Make An Offer: 1969 Ford Cobra Torino 428CJ

The seller of this Ford real-deal barn find has decided to offer it with a $16,000 asking price or best offer. It’s a desirable find, as it isn’t just a run-of-the-mill Ford Torino. No, this is a Cobra Torino, so it’s packing a big block 428 V8 with all the other go-fast goodies that came on the Cobra. It belonged to the seller’s late father, who had plans of restoring it one day, but unfortunately never got around to it. The seller wants to see it go to a good home, so they’ve decided to auction it off here on Barn Finds. It’s currently located in Rockford, Illinois and you can make an offer via the button above.

Unlike the incredibly successful Mustang, the Torino was offered in more body styles ranging from 2-door hardtops all the way to big 4-door family wagons. That doesn’t mean that Ford didn’t think to offer high-performance versions of the Torino, with the Cobra model being an all-out muscle car. While you could option a GT with a big block, the Q-code 428 Cobra Jet was reserved for just the Cobra Torino. Paired with the slick lines of the SportRoof body, the C6 automatic transmission, and the 3:5 rear end this Torino would have been a blast to hit the streets in.

Given how important having the correct engine parts is to a muscle car like this, the seller took the time to find as many of the part numbers and date codes as they could. Here’s what they were able to find: carb is c9of-9510-h, intake is c8oe-9425-c, and heads are c8oe-6090-n. And for date codes for the block and intake are 8k8 and 8k12 respectively. To get the head date codes, they would have to pull the valve covers and they decided to not take anything apart, so a closer look at those would be recommended. The engine hasn’t run since 1994, so a rebuild is likely in order, but the seller was able to turn the engine by hand. The 428 Cobra Jet is a powerhouse of an engine, with Ford rating it at 335 horsepower, although it’s believed that number is quite underrated. Given the performance and desirability of this car, a full rebuild would likely be the wise choice to ensure it runs at peak performance.

The seller is clear about the fact that this car is going to need a full restoration, as there are some rust issues that will need to be addressed. Before we look at that though, let’s take a look at the interior, which is in surprisingly good condition given that this car has been parked in a barn for the past 30 years. It’s definitely going to need work, but it’s complete and major components like the dash and door panels don’t show any signs of damage. The driver’s seat looks to be in the worst condition, with some major tears in the vinyl, but the rest of the upholstery looks like it could be salvaged with nothing more than a good cleaning. Of course, you won’t know for sure what all needs to be replaced until after you’ve cleaned everything. Hopefully, most of the interior can be reused, as it’s likely all original (code DA, cloth with vinyl) and Torinos aren’t quite as well supported as their sibling the Mustang. That isn’t to say you can’t get every part needed to restore this interior, but it would be a huge cost-saving to be able to reuse as many of the original parts as possible.

After running the trim tag, the seller discovered that the car was originally painted Lime Gold, which had to have been quite striking. It’s currently wearing a coat of brown paint, which looks decent, but putting it back to the original color would sure make it stand out. It would be interesting to know the story as to why it was repainted, but if you were trying to be low-key and not draw the attention of authorities, brown is probably the color to go with. The brown probably also does a good job of hiding the rust issues in the quarter panels. It’s not the worst rust we’ve ever seen, but it definitely needs to be addressed. The seller has provided lots of underside photos so you can properly examine it.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a late ’60s Ford muscle car, but want something more unique than a Mustang, this might just be the car for you! Add in the fact that it’s a rare big block model and you really have something that should appeal to any muscle car fanatic. So be sure to give it a closer look and leave any questions you might have for the seller in the comments section below!

  • Location: Rockford, Illinois
  • Mileage: 95,172 Shown
  • Engine: 428 Cobra Jet V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Heavy Duty C6 Automatic
  • VIN: 9K46Q143708
  • Title Status: Clean

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This is a cool ride. I see it was a complete paint job. The Lime Gold is a wild color. I seen a Torino done in that color with Gold pin stripe. And when the sun hit it the color would almost flop back and forth. I wish the seller would have washed the car after taking some pictures of the car being dirty and you see how the metal really looks like. Yes there is rust in the holes underneath certain areas this car will need a complete restoration. It won’t be cheap but you have a car that’s worth spending the money on. You should get back the money you put into it if you ever want to sell it when it’s completely done. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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    • Tracy Paul Balthazor

      Spend 150,000 k on a concours restoration and lose money, or do it yourself with an eye for detail and make a little? But most dont do it necessarily for profit!

