Which Engine? 1970 Dodge Challenger

E-Bodies are sought-after commodities in the muscle car market, with most Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda cars seeming to have no problem exchanging hands, regardless of condition.  The 1970 Dodge Challenger for sale here on eBay is originally from… more»

20 Classic Cars – Variety of Makes and Models

Here’s another of those situations where a seller has a variety of cars to sell, in this case, the oldest one is from 1927, and the newest is 2000. You pick the make and there’s a chance it’s in… more»

Mopar Liquidation! 50+ Muscle Cars and Parts

Behind a tool rental business off Highway 11 in Cleveland, Georgia lies a treasure trove of vintage Mopar muscle. Unfortunately for them, they lost their lease. Fortunately for someone looking for a Mopar project, they are liquidating their collection. Found… more»

BF Auction: 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

Homologation specials are nothing new to the automotive world. They are not as common today as various motorsport categories move away from their production roots, but they did bring us some of the most iconic performance models from the… more»

Worth It? 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 Project

Many of us dream of owning a ‘Cuda someday. Plymouth’s pony car combined power with good looks and they are hot today. Just look at that snout! How much do you love them though? This particular project needs a… more»

Amazing 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi Survivor!!!

The Plymouth Road Runner was an absolute success when the first ones hit the street in 1968. They were a return to what the muscle car was originally about, an affordable performance car. You didn’t get any fancy interior… more»

Little Bit of Everything! Huge Car Collection For Sale

Every so often, you run across a situation where a car aficionado is selling off his complete collection. In this case, we’re talking about an assortment of cars and trucks from the 1948s thru 1990 that add up to… more»

Three Wing Cars and More! Mopar Barn Finds

The Internet may have taken some of the mystique away from the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird wing cars, but they are still a sight to behold. Imagine finding three of them in one location! There’s no link… more»

Save Them from the Crusher! Stash of Vintage Cars & Trucks

Located in the woods near Loudon, New Hampshire is a salvage yard that contains at least fifty old cars and trucks. There are more than that out there, but those are just the ones we could identify from some… more»

Daily Driver: 1966 Plymouth Satellite 313 Poly

The first generation of Plymouth Satellite was produced from 1965 through 1967 on Chrysler’s B-Body platform. The 1966 model benefited from some cosmetic tweaking and a few more engine options, and was popular enough to sell just under 40,000… more»

Everything Must Go! Variety of Cars in Kansas

When you see a group of cars offered for sale in various states of repair/disrepair, you must wonder how the collection came about. Especially when it seems the seller does not lean toward a specific make or production era…. more»

Extensive Montana Collection of Cars and Trucks

Located outside of Great Falls, Montana lies a collection of 415 cars, trucks, farm implements, and even a bridge, all for sale. Some are stored indoors and probably run, but the rest are outdoors and may have been there… more»

Mopars and More – Collection for Sale!

From an automotive treasure trove near Warrensburg, Missouri comes this collection of classic cars and trucks. The sad and all-too-frequent story of declining health forces the sale of this eclectic collection. The vehicles are not identified in the listing… more»

Top Banana? 1970 Dodge Challenger Project

The Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda were released in 1970 as a late response to the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, which dominated the pony car market in the late Sixties. One characteristic that distinguished these new Mopar E-Body… more»

Looking For A Project? Take Your Pick!

This seller has several cars for sale and they’re all projects, although some will need more work than others. Most of them are Chrysler products and you can grab one for as little as $1,000. Nothing is more than… more»

1,000 Horsepower Crate Engine! 426 Mopar Hellephant

The term “a piece of automotive history” can be thrown around indiscriminately sometimes, but in the case of this crate engine, it is true. You are looking at a 1000 horsepower, 426 cubic inch, “Hellephant” crate engine from Mopar!… more»

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