Memory Maker: 1964 Chevrolet Pickup Camper

Vintage campers have really been gaining in popularity over the past few years.  Another trend has been pairing restored campers with tow vehicles painted to match. One alternative to the towable camper is a flatbed truck with camper attached.  This 1964 Chevrolet is for sale here on eBay with a starting bid of $800. Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, this camper is poised to make a great project for someone who is dedicated to bringing back the memories of their youth and creating new memories with the next generation.

There are no photos of the inside of the camper, but the ad does indicate that it will need a full restoration.  If you’ve ever attempted a restoration on a camper, you know that it is much different than restoring a car by itself.  I imagine it has a bunk over the cab with a small dinette and kitchen area and probably a small bathroom.  The storage box added to the back end is a nice touch since the only other storage is inside the camper.

The original six cylinder engine has been replaced by a 400 cubic inch V8 with a four barrel carburetor.  It doesn’t currently run, but based off the photos in the ad, it doesn’t look like it will take much to get it going again.

The interior looks like it’s in really good shape!  If the camper interior is as good as the pickup cab, this may be an easier restoration than it looks like from the outside.  Check out the vintage CB radio and dash mounted compass.  You don’t need the GPS on your phone to navigate this family truckster!


  1. ron bajorek


  2. Steve R

    Since when are there homeless encampments in South Dakota?

    The cost to have this transported are probably prohibitively expensive.

    Steve R

  3. John M.

    Over the years, I’ve seen photos of nice vintage vehicles out of the Dakotas that had only minor rust that’s easily fixable and this Bow Tie camper is no exception. This one would make a very tempting project for someone.

    • Matt Member

      well, you haven’t seen the majority of vintage vehicles here have you. usually they rust beyond repair.

  4. Kevin

    Even if you didn’t want to keep the camper. The cab with very limited rust, and a 400 V8 would be worth the cost.

  5. Classic Steel

    I can envision a great horror movie in the Dakotas where young newlywed city dwellers meet local crazies after purchased old camper which gives issues on starting due to charging system.
    Jessica newly wed tells hubby angrily she New this antique jelopy was trouble and leaving the city where cell reception was lunacy 🤗😦

    Feel free to add to story:

    • Madmatt

      ” Jessica” decides that the crazy hillbillies aren’t that bad,
      after eating some really good chili and cornbread with them.
      The husband finds a secret door inside the camper and finds
      $10,000 in cash….enough to move back to the big city,but that is
      where all the braindead zombies are…..will they stay or will they
      leave back to zombieland……to be continued….Lol

      • grant

        The husband’s name is Carlton, and in the end he’s eaten by backwoods zombies, whom his wife has joined.

  6. Whippeteer

    Not a camper on a flatbed. They built it starting with a cab on frame just as they still do today.

  7. Matt Member

    only an hour from where i live, and i know the dude who owns it… hmm…

  8. George

    wrap windshield stopped in 63. that grille is 61 or 62.

    • jw454

      I agree. My money is on 1962. Definitely not 1964.

      • Roger

        Definitely a ’62 going by the grille and badge placement ’63-’64 had the badge on the fender sides and the windshield style changed with the ’64 models.

      • OLDSTUFF

        Dash is early, up to 63………..Grill is 62…

  9. Alex B

    Inspired by the Hermit Crab? :)

  10. rustylink

    Memory maker? – more like meth maker.

  11. Chebby Staff

    The most significant part of this vehicle is the camper back, and zero pics of it. They all leaked, so sitting for years through South Dakota winters hasn’t helped anything. This project will be like building yourself a truck AND a house.

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    With this, you have to be creative. If that truck was a dually flatbed, people would be all over this at 5 times the price. The camper is what’s scaring people away. Ditch the camper, probably shot anyway, put a nice flatbed on, you’d have a nice truck. That’s what I’d do.

  13. Pist-n-Broke Racing

    Once again all i say is blown big block and slam it to the ground

  14. JW

    I’m with Rube Goldberg ditch the camper as it’s probably full of mold then either put a flatbed or a decent pickup box of same year if you can find one then get it running and drive or flip it.

  15. Jay

    There isn’t a lot of wear on that steering wheel. The 400 could be a plus. If your close and have an access to tow it go after it if you want.

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