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Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Spotted!

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

The Cyclone was Mercury’s dedicated performance model. While they offered a number of high performance muscle cars, the Cyclone was built from day one to be a mean machine. In 1970 they introduced an even more performance minded version of the car called the Cyclone Spoiler. As the name would suggest, it came with special front and rear spoilers, plus other aerodynamic tweaks. It also came standard with the big 429 Cobra Jet, the Ram Air hood, and the competition package. They built less than 2k of these hot machines and there aren’t many left today. Reader Hans D recently spotted one abandoned in a field and decided to share it with us to see if anyone knows more about it.

1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

From Hans – It appears to be a real 429 Cyclone Spoiler that’s been sitting in the same spot for decades. I couldn’t look underneath it but it’s probably safe to assume the frame or unibody is rotted badly. The owner passed away last month so who knows maybe it will be sold. Aside from the engine missing both heads I really don’t know anything about it. The location is Wayland, New York.

If you happen to know more about this car, please share! Special thanks to Hans for sharing his find with us!


  1. fred

    The underside might be better than you think. Usually underbody corrosion is accompanied by at least some out body rust. And this one doesn’t look bad at first glance.

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  2. car guy

    I would try to pick it up, these cars are starting to appreciate.
    If you are not interested drop me a line.

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  3. Mark Williamson

    Any contact information?

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  4. Danger Dan

    That’s a killer find Hans! Thanks for sharing. Unreal that a 429 merc is laying out in a field in 2015. The crosshairs grille insert is impossible to find! When I was a lad there was a blue one with white stripes in a driveway off skyline blvd. in Oakland ca. I used to go and chat with the owner then it disappeared. I tracked down the owners son and got no response. He wears a top hat and drives a hearse! The son hangs out at a local coffee shop but I still can’t get the cyclone spoiler after 20 years! Probably have a better chance at this one in Wayland NY. Not headed there anytime soon though! DD

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  5. Howard A Member

    I always thought these had the meanest looking front ends. Outside storage is never kind, but considering what people restore nowadays, this is totally worth it. If for nothing else, to show future generations, you could walk into a showroom in 1970, and drive away in one of these beasts. Cool car.

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    A Montego with attitude.

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  7. Mark 'cuda man

    I would love to own this car……..

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  8. Mercury Man

    Some Triva about this model Mercury…..
    The “Bullseye” grill was unique, but in order to adjust the headlights the center of the grille was on a hinge. There was a large wing nut above the Bullseye, when you loosed the nut the center pivoted up make it a clear shot between the headlights. (Side to side)
    Remember this was before digital or lazer aligning tools.
    Great car! Someone please rescue it and put it back on the road.(or drag strip!

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  9. bill scheriff

    I’m ready, Hans or somebody that knows exactly where it it let me know…iv got the trailer on the truck …my kid lives fairly close to it..I have an excuse to visit

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  10. RoughDiamond

    Finding a so-called abandoned car in a field is one thing. Actually purchasing it is another. How many cars in fields turn out to be “not for sale”. Hope this rare gem can be acquired by someone here, restored and cherished rather than by a flipper out for a quick buck.

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  11. pontiactivist

    I had a 71 cyclone gt years ago. Same orange with black stripes and interior. Not a spoiler and not 429 powered though. Was a cool car. Love the guage package these had.

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  12. bill scheriff

    I found it!…a buddy who lives out by it is going to look into it this weekend for me…my idea is a 70 460 and put the 429 on a stand in the garage and put a million miles on it

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  13. KiddCobra

    Keep us updated! Would love to hear anything and everything about it…would be awesome if turns out to be a dragpack equipped spoiler!

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  14. Rick

    I hope someone gets it. These were great cars.

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  15. Justin

    I had an opportunity to buy a Cyclone Spoiler back in 1997 from the original owner. I did not have the room, so I contacted a friend and he bought it. He still has the car today and only drives it on nice days. Beautiful cars!

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  16. 408 interceptor

    It’s still in the same spot four years later, rotted into the ground, I heard they want $4,000 for it.

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    • Tom J Martin

      Did anyone ever end up buying this Spoiler? I came through Wayland on Friday and thought about this post and was curious.

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