Moonshiner’s Special: 1930 Ford Model A

1930 Ford Model A

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In certain parts of the US, there is a long standing tradition of manufacturing moonshine. With it comes all kinds of nefarious activities, but I won’t get into any those. I will have talk about one tradition that has had a major impact on the automobile and racing history, and that’s bootlegging. The seller of this old Ford believe this one may have been involved in said illegal activities back in the day. I don’t know if that’s truly case, but if it was it sure would make for a cool story! Find it here on eBay in Clinton Corners, New York with a current bid of $3,350.

Model A Bullet Hole

Proving this Ford ran moonshine is going to be difficult. Apparently the previous owner was a known moonshiner that spent time in prison for their illegal activities. The trailer hitch was supposedly used to pull a homemade moonshine trailer. The only real proof of the car’s previous activities is a bullet hole in the rear glass, but for all we know that was just recently put there. Now if the seller has any photos or police documents linking this car to the crime, that could make for a more interesting tale!

Moonshiner's Model A

In the end, what this Ford was used for at one time probably doesn’t really matter or add much value, but it sure would make for a great story to tell at any car gathering! I hope the next owner is able to preserve some of this car’s original look. It will obviously be their decision on what the best route is for it, but as for me I would get it running, install a few period upgrade and focus on making it safe to drive! So what would you do with this Ford?

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  1. fred

    Looks like a pretty good place to start a restoration, but I don’t buy the moonshining story. Moonshiners needed speed, and a bone stock Model A would be their last choice.

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    • bob

      I agree Fred…that moonshine running story is bogus. And that trailer hitch just bolted to a flimsy spring bumper pulled a load of shine …. in someones dreams maybe.

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  2. Rob

    This is what I did with mine! 😃

    What a nice, solid car this tudor looks to be. At 85+ years old, makes ya wonder how much longer these original A’s are gonna keep turning up. With this being one of the most desirable years of the 4 year Model A run, I’d think it’ll top $5k before it’s over…

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  3. Bob

    I agree with the comments regarding this being a moonshine hauler…no way. I have restored eight Model As and built, and still have, a 1929 Roadster hot rod. The seller says it is a deluxe which is total BS as
    Ford did not make a deluxe tudor sedan in 1930 only in 1931. If you look closely the left rear wheel is from a 28 or 29 which is a 21″ compared to 19″ for 30,31. At best this a $2500 car.

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  4. Lee H.

    I call BS on his statement that the car was parked in the thirties. Sealed beam headlights didn’t come out until fall of ’39. It was at least a few months after that when conversions became available.

    And I agree that the moonshine story is just a story. Lots of old cars had home made trailer hitches.

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  5. Tim

    Lots of sellers like to make romantic stories.. They probably believe it.

    If a bootlegger used a model A, they probably got very familiar with the inside of a jail cell.

    Clyde Barrow once wrote a letter to Henry Ford praising the flathead V8 for its speed and ability to outrun the cops.

    That wasn’t the case for the model A.

    The car appears piecemeal and the story is bogus.
    Buyer beware.

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  6. Andy B

    Damn! This is just a few miles away from me (no more than 15!). I just might have to go take a look!!!

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  7. cory

    I agree. Sick of the bs stories with old cars. On a different note, I have really been interested in a model a lately. No clue as to why. The just seem interesting

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  8. cory

    So did some digging, the same car was sold on Dec 15th in Wisconsin without the bogus story for 4500. Wishful flipper or regretful buyer?

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  9. Ed P

    Whether the moonshine story is true or not, this car is a good place to start a restoration. Everything seems to be there. A few mods to improve the car along the way would not deter me, they can be changed back if you are so inclined.

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