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    • Eric Smith

      Car is an amazing find

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  2. TorinoSCJ69

    Looks like a late ’68 production with the engine 428 emblem on the fender and no hood scoop.

    Note- The model was called “Cobra” in the Torino line with 428 in new CJ version only, new for ’68.

    Note- 5th digit in VIN:
    Q is non ram air
    R is ram air

    Cobra or Torino GT could be ordered with either 428 version. I have this Torino GT version, 428 in this year with ram air.

    Original parts are key to value and how nice to have floor shift C6 !

    Hope it goes to a good and patient Home that will take the time to restore it the right way.

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    • David LomaxMember

      Had one in1969. 335 HP rating was WAY low. There’s no peg on the speedometer, it is possible to run it all the way around to ’20’ again!
      Never seen one without a hood scoop. Hope it gets appropriately restored.

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  3. Stan

    Selectshift Cruise-O-Matic transmission, for effortless blasting about town.

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  4. Shouldalikedtheothermakes

    Sadly Fords and Mercury’s just don’t get the appreciation Gms and Mopars do.
    If the other makes had been Nascar champions like this body style was hard to imagine how much money they would bring. Maybe value disparity is because they were harder to work on,idk.

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  5. CooterMember

    When considering purchasing this vehicle, one must question the mud packed into each floorboard. I suspect the garage or barn this resided in is close to a creek or river that flooded. How deep did that water line get? Kudos to the owner for providing detailed photos. Anyway, if numbers match up, this would be a good one to restore.

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  6. C Force

    Those are cobra jet heads.the 335hp is underrated.these have larger valves and better flow over the regular 428,which in 66′ was rated at 345 hp when it came out.

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  7. 428 Smoke Signals

    The one I had was a Ram Air CJ, auto on column no power steering, no air, power brakes,3.50 open rear. I could floor it at 50 and it would break the tires (tire?) loose. In a very unscientific test, at the same time I had this I also had a 1969 351W 4 barrel Mustang, on a certain marked distance, where the Mustang would hit 70mph, the Cobra Jet would hit 85.

    I weighed it one time it weighed 3680, with a little bit of junk in trunk

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  8. MGM

    This is a car to bid on. My only thought is on the amount to restore it properly. I know bidding going to go 15-20+ at the end. So being careful and thrifty,what do you think? Total buy and restore,35k? How much? Also what year was the 429 installed?

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      The first year for a 429 factory installed in a Torino was 1970.

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  9. Mark RuggieroMember

    Does it look to you all that it has front drum brakes?

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      No, you can see that it has power front disc brakes.

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  10. Neil R Norris

    I’m really a GM guy … but LOVE these Torinos. That baby is a beast in waiting for the right enthusiast to come along. It drives me crazy though that a seller is too lazy to even pressure wash the crap off of the car to take photos. I’m guessing he thinks it brings more value if it actually looks the part of a barn find. Nup.

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  11. Rickirick

    My fav right there behind Stangs! Can’t add anything that these very knowledgeable other fellas have posted. Just very happy to see another one come outta hiding……

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  12. jj

    wow! once in a lifetime car, barn find. truely almost impossible to find. wish i had the money to buy and restore! a kid i went to high school with had a 69. looked just like that.

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  13. Steven Baker

    Damn one of my dream cars, this is two times in a week I’ve had to slap myself back into reality. No Steven You can not afford it 😭

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  14. 2cents

    If you compare a stripped down low option Cobra to a 1969 Cobra Jet Mach 1, the overall weight probably isn’t much different. The 1969 Mustang was a redesign, a little bigger and heavier than the 1968s.
    Plus the Cobra probably had a better weight distribution, and more room underneath for bigger exhausts.

    So I would think the Cobra Jet Mach really wouldn’t have an acceleration. Advantage over a strippo Cobra with similar gearing

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  15. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    1969 Jaycees “Safe Driving Rodeo” for teens, sponsored by Lincoln Mercury. Ohio statewide competition, N. of Cincinnati.
    One of the portions of the competition was “on-road” with 2 judges sitting in the back seat. There was a queue of participants in line as cars were brought around, and one of those caught my eye right away.
    “Oh please, oh please… I want THAT one.”
    I was blessed, prayers answered!
    Comet Cyclone, essentially this car with the Mercury badging and styling cues. An experience which lives on as long as I will. The NB I-75 entrance ramp even gave me a chance to put the throttle about halfway down. Grin factor for 18 y/o me was off the charts!

