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What Do You Mean Its Not A Gasser? 1941 Ford Coupe

I don’t know that I have ever seen a Ford Super Deluxe coupe of this vintage that wasn’t a gasser, and subsequently a relatively unmodified ’41 Ford like this is a welcome change! The front of this car sits high like a gasser, but that is only because the engine appears to have been removed. According to the listing on eBay, the engine is believed to be original and is complete, albeit seemingly not in the car. The seller believes that this Ford is a two-owner car and has spent most of its life in a barn. Given that it is a Kansas car and is in this good of condition rust-wise, I would not doubt that claim! Bidding is currently at a reasonable $3,550 with the reserve not met.

The lack of interior raises many questions in my mind, as does the addition of an aftermarket or perhaps tractor seat. The seller states that the car is all original, however fails to mention the lack of engine or interior. Based on the ad and photos, I would guess that the seller has removed these items in order to determine just how straight the car is, and he/she has reached the conclusion that it is rust free save for the drivers floor pan. The amount of original paint still left on the floor pans is a testament to the lack of use this car saw, at least on salted roads.

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible, more interior has been removed for this photo. That being said, this further showcases the surprising lack of rust in the floor pan. This car has more rust-free sheet metal on it than pretty much any vintage car I have owned, and its 25 years older than most of those. Although lots of parts have been removed, as far as original non-gasser 1941 Ford coupes go, I think this is the best one you will find in project form.

The seller includes photos of the engine, as well as the frame and like the rest of this car they both look very original. The frame looks uncut and solid, the engine looks original and unmolested. This car could be the perfect starting point for a cool restoration project, or a gasser project. I would very much like to see this car restored original to set itself apart from the crown of gassers, but anything could happen! What would you do with it?


  1. Avatar photo Kevin


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  2. Avatar photo Paul

    Restore. The country doesn’t need another gasser!

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  3. Avatar photo AMXSTEVE

    Yes it does, gasser me

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  4. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Not much left to do anything with unless you want a complete reproduction. This may be the first one I’ve seen that the comment “Its too nice to hot (rat) rod ” wouldn’t apply in my way of thinking.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Rest assured, it will be a gasser now!! Nothing wrong with that. Vintage gassers are awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KG2_FI4LS4

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  6. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Restore it. The world doesn’t need another hot rod. Too many people thinking they came from the factory with a flame paint job, an SBC and mag wheels. They look pretty good all fixed up.

    My dad always wanted to know what it was like to travel 100 mph. One summer evening Dad and his best friend (both 16) took Grandpa’s brand new ’41 Special Deluxe sedan out on the only straight stretch of paved road in the region and Dad put it to the floor. Dad’s buddy watched the speedo while Dad kept it straight and on the road. Dad said everything went pretty good right up until 90, then it was a slow and arduous task, not to mention the car acted like it wanted to fly. Dad’s buddy yelled out: ‘100!,’ and Dad immediately slowed it down. He drove slowly home and parked the car which didn’t seem like it had suffered much. Dad never wanted to do 100 again, although I caught him many times doing 80+, even in the ’60 International Travelall.

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  7. Avatar photo Rob

    Were those flip-down rear seats standard on the business coupe??

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    • Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

      The Opera seats were an option. Those without had a package shelf behind the front seats.

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  8. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    Restore it with period correct accessories/options.

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  9. Avatar photo duaney

    We have plenty of rods and gassers and not enough original Fords like this. Hopefully restored.

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  10. Avatar photo Matt

    Get a ford flathead, pack it with some goodies, install it with a 6 speed auto for cruisin’ and paint the car a subtle but attention getting color, do the interior, and drive it.
    I will do that right after I win the lottery.

    Just a wish

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  11. Avatar photo madbrit

    I don’t know why anyone would build a fake gasser when one could have the real thing…… LOL. This is my real gasser, parked in front of the motorhome truck conversion we built. The gasser is a four time Indy Nationals Champion, National Record Holder and winner of Street Eliminator at the inaugural 1965 World Finals at Tulsa OK. I found it a few miles from my house “one step away from the crusher”.

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    • Avatar photo Doug

      Looks like what we used to do with 55s back in the mid 60’s, except we’d remove the sheet metal below the turn signals, and cut the splash pan off at the bottom of the grille, and use a piece of tubing between the frame rails as a “bumper” to keep the cops from writing equipment violation tickets. On mine, we welded a round slug in each end of the pipe with a captive nut on the inside, so we could use the bolts to attach a tow bar.

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  12. Avatar photo Wayne

    Good job there madbrit!!!
    I would hot rod it but not gasser it. It is just too cool of Body without the bumpers!
    Cool car! I want it! But several other projects need completion first.

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  13. Avatar photo 86 Vette Convertible

    Sweet! Says there’s a flathead with it, but no pictures?
    Take it back, great parade car.

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  14. Avatar photo Wayne

    I had the center section from a ’64 Biscayne between the frame rails on my ’55 instead of a pipe. And trimmed off the horizontal sheet metal below the turn signals.

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  15. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    You could bet I would rod it, you could bet your life it wouldn’t be a gasser.

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  16. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    I know you folks that want it original cringe at the sound of a hot rod, and I agree, there aren’t enough original ones,,,HOWEVER, when a car is featured, such as this, that has well known hot rod roots, it’s automatically going to appeal to someone looking to build their own hot rod, can you imagine their happiness, finding this? geomechs knows me, I like original vehicles, but there just are more folks today that want to hot rod this, than keep it original, just because of what it is. Sorry, history has shown, this has “gasser” all over it, and has for over 50 years.

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. I think the hot rod crowd has dominated the scene back when you and I were kids–maybe a long time before that. Purists have been a rare breed as long as I’ve had a wrench in my hands. When I was a kid there was an annual hot rod and custom car show but there was never an antique car show. Today there are car shows that include both. I have to admit that it’s tempting to resto the ’35 Ford pickup. I’ve always envisioned it with a TCI rolling chassis, a warmed over Mercury flathead and C4 transmission. Because this truck has significant regional historical value I won’t do it. I might add that, with all the stuff I’ve got hanging around and/or readily available, it’s much cheaper to restore it. But the thought is always there….

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  17. Avatar photo Chuck

    Resto rod.. Complete stock body. Modern FORD drivetrain AC PW the works

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  18. Avatar photo Joe Haska

    I am sorry I don’t know why you are associating a 41 Ford, as a Gasser, I was pretty active at the drag races during that time. I am 74 now and have always been a Hot Rodder, and I don’t ever remember a 41 Ford Gasser, 41 Willy’s, absolutely, some 32 Coupes and Roadsters, and of course later tri-5 Chevy’s. Even the earlier Willy’s, maybe a 40 Ford Coupe, I am not sure. What is the definition of a Gasser, if its just an old coupe sitting real high in the front with a straight axel, then I guess it’s a Gasser!

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