Monacool: 1968 Dodge Monaco 500

When I hear the term “Monaco,” I can’t help but think of The Blues Brothers! This 1968 Monaco 500 is just about as different from the car used in that movie as it can be. While it may not fit everyone’s definition of a muscle car, this Dodge has plenty of power and the styling to park next to the best of them! A two-owner car, this Monaco has just 87,400 actual miles and has been meticulously cared for all of its life. It has not been restored, simply maintained and repaired as needed throughout its 50-year life. The first owner only covered 19,000 miles in it! This is one of 4,568 produced. Find it here on eBay in Idaho with bidding at $6,000 and reserve not met. Thanks to Matt W. for sending this in!

The interior is in excellent original condition with minimal signs of wear and hardly a crease in the seats! Though it may be a two-door, this car has enough space to comfortably seat four on an evening cruise. Even the door panels are in great shape showing no signs of wear or warping.

Though I’m not sure how I feel about the aftermarket wheels, this Dodge has a profile that makes it look fast even when parked! The engine is the original, numbers matching 383 V8. The 383 was optional for Monacos, and this car has it. It has a 4-barrel carburetor with a dual snorkel air cleaner and the seller states that the engine has been professionally rebuilt and upgraded from 330 horsepower to 375, giving it as much horsepower as most muscle cars of the era. With dual exhaust, this car has no problems breathing. The seller states, “100%mechanicaly [sic] sound. Just completed a road trip of over 1600 miles and this beauty ran flawless with no oil consumption.” This is not something many cars of this age on the road can do!

Look at those taillights! The styling of this car is just in between luxury and muscle, and I love everything about it. Depending what this Monaco sells for, this could be a great investment for someone looking to cruise on the weekends, or even daily drive a classic. While not a car I would normally look for, if I came across this car while in the market for a vintage vehicle, I would be all over it. This car is in great mostly original condition with minimal and tasteful modifications.


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    This baby has more style and class than ten new cars.

    • Anthony

      Just found a 68 Monaco same color as this one. Bought as a barn find paid $500. Looking for motor 383 or 440. Neds full resto. Anybody know where I can find a 440 rebuilt or used let me know.

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  2. Miguel

    It must have been really hard to chose a car to buy in 1968 if you had no brand loyalty with so many beautiful cars available.

    • Bob

      It wasn’t as difficult as you think. I am a GM guy, and I couldn’t see the beauty in the cars of the other manufacturers. I noticed that as the cars became classics, my perception has changed, and I now recognize the beautiful styling of the cars from the other makers.
      I think it comes down to the same old axiom, the devil you know is better then the devil you don’t.


      • Miguel

        That is what I meant if you were not loyal to one make.

  3. Thomas Monaco

    I want it but don’t have the money. I used to own a Forest Green 68 Dodge Monaco 500. The only difference is mine had the auto on the floor.

  4. Tim S. Member

    Nice. If I had that it would be on the road every dry day.

  5. BarnfindyCollins

    I hadn’t seen one of these for awhile, what a great looking car! I used to carpool in one of these and an Olds Holiday 88 coupe and got blessed out for slamming that heavy door!

  6. JP

    I think the 383 was the standard engine for these cars – 440 would probably have been the option…

    • Riggz

      318 would be the base engine

      • r s

        318 was the base engine in the Polara; 383 was the base in the Monaco.

  7. Thomas Monaco

    The best thing about this car is it already has my name on it. My older brother borrowed it one night to take a girl on a date and he wrecked my Dodge. Damn I really want this car but being out of work on injury keeps me from having the cash to buy it.

  8. Rod K

    Great car. My wife had a 69 and she loved it. Unfortunately she got broadsided and it wasn’t worth fixing. Tempted to buy this one but we have too many toys now.

  9. Trent

    MOPAR used the Fastop roofline from 1967-1969 on the C Body and I still think it was one of the more interesting designs of the time. This is a really nice looking example .


    I love the look of these. Saw one a few years ago here in Philly, was parked and looked like it hadn’t been driven in years. It’s such a shame to just let a great car of any make just rust away. Knew of a 1967 Chevelle SS396 left in a yard eventually had a tree growing out of engine bay, still would’t sell.

  11. CJ

    Sweet ride! Love the lines on these cars. Had a buddy who had one of these, green with white roof. Had dual Smittys, loud as could be; knew when he was coming to visit, could hear him tooling down the road!

  12. Redragula

    This sounds like an incredible deal for the price. To me it looks powerful, luxurious, and evil all at the same time! I even like the mags and BFG T/A’s.
    I had Plymouth’s version of this back in 86 that I got from the original owner for $550, same color and options, except it had buckets with the console.
    1967-68 were truly the best designed cars ever

  13. BOP Guy Member

    I love it, all the way down to the cloth upholstery ! She’s a beauty !

  14. On and On On and On Member

    Amazing styling. I can’t find an angle that doesn’t look terrific. And the production numbers make it uncommon. If some BFer buys it, I want a ride. I’ll pop for burgers!

  15. 86 Vette Convertible

    Elegant in a fit (muscular) way. Someone is going to end up with a fine ride.

  16. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    That is one good-lookin’ car! I’m partial to large vintage American cars, I currently own a ’72 Galaxie 500, mostly original, that I purchased from the original owner with only 34,000 miles. There’s nothing like the big car ride, they’re great highway cruisers. This Monaco is a beauty; great color, fantastic styling and only two doors! With the boost in HP this one should perform well even though it weighs almost 3,900 lbs. It will be interesting to see what it sells for.

  17. Beatnik Bedouin

    Now that’s a lot of car for the money..!