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    • Drew

      I used to own a 76 grand torino with a 351m in it. It was white with black racing stripes. The had power I couldn’t imagine a 428 motor with the technology of today’s products. It would be something if someone had the time and money to do it up nice

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  16. Grape Ape

    Gentleman at the car club has a very similar 1969 Fairlane 428SCJ.
    Very cool fastback.

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    • Yblocker

      Dang right it’s a fastback lol

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  17. Roverray

    If I hadn’t just bought a new bike, I’d be bidding on this. This is one of my absolute favorite cars. Best of luck to the lucky buyer. However, like others have said, I’d be careful about the final price because I doubt it would be a money maker. Especially since it looks like the final cost will be in the mid-20’s.

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  18. Mike76

    I’ve seen two commenters saying that they would “bid” and imagine this Torino will get into the mid 20’s when bidding is complete…but, the ad clearly says, make an offer, with asking of 16k. Do people not read, or am I just too confused (distinctly possible, I might add) to understand what is really going on?

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  19. Snotty

    We’ve seen this before on barnfinds??

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    • Ron Page

      Very recently. I told a friend who had one of these when we were in high school about it last week. At 6k, I was going to point him toward it. At 16k, I knew he wouldn’t go for it. (This was the fastest car in our town at the time. The Chivalays had nothing for him.)

      Good news is he found his Formula 400 after 45 years and just got it back.

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    • $ where mouth is

      YA, we did, just a few weeks ago, i was a high bidder, UNTIL
      and was likely a friend of the seller, start making obvious to an experienced buyer, fake bids to jack up the price;
      SHAME on you !
      Now its here again, of course, because the fake bid beat a real buyer.
      Sure, i coyld be wrong, but go look at the bid history.
      Now i wont buy it because i bet the seller is not the kind of person id do business with no less respect

      The reality is, selling a car sight unseen is a field day for low lifes and scammers.

      unless you have a quality converation with this seller, red flag.

      too bad, because YES, this is a red machine.

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      • $ where mouth is

        .. i wrote that comment in a haste, please pardon the lack of editing.

        its a ‘rad’ machine

        hey, seller, if you read this, please, provide an explanation ..
        and BarnFinds guy who contacted me: i told you thos was gonna happen, so now that it has, why are you allowing to happen again ?, also, please explane and set me straight if im wrong.

        i would have loved to buy this

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      • Butchb

        Sorry to hear you got burned $. Greed is an ugly sin, and it certainly fouls many a business deal & old car sale. Forget the flakes & greed head’s. There must be a better car out their for you.

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  20. CCFisher

    According to the 1969 Torino/Fairlane brochure, the 428 was available on all Torinos and Fairlanes except the wagons.

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  21. Mitch

    yes this is a very nice car and somewhat rare but to restore this car will not be an easy one even though the car is very complete to find replacement parts that will actually fit and work now a days plus the coast is an absolute joke, by the time your done restoring this car you could easily $70 / 80,000. dollars into it and that’s if you do a major part of the work your self not to mention the time and then you’ll be afraid to drive it, no offense to the seller but if someone is really interested in your car and offers you $6000 / $8000. sell it, I’m just being realistic . and no I’m not interested in buying this car!

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    • $ where mouth is

      ?! 6 !? to 8

      no , your not ‘just being realistic’ M. , your out of touch with reality.

      Its a 69 Cobra Torino 428
      6 thousand dollars hardly affords a decent old Volvo or Ranger these dayz
      As much as i question the integrity of this sale, the car is the cats pajamas .

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  22. STEVE

    Tempting to do a SCJ upgrade and let that motor Breathe!

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  23. Filip

    Hello. I woud like to look at the car in person if possible before placed a bid. Let me know how to do it. Phone number? Adress? I am close to Rockford. THX Phil 540 604 2731

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  24. Filip

    Hello. Possible to look at the car in person before sending the offer? I am barnfind member. Contact? THX Phil

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  25. Filip

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