Woodie Wagon: 1969 Ford Torino Squire

Who remembers the “Woodie” wagons of the 1940s and 1950s, when they made station wagon bodies out of real wood? They got too expensive to produce and maintain, so cheaper steel-bodied wagons became the thing. But they kept their… more»

No Reserve Running Project: 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport

While many manufacturers were either driving nails in the coffin of their muscle models or drastically reducing their fun characteristics, I guess Ford didn’t get the memo that the market was dying before they revamped the Torino for ’72… more»

Garage Find: 1970 Ford Torino SportsRoof

The Torino began in 1968 as the upscale version of Ford’s mid-size car, the Fairlane. It took over representing the series in 1970 and continued as such through the 1976 model year. The autos received a redesign in 1970… more»

Dry Climate Driver – 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport

Shiny and complete, with documentation and plenty of pictures, this 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport in Las Vegas, Nevada is not perfect, but it runs and drives, according to the seller, and certainly looks local car-show ready. The sporty… more»

Pair Of 1969 Ford Torinos: One R-Code 428/4-Speed!

When shopping for a 1969 Ford Torino, the coveted R-Code is one every Blue Oval enthusiast dreams of finding someday, and if that’s you the search is over.  But unfortunately, the pedigree is about where the positives end here,… more»

Make An Offer: 1969 Ford Cobra Torino 428CJ

The seller of this Ford real-deal barn find has decided to offer it with a $16,000 asking price or best offer. It’s a desirable find, as it isn’t just a run-of-the-mill Ford Torino. No, this is a Cobra Torino,… more»

Twelve Car Barn Find In Northern California!

Most vehicle collections focus on a specific brand or type of car or truck. While others seem to be a little bit of everything, like this dusty assortment that resides in a warehouse in Watsonville, California. What started as… more»

Boss 429 V8: 1970 Ford Torino Holman Moody Project

John Holman & Ralph Moody partnered in the 1950s to create one of the most successful race teams of all time. Responsible for nearly all of Ford’s stock car race victories for two decades, the pair attracted drivers like… more»

R-code 428 V8: 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Jet

The R-code designation for Ford engines in the 1960s was lingo for the company’s racing motors. It began with some potent 427s being dropped into earlier Galaxie 500s. Later, they turned to the lighter Fairlanes and Torinos and used… more»

1969 Ford Torino Cobra R-Code 428/4-Speed!

Imagine walking into your Ford dealer back in 1969 and being one of the few lucky customers to stumble upon an R-Code Torino sitting there waiting for you to get your hands on it.  That’s what happened to the… more»

Parked Two Decades: 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon

A period Ford advertisement said that the 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon was “Bigger and stronger to help you save in comfort.” I’m not quite sure what that meant and I don’t even know if Ford knew what this car… more»

Numbers-Matching 390/4-Speed! 1968 Ford Torino GT

When the Ford Torino was introduced in 1968, its original concept was to be an upscale version of the company’s already successful Fairlane, and consumers seemed to like that idea as over 170,000 of these cars found homes during… more»

Original 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air: 1970 Ford Torino Cobra

UPDATE 07/02/2022: The owner of this 1970 Torino Cobra had no success with their previous sale attempt on Craigslist. Therefore, they have made some changes and are rolling the dice with an auction approach rather than sticking to a… more»

The Italian Cobra? 1969 Intermeccanica Torino Italia

Intermeccanica, a still-going concern, has an interesting history. Starting out in Turin Italy, the specialty car manufacturer moved to the U.S. in 1975 and now calls Vancouver, British Columbia home. And starting in 1970, Intermeccanica had to ditch the… more»

Six Months Only! 1970 ½ Ford Falcon

Ford introduced the Falcon in 1960 as their first foray into the compact car market. A decade later, it would be replaced by the popular Maverick, yet the name lived on for one more half-year. But this time as… more»

302 V8 Survivor: 1971 Ford Torino

The Torino was Ford’s mid-size entry from 1968-76. It began as the top trim level on the Fairlane and later carried the torch for the whole intermediate line-up. Restyled for 1970-71, they carried fuselage styling inspired by supersonic aircraft… more»