Mad Max Mopar: 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T


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When we see Dodge’s Road and Track, or R/T, designation on a Mopar, the first thing we tend to think of is big block V8s and tons of torque. This 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T offers both those things and with bidding under $2k and the reserve already met, could be had on a tight budget. The seller has owned it since discovering it in a barn about 5 years ago and has now listed it here on eBay.


It looks to be solid, but has plenty of dents and some rust in the rear quarters. The seller claims everything is original, including the 375 horsepower 440 V8, which supposedly runs nicely. If the underside is solid and rust free, this could make for a mean dragster. For the right price, it could have a lot of potential. Would you restore it or just drive it looking rough. It would certainly be more intimidating but you might lead a few fellow motorist to suspect you as a Mad Max impersonator.

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  1. robert

    it doesnt look too bad a car for its age, if i had a garage i would have it

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  2. paul

    Not a mopar guy, but hay it looks all there.

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  3. joe lonzello

    I’d redo the brakes & suspension some new rubber & annoy the Eco Crowd bwa ha.ha ha

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  4. 65cuda

    Why is it priced so cheap if it runs good and is complete? More pix would help, buy maybe cause its in Alabama? Nothing like that in the NE

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  5. seth

    maybe it is cheap so that he would generate more interest. Unlike cars in the winter salt belt this car looks good. He is probably tired of looking at it as is passing it on to someone who will enjoy it. I agree new brakes, rubber and run it

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  6. Blindmarc

    I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, more like realistically priced. There is WAAAAY to much overpriced junk for sale, but this would make a great transportation as you fix car.

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  7. TIM

    I see this hitting some big numbers 8,000 or up if its as ad describes he might have to sell it 4 times to get his money after all its on e-bay ,,
    Looks like a great driver project I would buy if I had extra money laying around and yes I would pay 8,000 -10,000 for something like that why not whats a new mopar cost now !!
    and that new stuff is boring ..and Im not even a mopar guy !
    still good buy at anyrate if under 8,000

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  8. Alexander Jenkins

    This car, an exact, but blue, was my drivers ed car in Jr High School. But I kind of remember it with a Hurst 4 on the floor for some some reason. I would buy this car, but I live in a RV resort in Florida. No place to work on it.

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  9. Matt

    Never been a MoPar fan… Never will… I don’t care how much they say a HemiCuda’s worth… LOL They were one step up from a Rambler when they were new, and they’re only cool now for nostalgia purposes. Never understood why it took 440 cubic inches to keep up with a 327 back then… And they used twice as much gas to do it. But… At least this one looks relatively unmolested, nice color… And it’ll look nice restored: -)

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  10. Jason

    This car was badass. Does anyone know what it sold for?

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  11. Petter

    This car is now in good hands in Finland, 80 miles from Russian border…

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    • Jason

      That’s not the same car, is it? I loved that patina!

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  12. Petter

    Yes, same car. Unfortunatelly too rusty to get on road in Finland so no idea to just try to fix brakes etc… plan was to drive as it was…
    So, it’s for sale now:

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