    What a beauty.should get 10k or more

  19. Hertz Donutt

    This is the car Elon Musk should have put into orbit! Wow! Space age transportation.

  20. EHide Behind

    You could still get a 361 or 440 cu in mill, and these were as quiet riding as Mopaar Chryslers. The newer 383 came with 440 higher compression bigger valve heads, and gobs of torque, enough with auto. PowerBrake to rip tread off skinny stock tires.
    PERFECT car show car cruise for man with family or friends, all windows down throwing candy to spectator children.

    • glen

      The 361 wasn’t used in a Monaco, the 383 was the base engine. The 383 came from the 361. This car looks superb, and I do like the wheels.

  21. David Hunt

    Looks a lot like my 1968 Chrysler Newport.

  22. Zestie

    Had one back in the 70’s. Biggest lemon I ever owned but it was gorgeous and powerful.

  23. TD

    Being a die-hard GM guy, I always thought these cars were the ugliest thing on the road…funny how time can alter your opinion, this car is sharp! And when was the last time you saw one at a cruise night…or anywhere?

  24. Thomas Monaco

    My old 68 had black leather bucket seat interior and console with automatic shifter. These cars are rare. I have been searching for one and if this came across the radar screen at this time a year ago I would have bought it. I vow before I breathe my last breath to own a 68 Monaco 500 again. It is an awesome beautiful car with a lot of power.

  25. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Don’t let that big C-Body fool ya….my 383 wagon more that handled my girl’s 5.0 drop top as we hit the Interstate together after a hard day….running hard towards home…

  26. W9BAG

    When I was a kid, my neighbor had one of these fine automobiles. Teal metallic, with a bright white vinyl top and teal interior. Great sounding dual exhausts with glass packs. Museum quality in all aspects. Low, low miles. Most beautiful styling; it exuded class and fast in one glance. The next owner will be quite blessed to have such a beautiful car.

  27. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    that’s a little ice build up on the wagon after a brief snow we got….

  28. chryco Member

    I bought a very base model 66 Chrysler Newport Oct. of 2016 with the odo reading 61,000 original miles. It now has 74,000. These cars are amazing, I have freshened up the front suspension and modernized the ignition, that’s it, and a few oil changes. I live in SF bay area and it went through that rainy winter last year not leaking a drop inside or in the trunk ungaraged. About the best driving car I have ever owned, quiet, tight, handles bay area commute with grace,power and style. This Monaco has me drooling, 66-68 C bodies are great cars.

    • Loco Mikado

      I have owned 3 1965-69 C bodied Mopars and driven a few more. They are surprisingly nimble for their size and are great road cars on the highway. They have a good balance of ride and handling and if you keep your foot out of the gas pedal get between 15-18 mpg. The 318 version of a C body car got about the same mileage as the 383, it was the 440 that was a gas hog. I would love to own this car but do not have the garage space it deserves.

  29. angliagt angliagt Member

    Love the style of these.I also can’t think of a badly styled
    American car in ’67/’68.

  30. Dw

    What I find so interesting about this era especially from Chrysler, was the plethora of body types. So many permutations of fastbacks, hardtops, convertibles and wagons. And that is on a unibody platform.

  31. Gay Car Nut

    Awesome looking car! I’ve always liked Mopar cars of the 1960 and early 70s.

  32. Robert Hinojosa

    Was never a mopar fan back then but the lines on this beauty are amazing.. Back when you could tell cars apart by just their looks, unlike today’s cookie cutter bubble cars..

  33. CanuckCarGuy

    I dated a girl in Quebec in the late ’90s, who’s father had the identical car but with a black vinyl roof. He bought it new and drove it only in the summer months and it was always garage kept…his daily driver was a Dodge Ram 50. I don’t miss her, but sure would like to see that Monaco again!

  34. Bish

    Like GM’s first but like many have said, the older we get the better these older cars of all makes get… So I’d love this Mopar! Add a modern AOD or Gear Vendors OD kit to up the gas mileage without changing appearances much and then drive her often. Neat old car!

  35. Griffer

    Found this baby in Palouse, Wa a few weeks ago, been there a while but caught my eye as I was driving through town

  36. Mntbikerxs

    I had an emerald green 68 with the white vinyl top and the 440 Magnum. I traded an Opel GT that was falling apart and 200 to buy it from an MG dealership in the late 70s. I got the better of that deal. It was automatic, but would chirp the tires shifting into second, and was as just hitting its stride at 100mph. It was maxed out on options with a tilt- telescopic steering wheel.
    Luxury and power baby. Sure do miss it.

  37. Amos

    We had a 68 Monaco 4 door sedan. It had the 383 engine. I did love that car. I have a question for you guys with better memory than me.

    Did they have sequential turn signals? I swear I remember they did, but you know how false memories are; I must have just thought it SHOULD have them. Talking with my brother, he is certain they did not have them. He argues that we thought the 67 Mercury Cougar was so cool because of that, and there’s no way our 4 door Monaco was as cool as the Cougar.

    So, did they?

    Oh, another thing. Who here remembers discovering that while Mom was in the grocery store (with the key), we could turn on the emergency (4-way) flashers, left turn signal, and press the brake….and listen to the radio.

    • Thomas Monaco

      My 68 did not have sequential turn signals. It did however have the turn signal indicators mounted on the top of the front fenders.

  38. Pete

    She is up to $11,218 now. I can’t believe how clean this car is. It sure enough is beautiful. I would be proud to own it.

  39. Joe Machado

    Seems this Dodge now lives in Palm Desert, Cal. Will check. Its been at several shows out here.

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