner bought it at a Police auction out there and he was up front about its condition with its only problem being it would intermittently cut out, which never happened the 2 years I owned it. It did need new tires to replace the mismatched set that was on it. The previous owner swore that I stole it from him but I guess I lucked out on the EBAY no reserve auction. The only part that I didnt like about the car was its Blue Hood & Deck Lid against the White body, I color-matched (White) an aftermarket SS Impala grille & gave the interior an intense deep clean. I really liked that 9C1 Caprice & probably should have kept it. Sorry no pictures of it that I can find rat now.

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  6. James

    Had a buddy/client that had one hopped up with ported heads, headers and punched out to 383. I can assure you, it would do burnouts around the Courthouse in Norfolk, VA. Haha

    Like 3
  7. Carnut

    Here in CA you can find these pretty cheap, I picked up one last year for 2400 it ran fine and I yanked out the Lt1 and trans for a Hot Rod..they are drive like any chevy of that era “Floaters”..I scraped the metal.. the engine and trans are the sweet part of this ride..oh the seats are comfy.

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  8. Michael Freeman Michael T. FreemanMember

    According to the patrol Captain I worked for at the time the 94 9C1 had 245hp from it’s engine. I was in a ’93 that had what was basically the same TBI 5.7 used in the pickups and begged for one of the new ones, no luck. In 1995 GM bumped the power output to 265hp and then the last year in 96 it got the same 300hp LT1 from the Corvette. Captain let me have one of those and it was quick, particularly for it’s size. The thing I found equally as interesting was the transmission programming in my car. All of them mentioned like every other AOD equipped car Ford/GM/Chrysler would lock out overdrive under wide open throttle. This car would shift out through 3rd catch overdrive and keep winding, it was awesome.

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  9. Fuelish.Pursuits

    Yet another on the long list of cars I should have bought back before everybody figured out they were cool.

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  10. Joe D FarrisMember

    I own a 94 put a 96 shifter in it.

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  11. ACZ

    The Roadmaster and the Brougham were the same powertrain with a lot more car.

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  12. amos

    I don’t know that this story is true, but it seems possible.
    I was told that in a fast food restaurant north of Charlotte, NC back in 1996 a woman was driving her new Impala SS. As she was eating, a voice from behind her said, “Is that your Impala? Is it for sale?” She didn’t even turn around to look, and just waived him off saying “nope, it’s not for sale.” The guy replied, “well I have one just like it, and if you want to sell it I would love to have another.” That guy was Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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